Why Is Anxiety Worse At Night-Spending Your Night With Anxiety

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Spending Your Night With Anxiety


For the people living with chronic anxiety spending the night with anxiety happens regularly, for many people their bed is their trigger for their night anxiety. When we go to bed waiting for sleep to come our anxiety become it’s worse and strongest, the longer we lay in bed without being able to sleep the more our anxiety is taking control of our night. Could your sleep problem be from night anxiety, what are the symptoms people experience with night anxiety?


The Symptoms From Night Anxiety


People experience a wide variety of symptoms and everyone does not experience exactly the same symptoms, some people will experience night sweats from their anxiety waking them up in the middle of the night. Many people experience anxiety panic attacks, there is nothing as scary as being waken up from a sound sleep with an anxiety panic attack. In the middle of the night everything can be so much scarier than during the day, most people will find themselves shaking uncontrollable with such fear they might think they are having a heart attack?


Anxious Thoughts & Feelings


Physical Pain & Discomfort

Extreme Weak Feeling

Night Sweats

Panic Attacks

Crazy Dreams

Extreme Fear



What Could Be A Trigger?


There are often habits we develop which could contribute to our night anxiety problems, learning what our triggers might be can reduce our night anxiety and their symptoms. Many people manage their anxiety well enough during the day, but when bedtime arrives their anxiety takes control of their night. What are some of our habits which could contribute to our night anxiety is not always easy for us to identify, but forming better before bed habits and routines can at least reduce our symptoms.


Worrying About Sleeping




Late Night Snacking

Late Night Television

Late Night Internet


Lifestyle Changes


Sometimes our lifestyle can contribute to our night anxiety, many people experience a dramatic improvement by making some lifestyle changes. One change the majority of people experience to reduce their anxiety severity is changing their diet, I highly recommend you consider changing your diet to a gluten-free diet. Gluten now is known to increase anxiety in the majority of people, possibly our gluten diets is the reason so many more people have severe anxiety issues today?


Gluten-Free Diet

Exercise 30 minutes 3 Times Per Week

Avoiding Stimulants late In The Day

Spend More Time With Nature


Positive Relationships

Positive Attitude


Natural Supplements


Natural supplements are a good option for anyone who does not want to take prescription drugs, supplements usually for most people give them very few if any side-effects. The choice of supplements are quite large to choose from, so most people are able to find the right supplement which works well for their body chemistry. Sometimes you must try a few different supplement to find the best one for you, but these have reduced many people’s anxiety symptoms and are worth considering if you are not wishing to put prescription drugs into your body?


Kava Root

Valerian Root

Lemon Balm


St John Wort



Herbal Teas


Not into prescription drugs  and  maybe you are not sure about using any supplements, herbal teas is something you might consider trying? Herbal teas are caffeine free and all natural which will not harm you in any way, this is a very safe way to ease your anxiety symptoms. Aim for 3 cups during your evening to prepare yourself for natural relaxation and sleep, wondering which herbal teas are best for your anxiety?


Siberian Ginseng



Passion Flower



Natural Relaxation Techniques


Natural relaxation techniques is something everyone with anxiety issues should consider, these are the safest methods available without any side-effects to be concerned about. Learning and using these techniques to relax your body and mind to prepare for sleep just might be the answer to your night anxiety problems, keep an open mind and give these a try to reduce your night anxiety.


Hatha Yoga

Guided Meditation

Guided Imagery

Muscle Relaxation

Sound Therapy

Music Therapy

Art Therapy

Sleep Therapy


Have You Heard Of Amino Acids?


Amino acids has recently been helping many people reduce their anxiety symptoms when nothing else has, you might know this as a recovery for people who are into bodybuilding? The amino acids used mainly for anxiety are  GABA, Tryptophan, 5 HTP, DPA and Glutamine, people who have suffered with anxiety all their life accidentally found relief after starting to exercise and added one of the amino acid recovery products. By going on your most severe symptoms you can know which amino acid to add to your anxiety reducing plan, what are your most severe symptoms from your anxiety is the key to which one of these amino acids is the best one for you?


Low Serotonin


Panic Attacks


Obsessive Thoughts & Feelings



Increased Symptoms During Winter


Low Self-Esteem

Low Confidence

Mood Swings


Digestive Issues

Sleep Problems


Amino Acids







Low Endorphins


Emotional Pain Sensitivity

Physical Pain Sensitivity


Emotional Eating


Amino Acid





Low Blood Sugars


Low Energy

Poor Concentration

Lacks  Motivation

Short Attention Span



Amino Acid





What Is On My Mind Today?


Living with chronic anxiety is a terrible life to have to live, the best we can do is manage our anxiety with all the anxiety relief methods available until we find out what works best.  I would recommend you starting out with making some lifestyle change such as a gluten-free diet and be more active, even if you are allergic to exercise find some activities you enjoy which gets you moving more and outdoors.

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Amino Acids

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Gestalt Therapy























  • Really interesting article and was particularly surprised about the beneficial effects of amino acid and especially glutamine.

    Gave me some ideas for clients I have.

    • Jeff says:

      Thank You Stewart Walker,

      I also was surprised when I experienced using an amino acid for my workout recovery to also help my anxiety
      especially my sleep at night. I am happy you can use this information to help others, that is what my article
      is all about.


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