Why Watching The News Is Bad For You-Watch Comedy Instead Of The News

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Why Watching The News Is Bad For You?


The worse thing anyone can do after a stressful day is to watch the news, most of the news today is negative and depressing for the majority of people. Don’t we have enough negativity and stress in our lives without ending our day watching the news, it is a fact the last thing on our mind will be what is in our subconscious when we go to sleep? People who watch the news right before going to bed most often does not sleep as well as people who end their day with something positive. Reading and listening to music are the two best things to do right before you go to bed, these both give you a calming and relaxing state which gives most people a better nights sleep.


Watching Comedy Is Better


For people who enjoy watching television before hitting the sack, you should watch comedy programs or movies instead of the news, avoiding as much negativity as possible especially close to bedtime will provide you the best quality of sleep. Did you know the news for many people stimulates them which increases their chronic pain whereas comedy programs relaxes a person decreasing their pain. All the little things you do late in your day can affect your quality of sleep, most people do not take the time to wind down before going to bed and this results in getting to sleep much later. The human body needs time to wind down and relax, this process has a cooling effect which gives us the feeling of being sleepy.



Why Gluten-Free Is Better For You?


The main reason a gluten-free lifestyle is better for you is you are not consuming all the gluten and artificial junk which increases most people’s health problems, gluten is a trigger for many people with autoimmune disease. People experience an increase in their chronic pain, sleep problems and are more anxious, if you experience any of these symptoms chronically or have any autoimmune disease your best strategy for relief is going gluten-free? Many people have gotten off many of their prescription drugs and cut down on their over-the-counter drugs after being gluten-free for several months, this is a natural way to treat your symptoms with no side-effects or shortening your life with prescription drugs. Did you know the drugs physicians prescribe us do shorten our lives by damaging our organs over time, sometimes we have no choice than to be on some of these drugs but if you can improve your health with your diet why not do it? I recommend anytime your physician prescribes any drugs for you, politely ask them would you take this drug if you were me?


Why Grass-Fed Beef?


When on the gluten-free lifestyle you will consume grass-fed beef and other meat instead of the grain fed animals, you will love the taste and tenderness of grass-fed meats. The most important reason to consume grass-fed meats are they are living on a much more natural diet, this is what a gluten-free lifestyle is all about. You will not mind paying the extra amount for this product once you give it a try, many people without any health problems have started purchasing this type of meat product and say they will never go back to grain fed meat products again.



Better Stress Tolerance


People who have made these lifestyle changes has a much better stress tolerance before when life threw them too many lemons they would become extremely anxious and even have panic attacks. Now they remain calmer and can handle what life throws at them much better, many people would not believe how much of a difference these lifestyle changes can make in their lives. Is there someone you love who becomes very anxious when life throws them too many things at one time at them, share these lifestyle changes with them so they can be much calmer and handle stress much better?


What Is On My Mind Today?


Consider these lifestyle changes to better your life, our diets are more important for our health than many realize. The exposure to too many chemicals are destroying our health, many of us cannot even function well enough to earn a living today. Chronic health and autoimmune disease is a battle we can only win by eliminating as many of the chemicals in our diets as we possibly can, these chemicals are slowly damaging our organs silently until our symptoms become so severe we can not function any longer well enough without using prescription drugs. The best treatment plan is a gluten-free lifestyle with grass-fed meat products, consider using natural herbal products over the synthetic over-the-counter drugs.



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