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Why Food Makes Us Happy-Using Food To Improve Our Lives


We Have To Eat


The majority of people look forward to eating, eating provides our bodies with the vitamins and minerals we need to be healthy. Since you have to eat to live a good quality of life, why not eat the foods which will make your the happiest, food makes us happy because it makes us feel good inside? Many people use food as a coping skill when they are unhappy, eating when we are unhappy makes us feel better so what foods makes us the happiest? Many of us grab the unhealthy comfort foods when we are blue, the reason is not that these foods make us happier they are just convenient and ready for us to consume.


What Makes Us Happy?


The things which makes us happy are things we enjoy doing, many people use several ways to improve their mood when they are blue. Music is one of the most powerful ways people have found happiness for a long time, of course you must use the proper music at the proper time to receive the most results. Another method people use frequently to feel happier is exercise, then there is sex which makes everyone happy and feel good. Food is the most common and most popular method people use to control their mood when many people are stressed out they use food to help them cope with their stress. Many people when feeling anxious run to the fridge to see what they can eat to calm themselves down, people who are depressed use food to perk themselves up more than any other method.



Chronic Pain Relief


All these methods also provide people with chronic pain reduction in their pain levels, often people with chronic pain find relief with heat therapy and pain relief creams and oils. People also are experiencing pain relief and feeling better with food, all these are temporary pain relief methods which works for the majority of people. Many people with Fibromyalgia experience pain relief by eating foods with protein, protein provides your muscles with a natural pain relief when many other foods do not.


Weight Management


Many people who overuse food as a coping skill often struggle with their weight when you use food as your main coping skill for all your health problems it can make losing and maintaining your weight difficult for you. The main reason for many people is their choice of foods they are eating, most of us naturally grab the most convenient foods which often are the reason you are not able to lose weight. When we go for food when we are not feeling great we often make unhealthy choices, many people beat themselves up afterwards for making such bad decisions. This often leads to people being depressed and eating more unhealthy foods, this can become an unhealthy cycle if we are not careful.



Dark Chocolate


 Dark chocolate is your best chocolate choice when eating to improve your mood, dark chocolate provides much more benefits than milk chocolate with less sugar. Dark chocolate naturally relaxes you and is a good choice when you are feeling anxious, this is your best food to use as a pick me up when your are feeling depressed. For ladies experiencing PMS symptoms eating dark chocolate is your best choice of food, another good benefit is dark chocolate lowers your stress hormones naturally.


Best Happy Foods


The foods which provides you the most happy benefits for most people might surprise you, these foods are also good choices when you are struggling with your weight. Next time you need a food fix to improve your mood choose some of these foods  and avoid the high sugar and high sodium foods, the key is to choose your copings foods wisely, it does not do you much good to improve your mood for a short time and then become depressed because you gained too much weight


Dark Chocolate

Green Tea









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What Is On My Mind Today?


Food can be a positive and a negative coping skill depending on how you use it, many people make poor choices when they are under stress and anxious. The best strategy is not to keep the foods high in sugar and sodium stocked up at home, less people will go out to buy these unhealthy foods when they have the urge to eat when they are not happy. Most people will choose something they have already at home, you cannot eat what you do not have at home on the spur of the moment. Emotional eating can be a problem for many people, try using music and exercise before running to the fridge as much as possible. Keep the happy foods recommended in this article in stock for times you need a food fix, these are the best happy foods and are good for your waistline as well.


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