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Why Do I Have Anxiety Attacks At Night-Night Anxiety Tips


Night Anxiety Panic Attacks


Many people experience night anxiety panic attacks which wakes them up in the middle of the night, panic attacks are difficult enough to live with during the day and are even worse at night. Do you have a sleep disorder, sleep disorders are one reason many people experience night anxiety panic attacks? Did you know insomnia feeds on night anxiety, this also explains many of your crazy dreams?




Feeling Alone

Overwhelming Feelings & Thoughts


What To Avoid


Our bad habits we develop over the years often can cause our panic attacks to become worse at night, many people experience a reduction in the severity of their night panic attacks by avoiding some of their bad habits. Habits takes about two weeks to overcome and form new good habits, do you know what bad habits you might have which is adding to your panic attacks at night?





Clock Watching

Computer Late At Night

Action & Horror Movies Late At Night



Learning Coping Skills


How well do you cope with your panic attacks when they wake you in the middle of the night, many people learn to cope better with waking up in the middle of the night in a panic state by using coping skills? When you wake up you are experiencing a mixed variety of negative feelings and thoughts which are overwhelming you, by using coping skills you can calm yourself down quicker and get back to sleep again.


Breathing Exercises

Relaxation Techniques

Guided Meditation

Guided Imagery

White Noise Sound Machines

Calming Herbal Teas

CBD Hemp Oil

Magnesium Oil


Panic Attack Relief Supplements


More and more people are experiencing relief by using supplements for their panic attacks, panic attacks are one of the worse things anyone can experience and any relief is much appreciated. There are several good supplements which has been helping people for a long time with anxiety-related issues, sometimes you must try more than one before you find the one which works best for your body chemistry.


L-Methylfolate ( Up To 15 mg  Per Day )

SAM-e ( 400-1600 mg Per Day )

DHA ( 5000-1000 mg Per Day )

St John Wort (900-18000 mg Per Day )

5HTP ( 100-300 mg Per Day )

Valerian Root ( 400-600 mg Per Day )

L-Theamine ( 200 mg Per Day )



Calming Teas


Calming herbal tea beverages you can indulge in anytime night or day, these teas have a natural calming effect which many people are using today. No caffeine in these teas with a wide variety to choose from, there is a natural calming tea for everyone. If you are looking for a natural, inexpensive method to calm your anxiety and panic attacks give herbal calming teas a chance, what are the best calming teas for your anxiety and panic attacks?


Passion Flower

Valerian Root


Lemon Balm





How does using aromatherapy appeal to you, using the right essential oils you enjoy the calming experience of scent to ease your anxiety and panic attacks? You can use a diffuser to put this scent into the air for a natural and calming atmosphere, how about using a sachet with your favorite scent under your pillow to calm you through your night? You can even take advantage of this method with special jewelry with your scent to be with you all through your day, this method is a very convenient and inexpensive way to calm your anxiety and panic attacks. The oils last a very long time because it only takes a few drops, so one bottle is long lasting and a good investment .





YLang Ylang





Calming Herbs


Herbs are nature’s cure for what ails you naturally with no or few side-effects, you can’t go wrong with using herbs for whatever health issues you might be dealing with. Herbs are extremely easy to grow indoors or outdoors, why not start your own indoor or outdoor herb garden? Using the right herbs for in your meals is an easy way to take care of yourself naturally, you just snip off what herbs you wish to use and your herb plant will keep producing more for you. It only takes a small amount of herbs, you can even  make your own herbal sachets with your own home-grown herbs.



California Poppy

Passion Flower




Feed Your Anxiety Well


What foods we put into our bodies can reduce our severity of our panic attacks, gluten has been known recently to increase many people’s anxiety and panic attacks. Could some of our anxiety be from our diets, more and more people are experiencing a reduction in their anxiety by adjusting their diets? Cutting back on processed foods is well worth the sacrifice, investing more money into our diet plans might be the best change you could make for your anxiety and panic attacks?



Fatty Fish



Brown Rice



Tart Cherries


Turkey Breast

Chicken  Breast

Decaf Coffee & Teas



Nutrition For Your Anxiety


Are your needing to add some vitamins to your diet plan, often people are lacking these vitamins and adding them to their diet reduces their panic attacks? These vitamins are vitamins people are not aware of which could decrease their anxiety, these are seldom tested by physicians so you could be deficient and never know it.




Folic  Acid



Lifestyle Changes


Many people experience good results by simply making some lifestyle changes, these lifestyle changes will increase your self-esteem and give you more confidence in managing your anxiety more effective. Instead of attempting to make all these changes at once choose one and make it a goal to work on so not to overwhelm yourself. Start off with one you feel is your best choice for the most improvement in your life, starting a journal is a very good method to stay motivated and see the progress you are making.


Anti-Inflammatory Diet


Be More Active

Social Interaction With Positive People


Support Groups


Adopt A Pet

Keep Busy



What Is On My Mind Today?


When our anxiety is causing us from receiving the proper sleep our anxiety attacks will be more severe, often our best method is to begin with small changes in our daily routine. Most people experience the best results by focusing on improving their anxiety rather than focusing on improving their sleep, even though both are connected most people experience they are not able to improve their sleep before improving their anxiety. Most of us will become overwhelmed and frustrated which will increase our anxiety when trying to fix our sleep issue first, the only exception is when you have a medical sleep disorder.


Today’s Bargain Deals


Calming Teas

Anxiety Supplements

Essential Oils

Anxiety Vitamins

Health Journals

























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