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Why Gluten Is Bad For You-My Experience With Gluten

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My Experience With Gluten


All my life I had emotional and physical problems, my doctors never could explain why I was experiencing these health issues day after day. From a very young boy to an adult in my 30’s I was very miserable most of the time, I experienced severe symptoms which controlled my life. About 2 years ago I found out from some routine blood work I had kidney failure, this was a terrible blow for me. See I always lived an extremely healthy lifestyle, I never smoked, drank alcohol or used drugs. My diet was a healthy diet according to my doctors, so how did this happen to me?


gluten free


Silent Damage


Gluten does silent damage to your organs over time without leaving you any warning signs until it is too late, years of eating a gluten grain diet left me with kidney damage and intestine damage. My condition thank God is stable today, see gluten causes inflammation which slowly damages our organs in our bodies over time, very hard on the digestive system. I had no physical pain all the years growing up on this grain diet, but I did have silent damage going on which finally caught up with me.


gluten free


My Symptoms


Ever since I was a little boy I have had anxiety related symptoms, depression from time to time and much difficulty concentrating. As the years went by my symptoms kept increasing, by the time I was in junior high school my condition was becoming so severe my grades were extremely bad. By high school I was failing most my classes, my parents and my teachers accused me of just being lazy and not working up to my potential. If you have a child with problems in school , please give them the benefit of the doubt it might not be their own fault. These were from inflammation effecting my brain functioning, plus I started having chronic pain in my 20’s.

gluten free


Gluten Free Diet Experience


I swear to God since going on a gluten-free diet my symptoms have almost disappeared, today my symptoms are very mild unless I  consume gluten without being aware there is gluten in something I have ingested. I went from being home bound not able to function to writing this article on my own website for you today, my thinking is so much clearer and I even feel so much more intelligent but that is not true. My brain is just functioning more naturally now without the hidden gluten causing inflammation, my chronic pain is very mild as well and I am able to do so much more physically then I have in years. My opinion Fibromyaligia is not a real disease, it is chronic pain coming from the gluten in our foods. Since going gluten-free my pain is very mild, after over 40 years of living that way I actually for the first time in my life feel healthy. More energy then I had even as a teenager, try going gluten-free for just one month and see if you notice a difference in how healthy you might feel.


gluten free

Herbal Supplements


Other then my gluten-free diet , the only other lifestyle change I have made is a added my one and only  supplement . This supplement I really have had awesome results with, it is providing me with more nutrition which is always a good thing. Nutrition is the key to improving your health, I have realized that with my change of diet and adding this food additive. My supplement has helped many people of all ages feel calmer and able to concentrate better, I highly recommend this supplement because it works for me.



Final Thoughts


I can not express enough in words how much I recommend you to seriously consider going gluten-free, grains today are not healthy for our bodies and our brains. If only I you could have seen my past life before finding out the gluten connection, you as well would know without a doubt gluten is very bad for you. All I ask is you give the gluten-free diet a chance and see if you do not feel a positive difference, people who have tried the gluten-free diet have told me they have noticed a huge difference in both their physical and their mental health.

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  • Brenda says:

    Hi, i had no idea that gluten was bad for you, my cousin actually is experiencing some of the symptoms and I’m going to suggest she read this. I was wondering what exactly is gluten- like what types of food would I have to eliminate from my diet to go gluten-free?

    • admin says:

      Thank you Brenda

      I appreciate your comment and your concern for your cousin, she is lucky to have your support. Feel free to give your cousin my email if she wishes to talk about her symptoms at

      Gluten is your grain products with wheat , barley and rye , many processed foods have gluten so you must read the ingredients to be sure none of these are in the products you are purchasing. It is does not say gluten free I will not purchase the product.

      My diet mainly consists of vegetables , fruit and fresh meat. You should eat grass fed meat when you possibly can get it, many people do not realize if the animal eats grains you are getting gluten from their meat.

      Any Questions love to hear from you,


  • Dave Sweney says:

    I have a very dear friend whose wife suffers from gluten intolerance. She also had to change her diet and do a number of other changes in her daily routine…

    Thank God in her case too, she was much better and stabilized after the changes. Everyone was very worried of course…

    My question is why aren’t all people suffering from this malady? It appears that some people are more susceptible to gluten than others?

    Interesting and useful post, I have bookmarked it and sent it to my friend….Thanks!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Dave Sweney

      I am sorry to hear about your friend’s wife, gluten is damaging everyone’s bodies and brains. Gluten is thought to be the cause of our outbreak in Alzheimers and Anxiety plus depression and lately even diabetes. Gluten is what is causing all our autoimmune diseases, it effects you more seriously once it finds your weakness in your immune system. Since it does silent damage at first, you do not realize gluten is weakening your body and brain except for the minor symptoms at first like anxiety, depression or minor body aches. See it takes years for gluten to do severe enough damage before the symptoms are severe enough we really take notice, many of the symptoms we pawn off as oh we are just getting old is really gluten taking its toll on us.

      No one is safe from the damage of gluten, even if you think its not effecting you it really is.


  • adam says:

    Health is the key to everything. No matter how wealthy you are or how clever you are, if your health is not on your side you will only be living a life of misery. It is absolutely crucial that everyone knows what they need to be doing and need to be avoiding in order to have a healthy lifestyle. Really happy you have this article up nice one

    • admin says:

      Thank You Adam

      I only hope some people take my articles serious, the information is not coming from any text book. My information comes directly from my own experience and research over 30 years of living this life.


  • Jeanette says:

    Hi Jeff!

    I completely agree with you on gluten. I myself have experienced lots of health problems with gluten. I had digestive problems, irritability, and mood swings, I was always fatigued after a gluten filled meal and I also experience an immediate feeling of inflammation in my body. This was kind of like a bloating sensation but through my whole body.

    I also have had chronic pain since the age of 16. I thought that it was genetic as my grandmother had RA and Fibromyalgia. I was never diagnosed with it, though. I do think most autoimmune diseases are definitely linked to our diet. Much of the Standard American Diet is very inflammatory to our bodies.

    More recently I started to have severe problems with my skin. I was diagnosed with chronic hives, no apparent reason for this is what the Dermatologist said. But I had a feeling it was related to gluten, although he denied that it was related at all.

    So recently I have completely eliminated gluten from my diet. It’s been about 2 months and I feel so much better. I also went raw vegan about a month ago. My skin started to clear up. I have less pain in my body than I did before. Thank you so much for this great article! I enjoyed reading it.


    • admin says:

      Thank You Jeanette

      I am overwhelmed to hear your feeling so much healthier , even more you were intelligent enough to make the connection with gluten and your symptoms. I strongly believe gluten is the source of many of our health problems today, add the chemicals in our processed foods and you more likely have solved this riddle.

      My diet consists of mainly raw vegetables and fruits with one serving of protein per day, I highly recommend you consider if you consume protein in animals products purchase grass fed products.

      Happy For You


  • Travis Smithers says:

    I have been hearing a great deal about all the problems people have been having with gluten products as well as my wife.

    As you have mentioned, I’m not sure what effects it has on me but until I try out your 30-day challenge to see what the differences may be, I’ll never now.

    I do know when you use natural medicine or means to improve something for your health that it just doesn’t happen over night and takes some time. I may just extend the test period to two months to make a fair observation to how my health will feel.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Travis

      You have made me one happy man today, if i can convince one third of the people who read my articles to take this challenge it is will worth my time. You will fee more energy, able to focus much better and many other positive health benefits. This month July I have gone grain free, not even gluten free products and I already am noticing a difference in my digestive health. It is believed more and more gluten could be the cause for diabetes and anxiety outbursts in our society today.


  • Arta says:

    Hey, I felt very sad reading about the problems you have had during your life. But I was quite in shock reading that the cause of this was gluten and that gluten actually damages everyone and leads to serious diseases. I am just wondering – how it comes that gluten is such a bad thing? I am used to think that what comes from nature poses no threat to us. Could it be related to the chemicals used in the agriculture and production of grains?
    Nevertheless, I am really glad about progress you have made and I wish you all the best.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Arta

      Thank you for your comment, I do appreciate your concern for me I am doing much better now. You are right about gluten not actually being the culprit in our health problems today, it is the process which they product the gluten products especially the preservatives in processed foods. Most if not all your processed foods contain both gluten and preservatives, gluten is not the natural form of wheat , barley and rye. Through time they have changed these grains through processing, it is the plant protein in these grains which are the most harmful to our systems.


  • mark says:

    I knew already gluten wasn’t that good for you, but I had no idea it could become this bad, seeing this information out there is a real gift, I knew several people who had some gluten related problems, I will definitely recommend them your information, I will also you it to my own benefit, Keep up the good work.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Mark

      I aim to keep sharing with people through my articles to get away from gluten, this is a very big passion in my life to warn others to eliminate this from their diets. Eliminating gluten has made such a dramatic positive change in my life physically and mentally, actually this month I have started a grain-free diet to see how this effects my health as well.


  • Jessy says:

    Hi Jeff. Thanks for sharing your experience with gluten and going gluten-free. I read your comments on your page and I never knew you could still get gluten from meat from a wheat-fed animal. It kind of helps to redefine the saying “you are what you eat”. My nephew and I are the only two people in the family that eat as healthy as possible. He wants to go vegan. Almost everyone in my family has some sort of health condition and I just know it’s related to their eating habits. I’m trying to get them to change their diet to a more healthy one. Hopefully, this new information will help them understand just how much the kinds of foods and food preparations have a direct effect on your overall health and well-being. much, love, light and peace – Jessy

    • admin says:

      Thank You Jessy,

      I am happy to hear you and your nephew are trying to live a healthier life, knowledge is our most powerful weapon to be healthier. What we put into our bodies effects us physically and mentally, I have found this out through my illness in the past and my experimentation to become well again.

      Keep Living Healthy


  • Gary says:

    Gluten is a killer! It tears my guts up whenever I eat it. More people need to know why gluten is bad for you.

    I think part of the problem is that the gluten content in wheat is much higher now than in the past. And gluten is added to all sorts of processed foods.

    Gluten absolutely does cause inflammation and long-term inflammation is associated with many cancers.

    Thanks for suggesting the Happy Calm Focused supplement. I’m ordering some today and can’t wait to try it.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Gary

      I appreciate very much your opinion on gluten, its true gluten is in almost all processed foods. Even licking the glue on a envelope to seal it you are getting gluten in your system. Gluten is even in our hygiene products, see gluten is used as a thickener so most products which use a thickener uses gluten.

      Inflammation damages our organs, causes us mental health issues. Thought to be a link to Alzheimers , anxiety and even depression.

      Wish you the best


  • jackie says:

    Wow all these problems because of gluten? I wouldn’t have guessed! It’s scary that you mention even Alzheimer’s could be connected to gluten?

    Anyway thank goodness you found out and are better now. Is it hard to eliminate gluten completely? It seems to be everywhere.. what is your typical meal? What does the supplement do?

    • admin says:

      Thank You Jackie

      It does take some time to adjust a eating plan without gluten, there are more and more gluten-free products on the market everyday now.

      My eating plan is basically

      Grass Fed Meats (grain fed meats has Gluten)




      Rice/Corn Based Products


      Almond Milk

      No grains during my week, only gluten-free grains on the weekends

      No Processed Foods Unless Marked Gluten-Free

      The supplement HCF which I use with great results is all natural herbal supplement

      loaded with vitamins and anxiety calming herbs

      I take this supplement alone and do not have to take my other vitamins as in the past

      this supplement supplies all your vitamins and the herbs you need for health brain functioning

      herbal supplements are not medicine , they are food additives to give your the nutrients you need to be healthy and happy.


  • Mark says:

    Another awesome informative post!

    I’ve tried a gluten free diet and now stick with it about 80-90% of the time.

    I noticed that when I eat some or too much foods that containing gluten I feel slow and have a lack of energy.

    I’ve read that it’s to do with the soil the wheat is grown in these days.

    Would you recommend gluten free oats? As I love porridge/oatmeal for breakfast.

    Like I said some foods that contain gluten effect me more than others, not sure why this is.

    Thanks for sharing

    • Jeff says:

      Thank You Mark,

      I am happy to hear your doing so well on a gluten-free diet, I also eat gluten-free
      products when I do eat grains. I would recommend gluten-free oats for breakfast if
      this is a breakfast you enjoy, I do not expect anyone to go totally grain-free. I
      can not even accomplish that myself, but eating gluten-free products when you do
      eat grains is much healthier for you. Even gluten-free grains will give some people
      problems if over consumed, I am one of those people I try to limit myself to only
      one serving of grain per day.


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