Why Do People Change As They Get Older-Mental Health And Teenagers

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Why Do People Change As They Get Older


The brain is the most misunderstood part of our bodies, even with today’s technology we do not understand nearly well enough how the brain really functions. I find it very interesting how the majority of people’s interests and lifestyles are very similar according to their ages, one reason for this without a doubt is your brain chemistry changes as you age. Your brain stems age just like your bodies age as the years go by, the brain stem cells regeneration declines as we age. Some of the ways the majority of people change as they become older are amazingly similar for most people, stop and consider different ages in your own family and how different each age group’s interests and personality are. One thing we all share is living with anxiety, this article is focusing on how our anxiety changes from childhood to the terrible teens.


Anxiety in teenagers


Children To Teenagers


It is only natural life becomes so much more difficult from childhood to the terrible teens, many people use the excuse for the crazy moods teenagers experience on hormonal changes. This might have some effect on how teenagers experience life, but I have a theory the medical professionals have never suggested. My theory is teenagers lives are so crazy because their anxiety has become more severe since childhood, I know from my own experience my anxiety levels became much more severe and also I developed more anxiety disorders during this time in my life.  Anxiety and panic attacks started happening for me more frequently and lasting much longer,  other things I can remember during this part of my life are.


More Consistent

More Intense

Higher Level Severity

Learning Disabilities


Needed Daily Routine


Teenager Anxiety


What The Teenager Is Experiencing


My parents often told me these are the best years of your life, enjoy them while you can.  I have news for any adults reading this article with teenagers, anyone who survives their teenage years without any severe emotional damage is one very lucky adult.  Adult anxiety is nothing compared to what you experience as a teenager, these are the years you are under the most peer pressure of your entire life. It is true anxiety often does not debilitate people until they are adults, but the reason for this is how well you get through your teenage years. There is not enough space  in this article to list  all the symptoms teenagers experience, but I will attempt to share with you the ones which were the most severe for me.


 New Experiences Major Trigger


Extremely Sensitive

Obsessive Thoughts

Sleep Problems

Compulsive Behavior

Memory Problems

Extreme Sweating

Extreme Shaking

Physically Feeling Sick

Muscle Aches & Pains

Mood Changes Out Of The Blue


Teenager Anxiety


Teenager Disorders


If a teenager does not learn how to deal with their childhood disorders they will experience them during their teens as well, the symptoms will usually be much more severe. Some even experience new disorders, at this time their brain chemistry is changing especially the part of the brain which controls their emotions. Unless they have a very close bond with their parents usually they will not share their feelings and thoughts with them.  This is the reason why parents need to catch their children’s  emotional issues early in their childhood, this often prevents major issues during this period of their lives.  When they have good coping and relaxation skills they will adjust much better, why I stressed childhood anxiety in my article last week.


Social Anxiety

General Anxiety

Specific Phobias

Panic Disorders

Panic Attacks


Selective Mutism

Mood Disorders



Teenage Anxiety Disorders


What Are The High- Risk Factors


Did you know some people are higher at risk  than others for the severity of their emotional issues during this time in their life, no wonder my emotional health was such a nightmare?  Anxiety is high in both sides of my family, explains why my father was so abusive which had an enormous effect on me. I have been told this was my trigger to jump start my childhood emotional issues,  I am not blaming my father for how he was and I have forgiven him knowing it was not totally his fault. By the way, my father has become very mellow in his old age. My mother also experiences emotional issues, she is more of a worrying and not the abusive type. Needless to say maybe but my three younger brothers also experience emotional issues, oddly we all seem to experience our own personal symptoms.


Family History

Extra Sensitive Personality

Low Self-Esteem

Childhood Issues

High Stress Lifestyle

Abusive Childhood

Poor Support System


Teenage Anxiety Disorders


What Can You do


Despite my own high-risk factors I have improved my own life and emotional issues, it has taken me most of my life to learn to cope well enough to function in society today.  I am writing my heart out in these articles in hope to help as many people as possible, between people struggling themselves and people who love them possibly my articles will reach the ones who needs my help.  If you have a child or teenager who is experiencing emotional issues, you do not have to feel helpless. There are more things you can do then you might realize, these are some of the things which would have made a huge difference in my life so add them to your life as much as possible.


 Healthy Relationships

Be Physically Active

Healthy Diet

Healthy Sleep Routine


Talk To Someone

Relaxation Techniques

Good Coping Skills


Stay Positive

Never Ever Give Up


Coping Skills


Fun Product Of The Day


I found a fun gift for your teenager or even for a teenager’s  parents, this will put a smile on most anyone’s face. Brighten someone’ s day with this little fun gift, remember it is not how much your spend it is the thought which counts.


Product of the day


What Is On My Mind Today


The first and most important thing on my mind today is I wish to dedicate this article series on teenage anxiety to the special lady in my life, she has been the one and only person to support me ever since we met. This series was her idea,  I must admit a great idea it is for teenagers experience the most anxiety  of any age in our entire lives. Please know your always welcome to leave me your comments at the bottom of every article I write, if anyone is experiencing issues they wish to talk about feel free to email at




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  • Olivia says:

    I thought your post was very insightful and it offers a new way of thinking about how the brain works. Most people are very quick to blame hormones for a teenager acting out, but you’re right. Having to worry about school, popularity, the opposite sex…all these things can definitely send you anxiety levels through the roof…and I honestly it doesn’t get better as an adult lol. Was it your own personal issues that led you to come up with that conclusion?

    • admin says:

      Thank You Olivia

      I have used my own personal experience and many years of research to come up with my theory, my childhood and teens were something I will never forget. Researching and putting my experience together I have come with these results, I do feel being an anxious teenager is the most horrible experience anyone could live to tell about.


  • Barb says:

    Hello Jeff! Good article about anxiety and how the brain works. Good information there and very well done.
    What existed in our family was the family disease called alcoholism. Most are unaware that alcoholism is a family disease and can be present in a family unit even when there are no alcoholics. This was the case with my family. It was my father’s younger brother who had the disease as well as other ancestors I never met. For me, it was Al-Anon that turned my life around granting me serenity and peace. Keep up the good work.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Barb

      I appreciate you reading my article, any addiction is a terrible thing to experience. Many people are vulnerable to addiction just like anxiety and mental health issues, any health problem is terrible to experience I am happy your found serenity and peace.


  • Farhan says:

    Sometimes life will seem very confusing, until you actually grow old enough or mature enough to be able to look at yourself from the “outside”. When I look back at my life as a teenager, everything suddenly seems clear to me.

    I agree with you completely that anxiety starts from childhood. Growing up in a broken family with financial issues had really affected me emotionally and mentally. And I carried these problems all the way till adulthood.

    Thanks for your tips on managing anxiety. I look forward to more articles!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Farhan

      I am sorry to hear you had such a negative experience as a child, these things do have a huge effect on us until we are old enough to learn how to overcome them.


  • Michael says:

    This was very interesting to read. It made me stop and think about who I used to be in my younger years. It really made me think and realize that I have changed a lot, though mostly for the better I’d like to think. I believe it has a lot to do with maturity and as you said, our experiences in life as we grow up really help define who we become as adults. Thanks a lot for sharing, I enjoyed reading this.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Michael,

      I appreciate you reading my article and commenting, I enjoy very much to hear from my readers. Changing is a constant thing we do as we age, I agree we all get better with age.


  • Daniel OA says:

    I enjoyed the flow of life’s emotional and health issues in this article. Thank you so much. The bottom line is actually how your parents treat you, how they build or break you down mentally and emotionally. Since we are all products of our own experiences, then abusive parents also may have gone through the same experiences. I remember my parents would tell me what they used to have or do and compare to how lucky or privileged we are as children. This is life. Thank you again!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Daniel,

      Life is difficult especially today with high prices less jobs and more stress, every generation thinks they had it worse than the younger generation. It is funny how we change with our interests as we become older, we are much like our parents at their age even if we do not realize it.


  • Daniel OA says:

    I enjoyed the flow of life’s emotional and health issues in this article. Thank you so much. The bottom line is actually how your parents treat you, how they build or break you down mentally and emotionally. Since we are all products of our own experiences, then abusive parents also may have gone through the same experiences. I remember my parents would tell me what they used to have or do and compare to how lucky or privileged we are as children. This is life. Thank you again!

    • Jeff says:

      Thank You Daniel

      Life is hard for everyone, even harder living in a dysfunctional family.
      We must do our best not to give up, sometimes we need to ask for help or
      talk to someone we can trust.

  • Gary says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed your article about why people change as they get older.

    I’m older now and I’ve changed a lot, but I still remember my teenage years. You’re right. It was awful.

    I have three granddaughters and worry for them every day. Forty years ago, when I was a teen, drinking and driving was the riskiest thing we did. While that was dangerous, it pales to the dangers teenager face today.

    Now, there are endless drugs and pressure to be sexually active with the added risk of pregnancy and STDs. Peer pressure if off the charts and there are very confusing messages about sexual roles and orientation.

    I’m surprised if any of our young people can remain sane.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Gary

      Thank you for your comment, you are totally right about teenagers today. Teenagers face more stress now then ever, it seems to be getting worse not better which is a shame. I do hope my articles on teenagers opens some eyes, relate better and understand them more.


  • Jennifer says:

    Looking online for ways to help my pre-teens understand what their bodies are going through… I am so grateful to have stumbled across your site. As intelligent as anyone can be explaining our changing bodies can be quite the daunting task when we aren’t ready for it.
    I found a lot of different insights that I wouldn’t think to bring up with them thank you for this.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Jennifer

      I appreciate your stumbling upon my website, maybe you was brought here for a good reason. I do attempt to write for the parents as much as the children, I am happy you found some interesting information today and please visit often I am writing my heart out for all of you.


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