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Your Brain And Alcohol- How Alcohol Effects Your Brain

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Alcohol Brain Facts

Now I have shared with you in my previous posts how important nutrition is to improve your brain power, this post I am taking the opposite view. Lets focus now on how the things we do effects our brain health in a negative way. Even though I do not drink, I am not against people enjoying a drink or two when out having a fun time. I am against people abusing their drinking to the point they are ruining their health, maybe people are not aware actually the harm alcohol does to their brain. The most important thing you really need to know is alcohol diffuses your brain cells, which is the reason when you have too many drinks you experience problems thinking clearly and making good decisions. Diffused brain cells also is the reason after a night of partying, you have a sudden loss of your memory. Now this is only a short-term problem is you seldom get into this condition, but if you do this regularly your may end up with permanent memory problems. Regularly indulging in this behavior will also effect your ability to learn , since your memory is out of whack your ability to learn slows way down and can even become a disability.  Abusing this also can effect your speech to be slurred permanently, plus slow down your thinking and reasoning processing.


How Alcohol Stimulates The Brain

I never realized drinking stimulated your brain, I always thought it was a depressant not a stimulant. Actually it simulates your insulin production, this causes you low blood sugar levels, irritability and if your diabetic it can cause your death. 3.3 million deaths annually worldwide are caused by alcohol poisoning, I am sure this amazes you as much as it amazed me when I found out this information. Many people suffering from emotional distress will turn to drinking, this is caused from negative stimulation which alters our brain chemistry.









Drinking Short Term Effects

Even though partying now and then is not nearly as serious as partying regularly, there are short-term effects from our drinking.  You may experience decreased anxiety which can be looked at  as a positive benefit, many people use this as a coping skill to decrease their anxiety and help them to relax. Used for this purpose you should only consume very small amounts, one to two drinks usually is sufficient to give a person these results. When you go out and consume much more then two drinks you maybe experience very negative results, these results may be pro-longed sleep problems, memory loss, unconsciousness, alcohol poisoning and indirectly death from vomiting. I can not say I have ever heard of anyone dying from vomiting from over-drinking, but I suppose it is possible.


Drinking Long-Term Effects

Of course we all realize long-term drinking may cause addiction, but here are some other possibilities as well. Permanent damage to nearly any of your organs, brain included. Cardiovascular disease, malnutrition, liver disease, cancer, nervous system and fetal alcohol disease to a woman’s unborn child.  This type of lifestyle also may cause you permanent behavior and thinking problems, effect your ability to reason and think clearly. Many males become quite aggressive from this type of lifestyle, many even form negative sexual behavior.


How Drinking Effects The Female

During my research I stumbled on this information I wish to share with you, since a female has a higher fat content then a male she will expose her brain to a higher content of alcohol than a male. Of course her brain will be more seriously effected by long-term drinking because of this, also her enzymes will absorb more into her blood stream. The females hormones during her menstrual cycle may effect her brain reaction to drinking during this time, the female brain is more vulnerable to depression from drinking then the male. It seems this type of lifestyle could be even more harmful to the female then the male, weather your male or female your taking great health risks to abuse this type of lifestyle regularly.


Final Thoughts

I am hoping this post has educated you a little more on how drinking may effect your brain and your life, like most things if you do them in moderation you are at very little risk. Anytime we abuse anything, there are consequences. I hope you will enjoy yourself when you are out , but please be careful to not abuse your brain and your health.

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