Why Do Some People Have No Friends-Making Friends Later In life Is Not As Easy

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 People often when they are young do not realize how precious friendship really is, when we are young it seems like we have many friends in our lives. The majority of people who do not have any friends are older people, it seems to be so much harder to meet and make good friendships later in our life than it was when we were younger. This is especially true for people in their senior years, many of these people do not meet other people to form friendships as often as younger people do. When you are no longer working your career, you often do not have as many opportunities to meet as many people, how to meet people as potential new friends is the most common problem for older people to make new friends.




Marriage is a wonderful relationship and should be cherished with all your heart, marriage gives us so many rewards to enrich our lives. There is absolutely nothing more precious than the feeling of being loved by your partner, with marriage comes many responsibilities especially with children. The family responsibilities such as raising your teenage daughter can be a full-time job at times, children are a wonderful blessing in any marriage but with children does come the responsibility to be spending more time helping them with their problems. With marriage and children many people lose contact with their friends over time, this can be another reason someone does not have any friends later in their life.



Love Relationships


Many people become so involved so much in their love relationships they lose contact with their friends, love relationships can be time consuming especially when you are working to spice up the love in your relationship with your partner. Many people become so passionate about the love and romance with their partner they just forget about nourishing their friendships, this often does come back to haunt people later in their lives waking up realizing they have no friends. People must balance their love life and their friendships to have friends in their lives, when you do not have friendships your life is not complete even with the best loving partner and family.




Many people do not realize how important having friends is until their marriage has failed and ended up in divorce, it  is a very scary and lonely feeling to be divorced without any friends. When you are married with family the time just flies by with all your family responsibilities, before you know it your children are all grown and have families of their own. With divorce often comes anxiety and depression when you have no friends to support you during your time of need, even with the support of family there is something special about having the support from your friends.



Stress, Anxiety & Depression


Life alone can cause people to wake up one day with no friends, when a person is experiencing chronic stress too long anxiety will take control of their life. Anxiety lasting for long periods often turns into depression. Anxiety and depression can put much stress on your friendships, as much as your friends love you eventually they will possibly avoid you simply because you are not so fun to be around any more. Emotional health problems has destroyed many lives and friendships for many people, no one enjoys being around negative people all the time even when they are your closest friends. Stress management skills and relaxation skills is something everyone needs to have to manage their life effectively, the majority of people who have good skills in these often are happy and positive people with friends.


What Is On My Mind Today?


There are many reasons people might not have any friends, many people who experience lengthy health problems and recover could have no friends. People living in rural areas often do not have friends simply because the opportunity is much less for them than people living in more populated areas. It is very difficult for many people especially seniors to make new friends later in their lives, the best strategy is to get out as much as possible and be active in the community. Joining clubs if available in your area is a good start, find clubs you have an interest in such as gardening clubs is often a good choice for seniors into growing their own vegetables and flowers. Volunteering in your community is another good way to meet more people and form friendships, take advantage of any opportunities to meet new people is your best strategy.



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