Why Gluten Free Is Better For You-How Gluten Affects Your Body

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why gluten free is better for you


What About Gluten?


Do you know how gluten is affecting your body, many people do not take the damage gluten is doing to their body seriously? Since gluten affects the body slowly and silently with damage, many people do not realize what gluten is doing to their body, the people who are sensitive to gluten understands how this plant protein is causing them health problems. Gluten is wheat, barely and rye which is used in more food products than many people realize, by starting to read ingredients your will realize how much of this we are really being exposed to in our lives. People who change to a gluten-free lifestyle experience an improvement with many of their health problems, give gluten-free the opportunity to improve your life today.


Why Gluten-Free Is Better For You?


People who go gluten-free experience a dramatic decrease in many of their chronic health problems, chronic health problems are increasing and even affecting our children which should tell us something is not right in our diets? Would you purchase any over-the-counter product or take any prescription drugs to ease your chronic health problems, well going gluten-free is the natural way to treat your chronic health problems? Those drugs often give people  nasty side-effects which can be just as much a problem as their symptoms, these drugs do shorten people’s lives simply because they are not natural treatments and are hard on our organs. Gluten-free has no nasty side-effects and will not cause you any damage, so why are you not living a gluten-free lifestyle?



Chronic Pain


Everyone you know today complains about aches and pains, chronic pain for many people is much easier to live with by simply changing to a gluten-free lifestyle. Even children today complain about having aches and pains, could going gluten-free give you and your children a better quality of life? Gluten is a trigger for chronic pain for many people, going gluten-free will decrease most people’s chronic pain. Would you not do anything within your power to be in less pain, going gluten-free will save you money by you having to buy much less of your chronic pain products. Until people take the step to go gluten-free, they do not realize how much this change can improve their life, going gluten-free even helps people to be less stiff and achy on those cold damp days.


Sleep Problems


Many people with chronic sleep problems has experienced an improvement in their sleep and energy due to a gluten-free lifestyle, there are not many things worse than laying in bed for hours not being able to fall asleep. When we do not sleep well it will cause energy problems, could gluten diets be the reason the majority of people today lack the energy to do the things they need and want to do?  Your sleep also affects the level of your chronic pain, so all these are connected to many people’s chronic health problems. sleep aid products are in high demand by consumers today, would it not be healthier for you to be investing your money into your diet instead of these sleep products?



The Anxiety Epidemic


Anxiety has become an epidemic in our society today, many people believe the reason is our stress is so much higher today than in the past. Could it be possible gluten in our diets is preventing us from being able to handle as much stress as in the past, even children are experiencing anxiety which is causing them many problems in their lives?  What about the bullying in schools today, could these bullies be taking out there gluten diets on other children in school to relieve their anxiety? People so severely anxious to the point they could not earn a living has experienced a dramatic improvement in their anxiety on a gluten-free diet, more people are on disability for anxiety and depression than physical disabilities today. Could our diets be affecting our mental health with so many people with emotional problems, there must be a logical reason for us being so unhealthy and unstable today?


Weight Management


The medical board makes such a fuss over how overweight people are today especially our children, gluten products are addicting and give people cravings to want more of these foods. Besides being addictive and giving us cravings they are not filling and satisfying, so why does the medical board not look into the gluten diets as the possible problem? Like most things money comes before what is best for the consumer, how would the medical board and the government handle all the companies who produce gluten products? With all the health problems no wonder people overeat, when you are living with chronic pain, not sleeping and low on energy plus anxiety why would you not overeat to feel better? Food is many people’s major coping skill to feel better, the more unhealthy we become the more many people overeat and gain unwanted weight. To make things even worse, the food people are overeating are loaded with bad stuff like gluten and artificial ingredients, these are great combinations to increase many of our health problems and sabotage our weight management plan.



What Is On My Mind Today?


Living a gluten-free lifestyle will increase your grocery budget plan, but how much money will you save on the over-the-counter products you are buying now?  These products do add up every month, many people who change their diet to gluten-free are able to go off some of these products and decrease their need for as many of these products. The best part of this is you will know within the first few weeks how this new lifestyle is going to start to decrease your health problems, any relief is better than what you are experiencing right now. Just invest in a gluten-free lifestyle next month and see if this does not improve your life, if not you can always go back to your old lifestyle the following month.


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