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Why Do I Feel Sick All The Time-What Is Wrong With Me

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Why Do I Feel Sick All The Time


Most of my life living with anxiety I asked myself this question all the time, I went to great efforts to live a very healthy lifestyle. This probably frustrates more people then anything else when your doing everything right and still feel sick all the time. Not knowing what is wrong with you is the scariest experience anyone can go through, so many negative thoughts pop into your head.




My Symptoms


Eventually your anxiety takes complete control of your body and brain functions, very scary not knowing why your body and brain is failing you now. It feels most of the time your symptoms just come out of no where, when you are in this stage this feeling of no control starts to make you afraid of everything. You start to hibernate in your home as much as possible, isolation is one of the most common negative coping skills most of us uses during this stage. Our symptoms are very severe during this stage, some of the most common symptoms people experience when their anxiety takes pretty much takes control of you and your life.


Fear of Everything

Worrying Constantly

Racing Thoughts


Chronic High Blood Pressure

Increase Heart Beat


Excess Perspiration


Chest Pains

Chest Tightness

Extreme Fatigue

Lack of Concentration

Unable to Balance Bank Account

Memory Problems

No Motivation

Negative Self Talk

Low Self Esteem


Suicidal Thoughts

Harming Yourself or Others


anxiety symptom


Most Common Negative Ways People Cope


When people are experiencing such a wide variety of physical and emotional symptoms out of their control, the majority of us turns to the most common negative ways to cope. What we are doing is desperately searching for a way to make our symptoms go away, basically we are desperate enough at this time to give anything a try just to feel less anxious. Of course these methods are throwing wood into the fire causing us even more severe problems then we already have, here are the most common negative ways people turn to cope.




Hard Drugs





My Life During This Stage


I experienced this terrible frightening stage from my anxiety issues, thank God I did not use substance abuse but it would have been very tempting if I had thought about it. I guess living a healthy lifestyle all my life, substance abuse just never occurred to me. Honestly anyone who reaches this stage is capable of doing just about anything to get some relief, at this stage anxiety gives you no time of your own. Its gnawing at you every minute of your day and most of your nights, sleep is very little if any at all. I was very seriously considering suicide at this time in my life, the only thing which kept me here was God and my three sons. I had lost everything in my life by this time, plainly I just wanted the pain to stop and did not know how.


natural healing


Final Thought


My experience living my entire life in fear with anxiety is what motivates me to write my articles for your own healing, I just want more then anything to prevent as many other people to go through what I went through. As close as I came to ending my life several times, I am thankful God gave me the courage or fear not to end my life now. For many years I suffered in this stage of anxiety, believe me its way worse then losing your life young to live so many years of a life with anxiety controlling you.




  • Marilyn says:

    Hi Jeff!

    I’m seriously hoping you have found what the cause was with you. I see you are calling yourself celiacman, so maybe that was the problem.

    I do agree that you are coming from a good place to be able to help many others, as life really does begin with your health! I can see you’ve been there and done that!

    I know what it’s like to do everything you know to do and feel there just isn’t any answer. Nothing works. Are you on the other side of it?

    • admin says:

      Thank You Marilyn

      I am on the positive side now from my anxiety issues with a good natural supplement loaded with vitamins and anxiety herbs, nutrition plays a huge part in our anxiety and other health issues.


  • Mani says:

    Hello, Very informative article which kept me reading to find out whether I’m one among the anxious people. Because i too had some of the symptoms those you have mentioned like feeling alone, fear of life, increased heart beat etc. I often try to come out of it myself by self counselling. I think and talk a lot within myself which helped me to come out many times. I would like to read the book that you have recommended which would help me here after.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Mani

      I do feel for what you are going through, positive self talk can be one of your best friends. Also writing your thoughts and feelings in a journal or diary is a good method to clear your mind from what is going on inside of you.

      Nutrition is the key to coping healthier


  • Calvin says:

    Celia, anxiety can definitely take a toll on a person’s health. I don’t think everyone is aware of what it can cause. Having the links on your site to purchase natural vitamins to help correct some of the underlying issues is a great idea. Thank you for sharing your own personal story of how you have dealt with everyday anxiety. It helped me connect to the story.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Calvin

      I write my article from my heart and my own personal experiences to hopefully help as many people as possible, writing your thoughts and feelings is good therapy. I only share the products I have used myself in the past or present or I really feel they are worth you giving them a try.


  • Taylor K says:

    Hey Jeff, nice post!

    I have been dealing with my own anxiety for about a year now. I’ve gone through several supplements and different methods, then I finally found the right combination that worked for me.

    Anyway, I can sympathize with a lot of those symptoms. They are very real, scary, and a pain the butt to deal with. Takes a lot of dedication to get through it. Thanks for this post and caring about helping others that have anxiety.

    • admin says:

      Thank you Taylor

      I am happy to hear you have found the right combination which is working for you, that is the whole purpose of my articles for people to be aware of what they can do and what is on the market to help them with their anxiety.


  • Caito Junqueira says:

    You article is inspirational and informative.

    I have relatives that suffer from anxiety or depression.

    Fear of living may draw all the your energy and make it become impossible to find perspective for your life.

    Some have turned to drugs.

    I have lived around people that has high anxiety issues. Its not easy for them.

    Thanks for sharing your world. It helps people when they see they are not alone.


    • admin says:

      Thank You Caito,

      I am happy you enjoyed my article today, so many people are struggling with their lives today. Many like myself did not realize it was anxiety, hopefully my articles and resources will help people deal better with anxiety.


  • Travis Smithers says:

    It’s surprising just how much you can have different parts or all of your life affected by anxiety. The amount of symptoms that can be caused can certainly make it extremely hard to realize what the problem is and how to fix it.

    With some of the products you show for dealing with anxiety, will it have side effects for those who take it and discover that they may have a different issue to deal with other than anxiety?

    • admin says:

      Thank You Travis

      Your so right anxiety symptoms can be very confusing, when doctors can not find anything serious wrong with you causing your symptoms it is a good possibility your symptoms are anxiety related.

      The side effects any of the natural supplements I recommend are few and mild if any at all, I have experienced very few side effects from natural supplements. As for medications, every medication seems to cause some side effects which is why I do not recommend them unless nothing else works for you or you have a extremely severe health problem which you need medication to survive.


  • jettaranda says:

    Wow! You’ve covered a lot with this article. In my previous occupation I used to help people deal with anxiety, much of what you’ve listed here I used to do. I like the book that you’ve reviewed here, definitely is worth looking into for people who have anxiety on healing anxiety through natural resources.

    Keep up the great work.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Jettaranda

      The article did end up longer then I planned, but there is so many people suffering such a variety of anxiety related symptoms I wanted people to know there are many symptoms we do not relate to being from anxiety.

      I do recommend the best resources I can find to help my readers cope with anxiety, I know when I was very sick I would have loved to have some of these resources myself.


  • Mark says:

    Wow! What a story. You truly are blessed to be able to share your experience and help people going though the same thing.

    Do you have any practical ways people ways people can over come anxiety? Maybe some quick tips might be useful, through I know this problem doesn’t have a quick fix solution.


    • admin says:

      Thank You Mark

      So true learning to overcome anxiety is time consuming and takes patience and persistence. I highly recommend a healthy diet , experimenting with supplements until you find one which helps you and learning coping skills is a must and I share all of these in my articles so keep visiting my website.


  • Margaret says:

    This post was excellent. Although I don’t feel sick and I don’t think there is anything wrong with me I do tend to isolate myself and I get to the stage where I have to force myself to get out and talk to people. i think it would be awful to feel ill and not know what is wrong. I take it the anxiety is what is causing the symptoms of illness? I can understand why people would turn to substance abuse as a way of self medicating. I totally agree with you when you say life begins with health. Without health life can be pretty difficult. This is a great site and I am sure it will help a lot of people. The books on your site should be on everyone’s bookshelf.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Margaret

      I appreciate your kind words, anxiety is a wide spreading issue today in our society. I feel the chemicals we are exposed to today is messing with our brain chemistry, best to avoid as many chemicals and artificial colors and flavoring in our food as possible.

      I do take pride in the resources I find and share with you,


  • WMP says:

    This is a great article, all the responsibilities that we face on a regular basis tends to create some anxiety. It happens to the best of us, however, some people may have the ability to deal with it in a better way than others. I think it’s sad when people chose to deal with their anxiety in a unhealthy manner.

    This has a tendency to lead to other problems such as drug addiction, or alcohol addiction. When someone is tempted to resort to using drugs or alcohol as a way of neutralizing their anxiety, they should consider finding a healthier alternative. I never thought that anxiety could make someone physically sick until I read this article.

    • admin says:

      Thank You WMP

      You are not alone with not realizing anxiety can cause us physical symptoms, I did not realize this myself so I thought I had a physical medical problem for many years. I hope this article helps others heal from their anxiety quicker then I did, I lost so many years to anxiety related issues.


  • Tomkatt says:

    Wow I am living someone that suffers from anxiety or panic attacks. They worry and stress excessively. Their solutions seems to always end up in pill form.
    How do you get someone like this to look at alternatives to felling better not over react to all the situations.

    • Jeff says:

      Thank You Mr Katt

      First off you must get that person to want to get well, you can not help someone who does
      not want to help themselves. I suffered all my life for that very reason, I did not wish
      to take any risks. People severely suffering from anxiety and depression will feel this way,
      best you can do is your best to get them to try new methods and be patient with them and
      support them even if they fail the first attempt of two.


      Have you partner write to me if they are serious
      about learning to deal with their anxiety naturally.

  • Ariel Baradarian says:

    As a student-homeopath, I totally agree with your post. With all of my clients, I always notice how all of their physical ailments are directly related or coincided with a corresponding mental/emotional issue that’s usually more long-term.

    And whenever the issues are treated as a whole, they see the best results in their life, better than even the treatment they receive from some of their doctors/psychologists for years.

    So yea, I definitely gotta agree with you: you gotta treat the PERSON, not just the disease in holistic health 🙂

    • admin says:

      Thank You Mr Baradarian

      I am happy your shared your opinion with us today, I wish you all the luck in your studies of homeopath. In my experience when either our physical or emotional health is not as healthy as it should be, the other is effected. It is true our body and our mind works together for good health, thank you for reading my article and sharing your expert opinion.


  • Cynthia says:

    Very interesting and informative article. I don’t have a big problem with anxiety at this time in my life but when I was younger I went through some bad times.
    I never wanted to hurt myself, Thank God. In fact God was the one who got me through those bad times.
    The resources you have here look very interesting. Anyone with bad anxiety problems would benefit by reading and also relying on God.
    Reading Jesus’s words in the bible, he tells us to be anxious for nothing but in everything with prayer and supplication let your requests be known to him.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Cynthia

      God also got me through many years of suffering with my anxiety, too many bad relationships and being used put me in this position. Once I left my health in Gods hands he took over and healed me, now I am doing the same for others through this website.


  • Jessy says:

    It’s a constant battle with this monster that we somehow allow to control us along the way. The pain and suffering anxiety causes is very real. Thanks for sharing this article with the recommendations, and I’m happy you’ve chosen to do so. It helps to let people know they are not alone in this.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Jessy

      This is my way to make up for all the years i have lost with my own anxiety issues, if I can help others learn to live better and happier then I have in the past all this will be more then worth it to me.


  • George says:

    Very sorry to hear about your condition. I hope you have found the source of your anxiety. It is very challenging in the psyche. One can easily fall into a cycle of substance abuse or worse injuring yourself as a way out. But it’s good to know that you are a person of strong character with some principles. I hope you really get through this without further damage to yourself physically or emotionally.

    • admin says:

      Thank You George,

      I appreciate your viewing my website and leaving your comment, I am doing much better since learning the skills I share in my articles. It takes time and patience to recover from a lifetime illness, wish you the best and thank you again for leaving your comment.


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