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Why Does One Become A Vegan-Not As Easy As You Might Think

benefits and risks on a vegan diet


Vegan Lifestyle


Have you ever attempted to go completely vegan, I have tried this several times only to fall back into my old lifestyle? I don’t eat a lot of animal products, but I do consume animal products a few times per week. I have tried several times to go completely vegan, I just can’t go long-term without animal products. I don’t eat any dairy products at all, most of my protein is plant protein, but several times per week I need a little meat in my diet to feel satisfied and complete. Eggs are my main protein source most of the time, when I have meat it is mainly grass-fed and white meats. So why does one become a vegan, is this something you must start out very young doing, or can you become a vegan cold turkey?


 Animal Lover


I am a huge animal lover; I get upset hearing about how animals are mistreated and I do donate to several animal organizations. Many true vegan’s experience an emotional attachment to animals, this is probably the most influencing motivator which keeps them on their vegan diet. For me, I feel an emotional attachment to domestic animals, but much less of an attachment to the animals we use for food. I do have a compassion for animals of all kinds, but vegans seem to have an amazing emotional connection with all types of animals.


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Health Benefits


Are vegans really healthier without animal products in their diet, this is a question which really is difficult to say for sure? There are healthy vegans and unhealthy vegans, so it appears this all depends much on the person. Vegans do appear to have a younger appearance than many non-vegans, their diets are considered being a prevention against many of our diseases. Does the vegan diet really prevent obesity, heart disease, diabetes and cancer, what does a vegan plant based diet provide your body in nutrients?


Plant Protein







The Vegan Diet Benefits


Reduced Saturated Fats







Vitamin C

Vitamin E

Protein ( Beans, Nuts, Peas, Lentils )


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Disease Prevention


Cardiovascular Disease


Blood Pressure

Type 2 Diabetes

Prostrate Cancer

Breast Cancer

Colon Cancer


Arthritis  ( Gluten-Free & Vegan Free Diet )



Physical Health Benefits


Weight Loss


Longer Life Span





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Health Risks


Vitamin B12 Deficiency

High Supplementation


Vegan Diet Restrictions



Refined Carbs

Vegetable Oils

Trans Fats


What Is On My Mind Today?


As you can see the benefits actually outweighs the risks of being a vegan, people who consume a diet with animals products also experiences low vitamin levels, especially B12 and Vitamin D. Today, no matter what diet you are on supplementation still is needed for the majority of people. As you might be noticing a vegan diet will take much willpower and commitment, there is just is something satisfying about animal products in our diets which makes giving them up a huge sacrifice? There are foods you will not be able to eat being a vegan you might not realize, anything with milk is not allowed being milk comes from an animals?


So Why Become Vegan?


This book is for anyone who has the desire to become a vegan, the author Sandra Kimler is passionate about being a vegan and shares with you her experience in her increased nutritional health eating the vegan diet, also the author shares with your the spiritual reasons, environmental reasons and the ethical side of taking the first step to becoming a vegan.




Animal Lovers Diet

Health Benefits

$ 19.95


so why become vegan book


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6 thoughts on “Why Does One Become A Vegan-Not As Easy As You Might Think

  1. Thank you for the interesting information. I am not vegan but have friends who are, so for me your article shined some light on the pros and cons of veganism. I think that making a healthy choice is most important for your well being. Once you decide to become a vegan you have to make sure that you eat properly. You still have to provide your body with all the nutrients needed to maintain good health. Thank you for the book recommendation.

    1. Thank You

      I did find becoming a vegan to be challenging for me, I just have not figured out how to replace my cravings for meat protein


  2. I have thought about trying to live a vegan lifestyle several times but just can give up all meat. I never thought to try and cut it to once a week that is a great idea. My real problem would be with my sugar cravings also.

    How long have you been vegan?

    That is awesome that you made the lifestyle change, best of luck to you.


    1. Thank You

      I am like you and can’t give up meat completely and become a true vegan,

      I do eat more veggies and fruit than anything else and very few grains now


  3. Hi
    Your post is very informative.
    I recently have been wondering if I should go vegan, but like yourself do eat meat every week.
    I was wondering if it would help my health because I do have rheumatoid arthritis and reynauds syndrome, which means my blood circulation is not very good and I recently read that it may be beneficial to go vegan.
    I wonder if some people do not want to commit for the long haul. In my case I have a family who have always eaten meat as part of their diet so it would definitely be a lifestyle change for me.
    Your site is great because it raises awareness to people who may be thinking about it but are concerned about losing certain nutrients they get from the meat.
    It is good to know where they can get these nutrients from if not from meat.
    Thank you for sharing

    1. Thank You

      It is a huge lifestyle change eliminating meat from your diet, I have tried several times failing each time. A vegan diet is healthy for you, but you must remember you are going to have to invest in supplements to make up for your loss in protein and other vitamins and minerals.


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