Why Forgive Someone Who Hurt You-Learning How To Heal

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Emotional Pain


Emotional pain is the most difficult pain to heal from, this is especially difficult when it is from someone who you truly love. We never know how long a relationship is going to last with anyone we meet, this is especially true when the person we fell in love with which we met online. Many people spend quite a bit of their time searching online for their soulmate, what about finding love online is this even possible? Two people can develop very deep emotional feelings for one another even through the internet, the longer you are involved with one another the more it hurts when you are hurt by them. The best thing for you to do is to forgive them for whatever they did or said to you, learning how to forgive is an important part of healing.


Why We Must Forgive The One Who Hurt Us


Many people do not understand why it is so important for them to forgive the person who hurt them, when you do not forgive you are not able to really start the healing process and move on with your life. The longer you hold the grudge the stronger your anxiety will grow, eventually if this goes on long enough you will find yourself waking up most mornings depressed. Living like this you are only torturing yourself and prolonging the healing process, you are not forgiving this person for them but for yourself. Many times this goes on for so long people do not even understand why they are feeling so depressed, time does not always heal a person when they are self-consciously holding a grudge.



How Holding A Grudge Affects Your Health


When you fight to forgive someone who hurt you you are only hurting yourself since you are not talking with that person how do you think you are hurting them by not forgiving them? More likely you are experiencing sleep problems which in time could lead to other health problems, eventually to heal and get your life back in gear you must forgive them and move on. When we do not receive enough sleep we will experience being anxious and lack being able to focus and concentrate why put yourself through such torture just because you do not want to forgive this person?  Again you are forgiving this person for yourself not them, the person has no idea if you have forgiven them or not. Holding grudges is the worse thing anyone can do after a breakup, accept things was not meant to be and forgive that person.


How Holding A Grudge Affects Your Weight


 When we are holding a grudge we are hurting emotionally which often for many people affects their appetite when you are experiencing anxiety the majority of people will overeat.  This is the way many people self-meditate with anxiety, often once depression sets in people lose their appetite and start to lose weight. Of course everyone is different, but this is how the majority of people react with their appetite under emotional pain. If this goes on for too long,  it can also lead to more serious negative self-meditating, alcohol and drugs are often used to self-meditate with prolonged emotional pain. When you start to experience a change in your appetite to the point it is affecting your weight this is a sign, this is your body trying to get your attention that you are not managing your health as well as you used too.



Grudges Affects Your Life & Play Balances


Many people experiencing emotional pain begins to have an imbalanced lifestyle, when a person is experiencing emotional pain the last thing they desire to do is to go out and have fun. The longer their life is unbalanced the more difficult it is for them to achieve a healthy balance again, living this way will often slowly destroy the person’s life. Sometimes they will lose friends and even experience family disputes, hopefully the person forgives and moves on before their life gets to this point from their prolonged emotional pain?


What Is On My Mind Today?


Often for many people forgiving someone who hurt them is a very difficult thing for them to do, you do not have to forgive the person face to face or even through any type of communication. This forgiveness is only for you, it allows you to heal and move on much quicker without such prolonged emotional pain. Don’t torture yourself and punish yourself because things did not work out between you and this person, accept this and do not blame yourself or them just accept this is the way it was meant to be.



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