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Yoga Beginners Over 50-Never Too Old For Yoga

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Never Too Old For Yoga


The best part about yoga is you are never too old to add this to your daily routine, there are so many types no matter what your age or your health level there is a yoga for you. I would recommend anyone 50 or older begin with a gentle beginners level, this type is slow moving and easy on your joints. Classes are often held at your local YMCA and hospitals, in my town one of the health clinics even has classes for beginners. Many senior citizen groups have classes, this is the best type of workout you can add to your life at this age. Always consult your physician before starting any type of physical workout or new activities, this is especially important if you have chronic health problems. Even with chronic health problems I have confidence your physician will be happy to give you the okay, you might have some limitations depending on your health problems.

Some Things To Consider


There are always things you should consider before starting any new workout or activity, most important is your physical limitations if you happen to have any. The majority of people 50 and over have some physical limitations, very few people this age does not have at least one chronic health problem. Deciding on a gentle beginner’s yoga class or purchasing a DVD to do at home is always something to consider, many people this age are not comfortable going to classes but for the ones which are classes are your very best choice. Loose comfortable clothing such as sweat pants and sweat shirts are good choices, purchasing your own yoga mat is always a good investment. Start out slowly and respect any physical limitations you might experience, you should not feel any pain while doing these poses.


During Workout


During your first workout be careful doing the poses, many people 50 and over often experience some balance problems with some of the poses. This is normal when starting yoga while doing the poses focus on the ground or straight ahead. Most common problem areas for people this age are their ankles, backs, hamstrings and hips. Focus on your breathing, deep breathing through the belly is what you are aiming for. Stay positive and calm through the workout if you have difficult skip that pose or modify it so it is easier for you to do.


Benefits Over 50 Yoga


Everyone will experience a variety of benefits from their yoga workouts, the majority of people experience an improvement in balance, energy and even less joint pain. Flexibility will be experienced by everyone who does their workouts regularly, many people experience a better quality of sleep and improved brain functioning. This is probably one of the best stress and anxiety management techniques you will ever experience, also people have experienced improvement in their mood and depression. The gentle twisting poses are great for your bone health, other benefits are a reduction of chronic diseases by 40% and reduction risk of early deaths by one-third. High blood pressure has been lowered dong yoga regularly, people have experienced improved back pain and in the need of less pain medications.


Why Yoga Is Your Best Workout Over 50


The majority of people over 50 has been spending the majority of their time with their careers and family obligations, many people just have neglected their health over the years. 80% of the people have at least one chronic health issue, while weightlifting and cardio machines might be too strenuous for your joints yoga will be gentle on your joints. You should never experience any pain from any of the poses if you do back off this is your body telling you something is not right. These poses should give you the feelings of pleasant stretching, you should be relatively comfortable while doing these slow gentle poses. You will experience the power of a mind and body medicine at work, yoga is more beneficial and easier on your joints than even walking. The keys to your workouts are the gentle postures and deep breathing techniques, add meditation and you will experience a total body and mind workout.

Stress Free Kids

What Is On My Mind


This article is intended to motivate you to add yoga and meditation into your daily routine, I could barely walk any distance before beginning my own gentle yoga workouts. Today I walk the majority of the time pain free, I am off all my pain medications. I still do gentle poses every day, I start and end my day with my gentle stretching workout. I experience nerve back pain most days, by evening the pain is going down my leg and if it was not for doing my stretching poses before bed I would receive very little sleep. Something as simple as doing some stretching poses and meditation can make such a difference in your quality of life after about two weeks you will begin to experience the benefits. This is much healthier than popping pain pills everyday, plus no negative side-effects. Starting now is a very good time before your health becomes any more severe, the longer you wait the more your health will decline so start your gentle yoga workouts today.


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