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Wobble Cushion For Children-Senseez Vibrating Cushion

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Two Cushions For Children


While I was surfing online this weekend shopping for some bargain deals, I stumbled upon these two cushion seats for children. I thought I would share these with you today, both of these cushion seats are for children who can’t sit still and keep from fidgeting. Fidgeting is a common problem today for many children, the wobble cushion was specifically designed for children with ADHD. If you have or know any children with this disorder or a problem fidgeting, this article might interest you?


What Is A Wobble Cushion?


Until I stumbled upon this cushion seat for children, I never heard of a wobble cushion before, this cushion is a seat which prevents children from fidgeting. This seat is round in shape, and forces the child to use their supporting muscles to remain stable on this seat. This cushion was specifically designed for children with ADHD, but many children with fidgeting problems has been helped with this cushion seat. Any active child who can’t sit still can benefit from this product, the anti-slip surface on one side prevents the seat from moving. The surface on the other side is designed to stimulate a child’s sensory receptors with tiny bumps.


wobble cushion seat for children


Senseez Vibrating Cushion


Out of the two cushions I am more partial to this one than the wobble cushion, both of these cushions are to help children from fidgeting. This cushion provides a gentle vibration when the cushion is squeezed or sat on, the vibration provides many therapeutic benefits for your child. I really like this product much better than the wobble cushion, but I recommend you check them both out and decide for yourself.


  • Colorful
  • Light Weight
  • Fun-Shaped
  • Relaxes
  • Calms
  • Soothes
  • Comfortable
  • Convenient
  • Healing Affects
  • Wipe Clean Material
  • Durable
  • Small Enough Your Child Can Take It Anywhere


senseez vibrating cushion for children


Children & Fidgeting


Why so many children have this fidgeting problem really is unknown, but some professionals feel this could be a neurodevelopmental disorder or these children’s brains have a need for stimulation? Fidgeting has been giving children problems in school for some time now, so what can parents and teachers do to help these children stop their fidgeting?


  • Providing Fidget Objects Such As Fidget Cushions
  • Adding Movement Into Class Lessons
  • Providing Frequent Breaks
  • Reducing Or Eliminating Fidget If  Possible


What Is On My Mind Today?


There is something terribly wrong with our children today, there are just too many children with this fidgeting problem. If you have read any of my past articles, you know many of our children’s problems in my opinion is from the chemicals in our food, the preservatives and additives are finally catching up to us through our children. Many children with special needs has experienced improvement in many of their issues by changing their diets, changing their diets is always a good option to try, and it will not cause any serious side-effects so what do you have to lose?


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