Workouts For People With Knee Problems-Best Way To Exercise With Bad Knees

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Working Out With Bad Knees


Many people are not as active because of knee problems, being active as you possibly can  benefits your knee problems. The key is to be doing the right activities and workouts, low-impact exercise is what you want to be doing with bad knees. The knees seem to be the most common joints which affects people from being active, learning how to exercise with joint pain is the key to managing your health. Consult your physician before starting any new activity or workout, the majority of people with knee problems are able to workout with the right exercises. Starting out with short periods of exercise is the safest to see how your knee joints react to any new exercises, many people will experience some inflamed knee joints when first starting a new workout so learning how to deal with inflammation of your knee joints is important when working out.


Low-Impact Exercise


Low-impact exercise is your best friend when you are living with knee joint problems, this type of exercise is joint friendly and doing it regularly for short periods will reduce your joint stiffness and joint pain. Inflammation is your body repairing damage to your damaged body parts, inflammation is usually a good thing unless you experience chronic inflammation like people with autoimmune diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis. Anyone with autoimmune disease should workout regularly with low-impact exercises, weight lifting is often a trigger for increased joint symptoms when you have autoimmune disease so it is not recommended as a good way to workout.



Low-Impact Yoga


Low-impact yoga is highly recommended for people with knee joint problems, this type of yoga is very slow moving and gentle on your body especially your knee joints. Classes are the best method if you can afford the fees, many people are not comfortable starting out exercising in a class so for these people usually they prefer to workout at home. DVD’s for beginners is your best  second method of working out with low-impact yoga, be sure to choose yoga products which are low-impact and for beginners with arthritis type symptoms.  


Low-Impact Walking


Low-impact walking is another good way to workout with knee problems, many people find it painful to start walking outdoors with knee problems. The best approach for the majority of people is to start walking on a treadmill at the lowest setting, this is a first good start to working out with your knee problems. Walking outdoors is not recommended for many people simply because the uneven walking surfaces puts strain on their knees causing pain and inflammation, often walking outdoors aggravates people’s knee problems so should be avoided for many people especially just starting to exercise again.



Recumbent Stationary Bikes


Stationary bikes are  very good low-impact exercise machines to start exercising again,  the recumbent stationary bike is much easier for most people starting out exercising especially with health problems. This bike is much like sitting in a chair pedaling a bike, much better for anyone with back problems as well and is much more comfortable and people experience being able to exercise longer periods with this type of stationary exercise bike. If you are considering investing in a stationary bike, this one is the best type for people with health problems and seniors.




Swimming is very low-impact and especially joint friendly, if you are able to afford a membership to the YMCA or a gym with a  pool this could be your answer to working out with your knee problems? Even people with the worse knee problems usually are able to participate in working out in a swimming pool. Arthritis and senior pool exercise classes are a great choice if you suffer from severe knee problems, even just going to a pool on your own and walking around will give you many benefits. Therapy pools are awesome for people with knee problems, these pools are very warm water with a whirlpool effect and are very therapeutic for most people.  Most YMCA’s offer discount memberships for people with health problems, you might need your physician to verify this activity would be a health benefit for you which usually is not a problem for most physicians to do. For anyone 55 years or older many insurance companies will pay for your membership, this program is known as “Silver Sneakers.”



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What Is On My Mind Today?


Exercising with low-impact workouts will give you many benefits even with knee problems, these exercises are very gentle on your knees and will reduce your knee stiffness and pain with time. Best to start out very short periods, even starting 5 minutes per day will give you benefits and gradually increase until you find the best time period for you is your safest workout plan with bad knees.




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