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Yoga Poses-Beginner Poses And Benefits

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Getting Started With Yoga & Meditation


Getting started with yoga and meditation is very easy to do, there is so much information and resources available today. Check out the resources I share in my articles or just Google yoga and meditation, you will be amazed at all the information available on both of these. Today I am going to share five beginner poses to get you started with yoga, also the benefits each one provides you. I am positive you will be amazed at all the benefit just from these five poses, what is cool about yoga is you do not have to do it for long periods like many other workouts to receive the benefits. These are the poses I started with myself, very gently poses and not difficult to learn and do.


The Poses


I only do yoga on an average day about 30 minutes, but you can practice as much as 15 minutes per day and still receive the benefits. When it comes to yoga just take as much or as little time as you have each day, when you do it in the morning I feel the benefits stay with you the rest of your day. Add this to your routine whenever it fits best for you, some people prefer mornings and some evenings there is no set time schedule just go with the flow.


Child’s Pose

Downward Facing Dog

Upward Facing Dog

Mountain Pose

Cobbler Pose


Child Pose


The child pose is a resting pose in many yoga classes, I have also found this pose to be very good for my anxiety. Very easy pose for anyone of any physical level to do, I often do this pose when I am feeling stressed or anxious until I feel calmer again. Adding some nice relaxing meditation music is a good effect as well, this will be a good asset to easing your stress and anxiety. Sometime I even use the herbal scented aromatherapy candles, using all of these  together is a very powerful combination for stress and anxiety.


Stress & Anxiety


Calms & Soothes Your Brain

Mind & Body Balance

Slow Long Breathing


Child Yoga Pose


Downward Facing Dog


This is a great bone health pose for you to do, increases strength in the biceps, triceps and shoulders. You will experience an energy boost from this pose, as well as a feeling of inner calmness. Very good for mental clarity, people who do this daily experience improved brain functioning. At first this pose might feel a bit strenuous, but in a short time this feeling will be gone and you will actually enjoy this pose much more.


Allergy & Sinus Relief

Nasal Congestion


Stuffed Nose


Downward Facing Dog Yoga Pose


Upward Facing Dog


This pose is much less strenuous than the downward facing dog, one of the best poses for a healthy back. This pose actually makes most people feel much better after doing, it stretches out your spine which improves your posture and eliminate fatigue. I noticed this pose has helped my sciatica nerve pain, whenever this is acting up I do this pose for relief. Stimulates your ab muscles, Strengthens your spine, arms and wrists.



Lung Capacity


Tones Arms & Legs


Upward Facing Dog Yoga Pose


Mountain Pose


The mountain pose is another good one for that nasty annoying sciatica nerve pain, so many people today experience this health problem and would have much less pain if they did these poses daily. Eases your stress levels plus your aches and pains, strengthen your thighs, knees and ankles using this pose regularly. Tones your abs and buttocks, increases legs and hip strength.


Flat Feet







Mountain Yoga Pose


Cobbler Pose


Cobbler is another relaxing pose often used in classes between the more strenuous poses, very good for the abs  and most of us do need as much help in this body section as possible. Lowers high blood pressure for many people, ladies have experienced this to be very beneficial for child birth. Stress, anxiety and depression reducer, another good one for the sciatic nerve pain and asthma. This is one pose every lady should do, eases menstrual pain and cramping.










Cobbler Yoga Pose


What Is On My Mind Today


I wanted to end this series with something to help you get started which would give you many benefits without having to work out for long periods, these are the poses I started with myself. I am pretty positive the majority of you are in better health than I was when I started these poses, these will not give you feelings of being fatigued afterwards so are very good morning poses before work. You will experience very little sore muscles from these, start out with about 5 minutes or so and see how you feel afterwards. These are very simple poses to learn and do, but as you have read so many benefits when you do these poses together.

Yoga & Meditation

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