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Why Is It So Hard For Me To Find Love-True Love And Why So Many People Are Alone Today




Anyone who is single and has experimented on meeting new people through online dating websites understands just how many lonely people there are in the world today, Even more surprising is how many lonely people there is over 50, what is wrong with our society when we cannot experience happy fulfilling relationships which lasts a lifetime? Do we not take our wedding vows to God seriously, it really seems like people today are not as dedicated to life long relationships as in the past? Sometimes people do make a mistake and marry the wrong person for a life long relationship, I would not recommend anyone stays in an unhealthy relationship. 




What is the reason so many relationships do not last today, could people be less forgiving in relationships now than in the past? People do seem to be more unfaithful to their partners which is something most people would have a difficult time forgiving. Cheating on a partner is not the number one biggest reason for relationship break ups, the number one reason is financial stress between a couple. Stress causes us so many problems in our lives, could people be experiencing more stress than in the past or are our stress management skills just so much worse? Stress is the root cause of anxiety and depression for the majority of people, families are under so much stress today often struggling to feed and clothe their children. With better stress management skills we would be able to cope more efficiently, this should give us some anxiety relief.



Expectations Of True Love


Are people over 50 damaged goods due to their broken hearts of the past, possibly people who have been hurt in the past are being too safe in getting involved in another serious relationship to protect themselves? Often people have unrealistic expectations of what true love is supposed to be, you will not find any relationship which does not have its ups and downs. People are not perfect and do make mistakes, if being unrealistic is keeping you from taking another chance at love you are only hurting yourself. Could commitment be a problem for you, maybe just the thought of meeting someone new to start a new love relationships makes you anxious? Anxiety controls many things in our lives and often affects our happiness, for many people they need to become emotional healthy before starting a new love relationship?


Are You Happy ?


Often people make the mistake of thinking the answer to them being happy again is finding true love, people do not make us happy we must make ourselves happy. Before you can give a partner all your love you must find a way to be happy yourself, what makes most people happy with their lives? The majority of people find happiness through a well-balanced lifestyle, music and exercise are two things which promotes happiness for many people. Another thing is the food we put into our bodies, is your diet making you happy? Once you find the lifestyle which gives you a happy and contented life, you will be a more positive person and attract the right type of people into your lives, only then will you be able to be a good partner and experience a healthy relationship and true love.





Socialization is becoming a thing of the past, people rarely socialize when out and about in public today. Everyone is in hurry to get thing done, chit chat in public is very rare today and this could prevent some people from meeting their true love. People are more suspicious when a stranger starts a conversation today, this is becoming a serious problem for the younger generation when they get out in the real world. Many young people are home schooled today which is safer for them, but also costs them to develop good socializing skills. Our communication today for the majority of people are through texting and emailing, people talk via phone much less often today. Phones are used more for texting and access to the internet on the go then for talking in our society today, this is more convenient to keep in touch but not as good at meeting new people.


Are You Ready For True Love?


Now ask yourself am I ready for true love with a new partner, many people might not be sure if they are ready or not? Some of the qualities which you should have if you are ready for a love relationship are:


Are You Positive

Feel Healthy


Faith In True Love Exists

Love Yourself

Able To Self Sacrifice For Your Relationship


Healthy Give & Take Balance



What Is On Your Mind Today?


Love is something we all need and want in our lives, love should be a bonus in your life with your partner. It is not fair to you or your partner for you to depend on them to supply your happiness in your life. For a love relationship to work both people must be healthy enough to be in an adult relationship, if you are feeling needy for a partner to be happy you are not ready for a love relationship yet? Focus on getting your lifestyle happy and content before adding a partner in our life, relationships are too precious to go into if you are not ready emotionally. Be careful when meeting people online especially online dating sites, this is the home of predators just looking to take advantage of a lonely person searching for true love.


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