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Why Are Organic Foods Better For You-Find Out This Answer And More

benefits of eating organic foods


Why Organic Foods


Organic foods are higher in price than conventional foods, but the big question is are organic foods worth the extra cost? Organic foods provide you with higher nutritional benefits than conventional foods, this alone can be enough to want to eat more organic foods. What organic foods do not  have are even more important, organic foods does not have high amounts of pesticides and fertilizers which is harmful to our bodies? The reason people are having to use supplements today is because conventional foods lacks the vitamins and minerals, if you are seeking overall better health organic foods is something you should consider?


Organic Foods Benefits


Organic foods have less or no pesticides, pesticides are very unhealthy for our bodies. Pesticides are linked to our autoimmune diseases, cancers and even birth defects, these are only the scariest health problems pesticides are linked too. Many of our chronic symptoms such as migraines and headaches are also believed to be triggered by pesticides in our foods. For a little extra money you can enjoy better tasting and fresher produce, these products are completely free of antibiotics and hormones which are not healthy for you. Organic meats and milk has a higher content of omega 3s, which many people today are taking omega 3s supplements because there is not enough in our conventional foods.


Antioxidant Capacity

Heart Health

Immune System Health

Antibiotic Resistance

GMO Free


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Health Risks Your Taking


Non-organic foods are high risks for many health problems for you and your family, these foods are especially high risk for a variety of certain cancers. The most common cancers are believe to be linked to non-organic foods and processed foods, children and unborn children are the most vulnerable of any age group, also pregnant mothers should avoid eating large amounts of both these types of foods.






Brain Tumors

Breast Cancer

Prostate Cancer


Children & Unborn


Developmental Delays

Behavior Disorders


Immune System Risks

Motor Dysfunction


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Pregnant Women


Pesticides Passed From Mother To Unborn Child

Breast Milk


High Risk Non-Organic Foods



Sweet Bell Peppers






Collard Greens

Summer Squash





Hot Peppers


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Safest Non-Organic Foods






Sweet Corn

Egg Plant





Sweet Pea

Sweet Potatoes




Where To Buy Organic Foods?




What Is On My Mind Today?


I must admit before writing this article I was not purchasing as many of the organic foods I should have been, this article has opened my eyes as well how  much of an effect non-organic foods can have on our health. My new diet plan is going to be to purchase the high risk foods in the organic food section at my local grocery store, the low-risk I will purchase the non-organic which will save me money. This is the best plan for people who are living on a low budget or a fixed income, so this is my plan what is your plan going to be from now on?


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6 thoughts on “Why Are Organic Foods Better For You-Find Out This Answer And More

  1. This is some great motivation to want to eat more organic food. It is definitely more expensive but I guess we have to look at it as investing in our health.

    Do you know why organic foods are more nutrient rich than traditionally grown foods? I have heard that before just curious of the reason why.

    1. Thank You

      When you use pesticides and fertilizer it encourages plant growth and fruit and vegetable products, but at the same time takes away the taste and flavor of the fruits and veggies


  2. Hello!
    Unfortunately, in our days you barely can eat organic food, perhaps only if you grew your own vegetables and animals. I like the way you presented the list with high risk and safest non-organic foods. I will try to do also a plan for me and my family.
    Thanks for sharing this!

    1. Thank You

      It is true going completely organic is impossible to do for many families, that is why I suggested buying organics only for the high risk foods and non-organic for the low risk foods to save you money.


  3. I completely agree about you there about organic foods. If you can get them you should. They are a little more expensive but in the long run it does pay off. I have heard of Vegie washes, if you cant afford buying organic vegetables then wash or soak your fruits and vegies that aren’t organic in this solution and it can get rid of some of the pesticides from the produce. They wont be as healthy as the organic but its a better option if you just cant afford the other. Thanks again for your great article.

    1. Thank You

      The veggie wash would be better than nothing in lessening your exposure to presticides.


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