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Why Exercise Makes Us Happy-Health Benefits Of Being Active


Exercise Versus Being Active


Many people think you must work out at the gym or with exercise equipment to receive the health benefit of exercise, many people receive the health benefits from exercise without ever stepping into a gym or using any type of exercise equipment. Everyone knows what exercise is, and that it provides many health benefits for us, well being active is just as good for us and much more fun for most people. Exercise and being active actually is doing anything which has you moving enough to give you the benefits your body needs to be healthy, people who are not into exercise can still receive the benefits by living a healthy active lifestyle.


What About Dancing?


Most people do not consider dancing as exercise, but dancing provides the same health benefits which exercise does. When we are talking exercise, we are referring to the health benefits people receive from moderate exercise not bodybuilding work outs, moderate exercise is at least 30 minutes of exercise 3 times per week. Dancing sure fits into the category of exercise and being active, people who dance regularly are flexible and well muscular toned very similar to people who exercise regularly. The biggest difference between exercise and being active for most people is being active is much more fun to them than exercise, so if you enjoy dancing this is just as good as you exercising at the gym.



What About Walking?


Everyone walks throughout their day, so is walking exercise or being active? Walking comes in many versions and which version you choose will depend on how much benefit you receive, Most people start out walking for the benefits, many enjoy it so much they make this a part of their regular routine. Power walking is often used by people who are looking for some extra benefits, this is a fast walking and many people even use hand weights for extra benefits. Hiking nature trails for many people is too fun and interesting to be exercise, yet hiking nature trails provides many benefits with a variety of terrain. Running and jogging is a very popular version as well, the newest version people are into is running and jogging nature trails. How do you choose which one is best for you, choose the one which you enjoy the most?




Many people love to participate in sports for fun and not for exercise, yet when people play sports they are receiving the benefits just as much as people who exercise in the gym. For most people the key is to make it fun, everyone does not get a high from lifting weights or spending their time on an exercise machine. Find something you enjoy and you will stick to it longer and receive more benefits, experiment with different exercise programs and activities until you find what works for you. The whole point is to maintain your health and improve any healthy problems, most people need something which gets them moving yet they enjoy to get the most from it. There are many options for you to experiment with, do not get discouraged sometimes it takes longer for some people to find what is the best fit for them. Do you enjoy shooting basketball for fun, this could be your ticket to improving your health? Even the most sedentary person will find something they enjoy which gets them moving, many sedentary people find walking their best fit by doing it during their work breaks and lunch break during their work day.



What About Riding A Bike?


Many people are starting to ride a bike again, some are doing it for the health benefits and others are doing if because it is fun. This is a good investment for anyone who loved riding a bike when they were young, there are many fun options of bikes today to pick from. There are bikes for off-road riding on trails and bikes for riding around town, consider which type of riding you would enjoy the most and invest in a bike of your choice. Many choose mountain bikes simply because you can ride these almost any place you desire, people who are more adventurous are investing in the fat tire bikes which are best for riding on the nature trails.


What Are The Benefits?


There are so many benefits from exercise and being active, many people have experienced being happier and more positive since making exercise and being active as part of their regular routine. People also experience more energy and an improvement in their sleep, people who make this their new lifestyle experiences more confidence and a healthier weight. The best two benefits which improves people’s lives the most is they are able to cope better with their stress and experience being less anxious, these two alone are enough to be worth changing your lifestyle. Keeping a journal is a good motivator for many people to stick to their new routine, today you can find online journals which takes less time and can even be fun for tracking your benefits. Then there are tracking devices which you wear all the time, these remind you how much you have done today and how much more you need to do to reach your daily goal.



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What Is On My Mind Today?


Are you one who can’t get enough time spent in the gym, maybe shooting basketball with the neighborhood kids is what you enjoy doing more? Both of these will change your life in a positive way, it really is not what you do as long as you are moving more during your day, many people find when they are feeling blue exercise perks them up, maybe that is why people who exercise and are active are happier people? People often find participating in sports for fun has been a great way for them to make friends, people without friends to hang out with usually are not as happy or healthy. These are the best natural way to manage your stress and anxiety, who in today’s world does not have more of these than then they need? So what are you going to do to be more active today, the most difficult part is getting started?



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