Why Is Carbs Bad For You-The Good And Bad About Carbs

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About Carbs


All carbs are not bad for you if you eliminated all the carbs from your diet you would find it difficult to function well. The good carbs are your natural carbs which are the ones your body needs for energy and to function, the bad carbs are your processed carbs which offer very little if any nutrients but consumed in moderation are not nearly as bad for you. Are you wondering if you are consuming the good carbs or bad carbs, read on and learn more about both of these types of carbs?


The Good Carbs


The good carbs are your natural foods which give you the majority of your energy, these carbs are also very important to help prevent you from diseases. Eating a diet with lots of these carbs is a very important part of managing autoimmune diseases, if you already have autoimmune diseases or wish to prevent it as much as possible, adding these carbs is what you want to do? Your main natural carbs should be vegetables and fruits as your main carbs you eat every day and beans and legumes also are good carbs to add to your diet as well.



Whole Grain Corn





Weight Management


Everyone seems to become frustrated and confused about how to manage their weight effectively, the answer still is with a good exercise and diet plan to lose weight and maintain your weight. Often people go to the extreme and attempt to eliminate all carbs from their diet as much as they can tolerate, when doing this most people will experience feelings of cravings and low energy. What you must do is add more of the natural healthy carbs into your diet and cut back on the bad carbs, this will solve your craving and your low energy. Without enough of good carbs in your diet you will not have the energy to exercise and be active, this will cause you to burn out physically and most often trigger an unhealthy carb binge. With a good balance of healthy carbs and high protein snacks you will experience a much more effective weight loss plan.


The Bad Carbs


The bad carbs are your processed carbs which provides very little nutrients, with low nutrients and tons of calories these carbs should be consumed moderately possibly as a special treat now and then? High in sugar and sodium and are like poison to anyone who experiences autoimmune disease symptoms, the majority of people experience a lower severity of their symptoms by replacing these with the good carbs and gluten-free processed foods. Even the gluten-free foods should be eaten in moderation, for many people even gluten-free overeating can increase their symptoms.


Pizza Crust



Hamburger Buns


Soda Pop

Baked Goods



Carbs & Anxiety


Stress tolerance and anxiety is the cause for many happy relationships to turn into bad relationships, people with low stress tolerance and high anxiety has experienced an improvement in both by replacing their bad carbs with good carbs in their diets. Bad carbs rob us of energy and for most people will increase their anxiety especially if they have an anxiety disorder, this can have an effect on all parts of our lives. Many people with chronic dating anxiety experienced much less anxiety levels which made dating much less anxious for them, if you are experiencing high anxiety making this adjustment to your diet might be the best thing for your relationships?


Risks Of Bad Carbs


People who abuse bad carbs can become just as addicted as someone with an alcohol problem, when you attempt to rid either of these from your diet you experience cravings and even withdrawal symptoms. The majority of addictions  are caused by us self-medicating ourselves in our own way, many times people who self-medicate do not have good coping skills. Bad carbs and alcohol work much in the same way for people, both of these makes us feel better at the time we are putting them into our bodies. Besides addiction there are other serious risks from overeating bad carbs over time, are you experiencing any of these right now?


Weight Gain Especially Belly Fat

Insulin Resistance

Autoimmune Disease

Breaks Dow Into Sugar



Benefits Of Good Carbs


Good carbs are your natural foods which provide us our energy and even affect our brain functioning, when you are putting good carbs into your body regularly throughout your day your body and brain will function much more effectively for you. Aiming for over half of your daily calories to put in the form of good carbs is a goal you should consider working towards, the majority of your good carbs calories should be from fruits and vegetables. There are many benefits from your good carbs, how many of these benefits would you like to improve in your own life?


Weight Loss

Weight Management

Prevents Diseases

Age More Gracefully


Best Carbs For Weight Loss


Most of us are always interested in what foods can help us lose weight, this is especially true for the majority of people over 40. Eating more of the natural good carbs will be a good addition to your diet if you are wanting to lose weight, many people do not realize it is the bad carbs we are eating which most often sabotages our weight loss goals. Consider eating more of these carbs in your diet and experience losing more weight, but you also must cut back on your bad carbs for this to work for you the best?


Sweet Potatoes


Fruit ( 2 Servings Per Day )

Brown Rice








Best Carbs For Working Out


Since diet and exercise is the key to losing weight and building muscle, many people might like to know which carbs are best for them, carbs give you the energy to exercise and be more active to lose weight, eating carbs about 30 minutes before you participate in some type of physical activity will benefit you. For your best results to give you more energy these are the carbs you should eat, I am sure many of you will be surprised as I was.


Lentil Soup

Fresh Whole Eggs

Roasted Chestnuts

Sweet Potatoes



Plain Yogurt


What Is On My Mind Today?


I am sure now you understand much better what is your good carbs, maybe you did not realize how much bad carbs really can affect your life until reading this article? Knowledge is our most powerful weapon to accomplish anything we wish to improve, with enough knowledge and guidance we all can improve ourselves and our lives. Adding more of the good carbs into your diet is very important today, the majority of people will experience symptoms of autoimmune disease and this lifestyle change can prolong your symptoms and severity. Processed grains is becoming to be known for many of our health problems today, eating less of these and more of the good carbs is something all of us need to be doing.
















  • Hollie Rose says:

    With so many people out there promoting ‘clean eating’ its nice to read an article like this where its all put into the right perspective. I also believe people need carbs especially kids who still need to grow. I love bad carbs but over the last year I’ve tried eating them less and like you write, it has definitely made a big difference in my energy levels. Thanks

    • admin says:

      Thank You Ms Rose,

      I am grateful you read my article and enjoyed the information I shared with you, I always was big into health but as I become older I started to research much more to manage my autoimmune diseases. What I share is from my research and my own experience, happy you liked the article and wish you the best at living healthy


  • Geoff says:

    Thanks, Jeff,
    Having worked in the health and fitness industry for 15yrs myself, it’s so good to see an article that is on point with the direction the industry is moving in.
    It gets frustrating when you’re constantly reading articles about cutting carbs and fat from your diet.
    As you know, our bodies need all the macro-nutrients in order for us to function.
    Thanks for posting!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Mr Geoff,

      I truly appreciate your compliments today on my article on carbs, this means a lot to me coming from someone with your experience. My intention with this article is to help people understand the difference between the carbs and add more of the healthy ones into their diets.


  • Chris says:

    Hi there, nice post. Fully agree with you about the need to know the difference between good and bad carbs. If only we could all eat healthy, so many chronic diseases could be avoided. Your post is very well laid out, and the advantages of a good diet clearly defined. All good stuff. Best wishes, Chris

    • admin says:

      Thank You Chris,

      I thank you for reading my article on carbs, there is so much confusion on carbs I do hope my article clears some of the frustration for people trying to lose weight and eat healthy.


  • Farhan says:

    It’s great to be back on your website. I mean, the amount of valuable information here is just astounding. I never knew there was so much to learn about carbs and how they affect our bodies.

    I think I need to start eating brown rice from now on due to its weight loss benefits. Rice is a big part of my daily diet and I think its what preventing me from reaching my weight loss goals.

    Awesome article as always!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Farhan,

      I am happy you had the time to visit my website and read the article on carbs, I used to eat white rice all the time and was gaining weight. If you are a big rice eater the brown rice is a better choice, quinoa is even a better choice if you like pasta its high in protein and low in carbs.


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