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Why Is Losing Weight Hard-Hidden Obstacles Preventing You Lose Weight


Weight Loss


Why is maintaining your weight harder for some people than others, some people can do everything right with the proper diet and exercise plan yet fail to lose and maintain their weight? For many people there are many hidden reasons they are not able to lose weight, when you are doing everything correct and still are not losing weight it is time to look for hidden obstacles which is sabotaging your weight loss plan. Taking a closer look at your lifestyle is the key to finding those hidden obstacles, many people have overcome their obstacles by simply keeping a personal lifestyle journal.


Relationship Stress


One of the most common reasons people struggle with losing weight is the stress in a failed relationship, when you are experiencing  emotional stress in a bad relationship it can cause many people to eat unintentionally more than they realize. We naturally eat when we are emotionally upset, food calms many people and comforts them when they are hurting inside. This is called emotional eating, most people have heard of this and yet many do not realize they themselves are emotional eaters?This is the most common weight loss obstacle for many people, how is your relationships affecting your health?



Bad Days


Sometimes when people are experiencing bad days, this can trigger them to sabotage their diet plan when the majority of people are having bad days and are feeling extremely sad they will eat more which is a hidden reason you are not losing weight. Again many of us use food to comfort us when we are extremely sad and blue, often people just want to feel better and using food can be a bad coping skill we use. When these feelings last for long periods often people will gain extra weight and many experience depression, depression can cause people to have an increased or decreased appetite which can really be a challenge for many to manage their weight until they can manage their depression.


Family Stress


Many people especially mothers struggle to manage their weight when their family is having problems, mothers have the tendency to worry about everyone and everything which happens within her family. When you are concerned about why your teenage daughter is acting like something is bothering her and will not talk about it with you, mothers can drive themselves crazy worrying about the moodiness of their teenage daughters. What about when the younger children are experiencing problems in school, these are very two common hidden obstacles which can sabotage you losing weight?



Are You Lonely?


There are many lonely people in the world today, relationships are very strained and many do not last a lifetime like in the past. Many people in bad relationships going through a divorce or separation experience unwanted weight gain, often these people become lonely and many do not have any friends for support. Many married couples are so involved in their careers and family responsibilities they lose touch with many of their old friends, this is an extremely emotional time for anyone adjusting to being alone for the first in a very long time. For many their children are grown up with families of their own, nothing can be as lonely as two people going their own ways.


 Love Life


Many single and divorced people experience times in their lives where they are blue about their love life, for many this can cause them anxiety and even depression and sabotage them being able to lose weight. It is amazing how a little spicing up a person’s love life can improve them being able to lose weight again, when we have a special someone in our life who shows us love it makes such a difference in our lives. This can also be true with people in a relationship or marriage which romance has been very little for some time, spicing up your love life can improve so many aspects of your life and especially help you stick to your weight loss plan.



What Is On My Mind Today?


Many of our hidden obstacles preventing us from being able to lose weight is connected to our emotional health, the majority of us uses food as a coping skill for when we are hurting physically and emotionally. Managing the stress triggers in your life is the key to overcoming these obstacles, even when you are eating only the healthier food you can be sabotaging your ability to lose weight. For many people focusing on their emotional health is the key to losing weight, without a doubt it is much more difficult to manage our emotional health than our physical health. Making it a point to take advantage of the positive coping skills and relaxation techniques will make managing your emotional health much easier for you, gentle yoga and meditation helps many people stay balanced physically and emotionally.


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