Why Is It So Hard For Some People-Learning To Manage Your Weight More Effectively

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Weight Management


Why is it so hard for some people to manage their weight compared to others,  what does some people know which helps them to manage their weight? Some people have to be more careful what they eat and how much they eat of certain foods, many people eat larger servings than they realize of the foods which puts on weight, how much starchy foods are you eating can have an impact on how well you manage your weight? Starchy foods such as pasta, rice and potatoes will turn to sugar and should be eaten in very small amounts, are you eating more than 1/2 cup servings of this food group per day? Eating brown rice and sweet potatoes are better choices than the white versions for weight management, lets look at other reasons you might be experiencing difficulty managing your weight?


Are You Eating Too Much Fruit?


Fruit is often a problem for many people struggling with their weight, fruit has sugar which over-eating can be an obstacle in your diet plan. Many people think they can eat large amounts of fruit without gaining weight, this is often not the case and you should moderate your fruit consumption as well. Vegetable of course is your best weight management food group, adjust your diet to more vegetables and less starchy foods and fruit. Maybe you think you are eating a well balanced diet and still are struggling with your weight, what other factors could be contributing to your weight  problem plan?



Weight & Sleep


 Sleep problems often can contribute to being an obstacle with our weight, the majority of people who experience sleep problems also struggle to maintain their weight. The majority of people when they cannot sleep snack during the night, a little snack here and there adds up. Often when we cannot sleep we are adding extra calories we do not realize, this is the most common hidden cause of many of our struggling weight obstacles. Most people when they are not able to sleep regularly experience frustration and anxiety which can be a trigger for us to over-eat, how you manage your sleep problems can also affect your weight.


Are You Living A Balanced Lifestyle?


Many times people are not living a well-balanced lifestyle which can contribute to weight problems, learning how to achieve a well-balanced work and life plan can also be your best weight management plan. Most people do not know how to relax at the end of their day to prepare for a good nights sleep, everything we do positive and negative has a domino effect on our health. Learning relaxation techniques can be the answer to many people’s problems, are you able to relax at the end of your day and sleep without waking up during the night?



Weight & Chronic Pain


Do you experience chronic pain which keeps you from being able to sleep, people who live with sciatic nerve pain often struggles with sleep and weight problems. When we are in pain and do not sleep we often snack without even realizing we are doing it, food gives us pleasure and often calms our anxiety so many times we are snacking unintentionally. Learning how to relieve our sciatic nerve pain can solve many people’s snacking without realizing we are doing it, people with chronic pain must take the time to relax and prepare for bed to be able to sleep.


Weight & Anxiety


Anxious people most often over-eat to calm their anxiety, people who are anxious have great difficulties relaxing and preparing for sleep. Food and snacking is the majority of people’s coping skill for many of our health problems, often this becomes a bad habit for many people leading to being over weight.  We naturally grab the most convenient foods and snacks available for our quick anxiety fix, more often than not these foods and snacks are junk foods with high sugar and sodium contents.The best strategy is to avoid stocking up on these types of foods and snacks, we cannot eat what we do not have in the house?



What Is On My Mind Today?


Everything in our life has an impact on our health, learning to manage our health with a well-balanced life plan is our best strategy. People often use snacking as a coping skill simply because food makes us feel better, at the same time we are sabotaging our health especially our weight management. Learning to relax with relaxation techniques and activities is our best strategy,  I hope this article helps some of you understand better how the things in your life could be a factor for your struggling to maintain a healthy weight?


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