Why Are Bullies So Mean-What You Need To Know About Bullies

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Most Bullies Comes From Unhappy Homes


The majority of bullies are not living in a happy home atmosphere, it is not hard for anyone to become a bully and mean when you are not happy. Most bullies do not really have any friends, many of the people who hang out with them are also unhappy and mean bullies as well. Bullies use fear to control other people, if you ever notice most of the bullies pick on people who are very fearful of them. Bullies are predators seeking out the weak population and usually people who also have no friends, nerds are the favorite prey of many bullies because most are weak and will not fight back.


Low Self-Esteem


Many people might not think that bullies usually have low self-esteem, but the majority of them do suffer from low self-esteem. Most do not even like themselves that is one of the reasons they are so mean to everyone else. People suffering from low self-esteem usually fit two types of groups, the most common one is the shy and quiet type who often is a loner. The other type is your aggressive, mean type which most often ends up to be a bully. Tormenting others and making their life miserable is a pick me up for self-esteem for the bully type of person, if you notice bullies actually are cowards and travel in packs and very seldom will you see them tormenting anyone when they are alone.





Many bullies experience shame and being jealous of other people with the life they want themselves, the majority of bullies come from dysfunctional homes and do not have many of the things others have. Often their clothes are not as nice and they often live in a very dirty home atmosphere, many come from a poverty home. It is not difficult to see why these people become so mean and take out their unhappiness on others, bullies are more often in a gang type atmosphere for protection and to feel secure. Yes, bullies do often feel insecure as well, these people live a very negative lifestyle most often which seems to push many into getting into trouble with the law.


What Causes Bullying?


The main reason most people become a bully is because it is their way to cope with their anxiety when bullies are young more likely they are picked on by older bullies. Grade school children who later in their teenage years who become bullies were victims in the past, how we grow up influences how we behave when we become teenagers. Even today teenage bullying is coming among teenage girls,  many parents do not understand how to handle the situation and often are not even aware what is wrong with their teenage daughter. Bullies are handling their frustration and anger by tormenting other people, this often is how bullies cope with their anxiety because it is the only way they know how. Bullies are usually never in a good mood, they most often are negative and see only the negative side of their lives.



Cyber Bullying


Today with the internet, bullies even are tormenting their victims online, this has been causing severe emotional problems for many teenagers. There has even been suicides of teenagers who just wanted the tormenting to stop, cyberbullying is becoming a major reason for emotional problems among teenagers. It is not only the victims who are high suicidal risks, many bullies commit suicide before they become adults. Monitoring teenagers is very difficult for parents today, most teenagers have phones with internet access and other devices they can get online while on the go. This is a major concern for parents today, but right now most parents have no idea what they can do to prevent their child being a victim to a bully?


Bullies & School


Bullying the kids who are loners and have no choice than to put up with the treatment are the students bullies target as victims, very seldom does anyone who has a group of friends in school becomes a victim unless caught alone, bullies are only in school to bully other kids, Most bullies are failing their studies and miss so much school, many skip out often to avoid going to school. They do not want to be there so they take this out on the vulnerable kids in school, the majority of bullies never graduate high school. It is a shame because they could improve their life with good grades, but bullies do not understand this and cope in a very negative way.



What Is On My Mind Today?


Bullies are children with deep emotional problems crying out for help the only way they know how, if a child is left go and not helped before they reach middle school it is much more difficult to help them with their problems. By teenagers they have so much anger for the world the only ones they trust are their own kind, counseling usually does very little by the time they are teenagers. By this time they usually are in with other bullies and these people are their family, many in the big cities join gangs by their early teens. Drugs and alcohol are major problems for them and this is their way of coping with all the bad things they are doing and  experiencing, are they happy very few ever truly find happiness unless they get away from the other bullies and get help for their emotional problems. It is sad both for the victims and the bullies, most of the time they are much the same neither of  them are accepted by the popular groups in school and they just cope differently.


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