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Why Does Music Make Us Happy-How Music Improves Your Health


Why We Listen To Music?


How many people do you know who does not appreciate listening to their favorite type of music, the main reason people listen to music is simply because it makes us feel good? When we  listen to upbeat music when we are sad it improves our mood when we are anxious if we listen to calming music we become less anxious. Most of us do not realize we are doing something positive for our health when we listen to music, music is uplifting and improves our mood  in a positive way.  Did you know playing music or singing is even more beneficial for us than listening to music, people who play an instrument receive many more benefits than the audience listing to their music?


Music Therapy


Music therapy has been used in the medical field for a very long time, the reason for this is music improves a patients health in many ways. Music is used for patients with chronic pain relief, do you know what the best music is to listen to for chronic pain? Classical music provides people with chronic pain relief simply by relaxing them and taking their mind off of their pain, by adding as much as 30 minutes of classical music in their day they have experienced a lower degree of pain within 10 days. Another health problem music has been used for a very long time is for people with chronic anxiety, classical music is the best type of music for both of these health problems.



Benefits Of Singing


Most people naturally will sing to themselves and most have no reason at all why, singing relaxes a person and allows them to perform better at whatever they might be doing. Did you know when you are singing you are giving yourself an emotional health boost, now what easier way can you find to improve your emotional health then by singing? People who sing often even to themselves naturally are more positive, how many negative people sing to themselves? Singing makes people naturally happier when we are happy we can cope much better with any stress we encounter that day. This is a great way to cope better when you are feeling a little blue, turn on some awesome music and before you know it, you will be singing your blues away.


Working & Studying


People have been using music while they are working and studying for years with improved results, listening to music while doing either of these improves a person’s thinking and concentration. Many people in the creative field get their best brain storms while listening to music, did you know music also improves a person’s visual abilities as well? Music has been known to improve a person’s feelings of being lonely, people do not feel lonely even when they are completely alone when listening to music.



Exercise & Music


Most people will exercise longer and more strenuous when listening to music, music increases our endurance providing most people to work out longer. Music improves our mood feeling more positive which gives us a better all around work out, the best music when working out is fast high energy music to get you moving in a faster steady work out. Music improves a person’s blood pressure and heart rate for exercise, next time you are working out give this a try to receive a much better work out.


What Is On My Mind Today?


Music is a powerful tool to improve your overall health, the more a person has music in their day the better their day will go for them. When you are feeling positive and good inside from listening and singing to your favorite music things never seem all that bad, do not allow your emotional health to get you down stay healthy emotionally with your favorite music. The key is to use the proper type of music to receive the results you are looking for, people who listen to a wide variety of music are often the most emotionally healthy.



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