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Yoga Yoga-Learn The Yoga For Stress Management

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Yoga Yoga


Everyone should at least give yoga a try, very few people who try it and stick to it for any amount of time does not benefit. Since the majority of our problems start out from the stress in our lives, learning about the yoga which is best for stress is the best place to start. First a little about yoga, yoga will give you many benefits both body and mind. Doing this regularly will develop your discipline in your physical and mental skills, some of the  benefits most common are a feeling of peacefulness of the body and the mind. A deep relaxation feeling, great stress and anxiety management technique. Hatha Yoga is the best for managing your stress, one more positive thing you will love is it is great for beginners with a slow pace.

Stress Reduction

Improved Fitness

Chronic Illness Management

Meditation & Yoga




Stress for long-term periods will give you many emotional and physical problems, it is amazing the problems stress in our lives can cause us. Most people experience the flight or fight response, but when under long-term stress these are with us much more often than is healthy. This causes us not to think clearly which often we will make bad decisions, often people under such circumstance will even harm others or themselves. Stress causes high anxiety over time, living too long with anxiety will most often turn to some level of depression.



Excessive Bleeding

High Blood Pressure

Bone Density Loss

Immune System Malfunction

Weight Gain


Simple Breathing Technique


This simple breathing technique is a very good de-stress technique, best done at night before bed to experience the difference it makes. Start by lying down with eyes closed, I prefer to do this on my bed. Inhale inside of your body like a balloon, as you inhale watch your breath expand in your lower belly, ribs and lower chest. Exhale letting all your breath out naturally, repeat this pattern at least for five minutes. Place your one hand on your lower belly and the other hand on your chest, you should feel the most expanding through your belly when done correctly. Most of us breathe through our chest, but breathing through your belly helps you become less stressed and more relaxed.

How Yoga Works


Many people before even attempting to learn any type of yoga does not understand how it works, the yoga postures increase your strength and flexibility. The breathing teaches you breath control, this promotes a total body and mind control and calmness. Meditation provides you with a very deep relaxation state, also helps you to be more mindful or aware of your own body and mind.


Check  With Your Physician Before Starting Yoga If


Back Problems

Risk Of Blood Clots

Eye Disease


Balance Problems

Uncontrollable Blood Pressure


What Is On My Mind Today


This article is an introduction to yoga, anyone interested in starting yoga this article will give you a basic idea what yoga is all about. There are many types of yoga, those will be other articles coming this week. Hatha yoga is a very good yoga to begin with, it is a nice slow paced workout and the postures are not over complicated to learn. Best method is taking a class with an experienced instructor, the next best I would recommend yoga DVD’s. I learned through DVD’s for the beginner easy yoga, but for the more complex I took classes which made it much easier. If you are like me your anxiety makes taking classes more difficult then the yoga DVD’s would be the best choice for you as well.



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  • David says:

    For many years I have always been your typical lift weights, no flexibility type of person. Even though i had been in the industry for over 14 years I had never done yoga.

    However its something i will always do now ontop of my normal traininig. The difference it has made is outstanding. Its something I will always recommend to new clients

    • admin says:

      Thank You David,

      I also was always a weight man, never would do yoga or meditation in the past. Now I also do yoga, meditation and weights, the combination is amazing.


  • Kien says:

    Hi there. This is the second yogo post I come across this week and i have to agree with you on the beginning of your post. Not too many people stick with it because I did not. I started doing it for like 2 months and I stopped. I know for a fact and have seen many living proof example about how good yoga is. The lady who taught me yoga was 80 years old but her movement and looks tell me that she was just above 60. And her hair stay black forever, no changing color at all. It’s crazy to think about it. I may give yogo another try oneday tho. Thanks for sharing!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Kien,

      Happy you read my article today, yes many people have difficulty sticking to yoga and meditation. Try doing yoga and meditation first thing in the morning, then you have the rest of your day free.

      Works For Me


  • MattyB says:

    Great site and very informative. I wanted to learn more about Yoda and your side allowed that. It was very easy to navigate and find various content blocks with different sub topics. Its well laid out and organized with plenty of white space. The images and graphics are great also. You have provided plenty of information throughout your site. Wonderful informative site.

    • admin says:

      Thank You,

      I appreciate your reading my article and leaving your comment, yoga and meditation is so easy to add to anyone’s lifestyle and with so many benefits it is a shame more people are not doing this daily for a much improved life.


  • Adrian Collier says:

    I really like what this post is about! It’s very informative and I like how it starts with health being the starting point in any part of your life. It’s broken down into very easy to read and understandable content. One thing that I would suggest that you do is probably have the content organized to where you click a link and it brings you to a specific post, other than that comment I am extremely impressed with the content; excellent post!

    • admin says:

      Thank You

      I appreciate you visiting my website and leaving me your comments,

      always appreciate hearing from my readers.


  • Layne says:

    I am sold on the benefits of yoga, my problem is that I find even the most basic positions to be quite difficult. I dropped out of a yoga class in college because I just couldn’t keep up with the poses. I would like to try again with a very basic course. Do you have any recommendations?

    • admin says:

      Thank You Layne,

      I understand what your saying about keeping up with yoga classes, I found the best way to start is to learn a basic gentle yoga through a dvd. Here is a link for you to check out

      Gentle Yoga


  • Andrew says:

    This post gave me tons of useful informations! I did yoga when I was in high school. I did it for weight loss though, but it really does lower your stress. I really can enjoy the peacefulness and be more aware of my surroundings, like the fresh air, the birds singings. I really enjoyed that! I will have to pick it up right now. Also do you know some music that I can listen to while doing yoga, like really relaxing and help you feel less stressed. Anyway, thanks for this awesome post!

    • admin says:

      Thank You,

      Good to hear your going to start back with your yoga, it is good for physical and emotional health so you can not go wrong doing yoga every day even for a few minutes helps so much.

      My Yoga Shop


  • Mary says:

    Hi Jeff,
    I looked at your site. I like it. You give a lot of information on Yoga and how it helps different issues. I like the way you set up your paragraphs, very unique. You also have lots of vitamins and supplements that you recommend. The only thing I saw wrong was your main page, had a lot of space from the bottom of your article to your comments. You should reduce this space. Keep up the good work. You’re going in the right direction. Have a good evening.

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