Why Am I Tired All The Time-Herbs To The Rescue

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Why Am I Tired All The Time


Fatigue is the number one complaint of the majority of the people in the world today, our society just is not getting enough nutrition to supply our bodies with the nutrients we need today. Our foods are quick grown with much less vitamins and minerals then when grown naturally, the majority of our food is being grown in green houses today which is like eating artificial food. I am sure most of you will agree our food does not have the flavor it once did, this is a good sign to prove even our food is not as healthy as it use to be.


improving energy naturally


Energy Robbers


In our society today we experience lots of energy robbers, the second biggest complaint of people is their sleep. When you throw our lack of nutrients and our lack of sleep or poor quality of sleep you have the two biggest energy robbers in our lives. Most people struggle with getting enough of both of these in their bodies most days, how do you sleep most of the time?



What Are You Drinking


The third main reason for our fatigue is many of us are dehydrated and we do not even know it, mild to moderate dehydration will interrupt both your nutrients absorbing through your body as well as your sleep. The majority of us drinks way too much caffeine loaded beverages, caffeine beverages will cause dehydration.


dehydrate beverage



It is no secret most of us have way too much stress in our lives today, even more with our economy taking every little bit of our income just to survive. I really do feel for the young people today with families, it has to cost a fortune to raise a family today. Finding ways to decrease your stress will do wonders for your energy levels, also I am sure you will sleep much better as well.





Many of us use too many stimulants especially late in our day, this will cause you to have problems falling asleep and even staying asleep once you do fall asleep. Trying to eliminate your stimulants later in the day just might make a difference in your sleep and energy, best not to have any stimulants 3-4 hours at least before bedtime.





Many people today do not get enough exercise during their work day, employment today is much more sedentary then in the past. You need not join a gym or purchase expensive home exercise equipment, start by maybe walking at lunch time if that is possible or after work or even before work if that is an option. Walking costs very little if anything at all, go to your nearest shopping mall and walk and walk to get some extra exercise. You do not need a whole lot of exercise to improve your energy levels, about 30 minutes per day is enough for most people.




Final Thought


These are the most common issues which steals our energy each and everyday, if we can improve each one of these even a little this will make a bigger difference in your energy then you can imagine. I hope my article and resources are helpful for you to improve your energy, I know too well what it was like always to be so exhausted. If nothing else, add a good herbal supplement for more nutrients and adjust your diet with less grains and processed foods. This would be a great start, there is hope just stay positive and never give up.




  • Aline says:

    Thank you for the information! Yes, it is true that we suffer from fatigue, stress and we look for fast alternatives to get rid of it and that’s not the right way to deal with it. I think that people should pay more attention to what is causing all those problems and try to solve it with better ways. Our health is more important than anything!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Aline

      Our triggers are never going to go completely away, using natural healthy products is the best way to go to treat your symptoms. I had bad experience with the most popular medications for anxiety, many side effects plus most just made me feel numb not happy not sad. What kind of way is that to live your life, natural products can solve your problems without the numbness effect


  • Christine says:

    Hi very nice, keep up the good work.

  • 2happyfeet2 says:

    Your site is wonderful. I was just thinking that I am still tired after I take a multi-vitamin. It is difficult to take pills, so I do better with a liquid vitamin. Are the supplements good for someone with a sensitive stomach? Is there a type of food that I am missing from my diet?
    Do the natural sleep supplements repress rem sleep?
    Melatonin is great to use but after a few weeks of taking it, it stops working for me. I would appreciate your insight on the situation.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Patty

      Melatonin is actually not intended to be used as a daily sleep aid, this product is more to get your sleep back on a schedule. Many people who suffer jet lag have good results with this product. I have experience the same as you with this product, actually using this product daily is not healthy for you. This product can cause your body to stop producing melatonin naturally, which can cause you even more sleep problems.

      What you want in a supplement is one loaded with vitamins and herbs, look for supplements which promote relaxation effects such as anxiety supplements. There is a new product which I really like, the company gives you a 100% money back if it does not work for you.


      You can check this product out at

      How To Stop Worrying About Everything

      Love to know how this product works for you,


  • Jeanette says:

    I am actually tired all of the time. So is my boyfriend, so are my parents. It is quite annoying to have little to no energy every single day, it makes simple tasks like picking up after myself or having conversations outside of my comfort zone to be difficult. This article is very helpful for me thank you so much.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Jeanette

      Many of us are so fatigued we are not living a high quality of life,when I went off gluten my energy did increase. I have to watch even how much gluten-free grains I eat, try cutting back on grains and see how all of you feel.


  • Derek Marshall says:

    Hi there,

    I really think you are really hitting the nail on the head here. A lack of proper nutrition, including a lack of foods high in nitrates as well as vitamins and minerals can leave us feeling fatigued. Seeing the word “concentrated” on food based supplements tells us all we need to know about the deficiencies in our diet.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Mr Marshall

      I appreciate you reading my article today, the proper nutrition has made a huge difference in my life. I just hope more people will take this more serious and add a good natural supplement to their diet.


  • Yvonne says:

    I feel tired most days due to lack of sleep but I don’t like taking pills to help me sleep better. I prefer doing light exercises and walking or even listening to some soothing music. I don’t mind natural herbal remedies though. Do you have one to recommend?

    I didn’t know that caffeine beverages will cause dehydration. I’m glad that I’m not a coffee drinker.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Yvonne

      I do understand how you feel about medication, I never even took aspirin when I was young for headaches. When I became ill doctors starting prescribing medicine, I had very bad experiences with them and I do not recommend them unless you exhaust all the natural remedies first.

      What has helped me

      How To Deal With Anxiety- sleep


  • Farhan says:

    I definitely agree with every single one of your points here. It seems to me that all the problems you have mentioned, are things that people find “normal” in this busy digital age.

    Like you said, the vast majority of us are not getting the organic foods that we need for our bodies. To eat “clean” is something that is very costly for the average working person, and resources are also hard to find. Thanks for the article!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Mr Farhan

      Happy to hear from you, our society is one of our problems for sure with our health. We are always in a hurry to get things done, but we do not take enough time to take good care of ourselves.


  • Brandy says:

    I have been struggling with extreme fatigue for awhile now. I eat healthy (I do the meditterranean diet, so lots of fresh veggies, lean protein, and healthy fats), I exercise daily, and have even done a sleep study at my doctors office. I’ve also been prescribed a couple different sleep meds such as ambien and lunesta, but I feel more awake after taking those. Nothing so far has seemed to help.

    After reading this information, I’m wondering if it can be something as simple as not drinking enough water. I do drink an adequate amount of water daily, but I’m really wondering if it’s enough for my body and activities. Im going to start keeping track of the amount of water I drink daily to stay on top of it and increase my hydration levels.

    Excellent information. Thank you for sharing.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Brandy

      I am happy you eat a healthy diet and decided to monitor your drinking as well. The little things can make a huge difference in how we feel, it is possible you need a supplement to give you enough nutrients your body needs to have more energy.


  • Reyhana says:

    I definitely agree that we are not getting enough exercise, or of anything that is necessary, to keep our bodies working normally. I agree that our foods have started becoming artificial, with all of the stuff that are being injected for veggies to grow bigger and sweeter and be able to resist colder or hotter climates. It’s really all about making money, more money and faster money. I wish that people would understand sometimes that things we eat need to be left untouched. I wish they could understand that “We are what we eat”.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Reyhana

      The scientists are messing up our food with all the inner breeding of plants to come up with new varieties, plus so many chemicals in our foods today. It is very difficult to eat healthy even if we want too, eat as natural as you can and limit those processed foods.


  • Marcus says:

    Great article that sums up a lot of why I’m tired all the time.

    I think the biggest reason is because I don’t get enough of sleep. When it comes to the night I’m not even tired. I can be up to 2am and not even yawn.

    Another reason that I didn’t know might come from dehydration that you talked about. Don’t think that I drink enough water every day.

    Have you tried out the herbal medicine yourself? I think I really need to try something like this. Do you know how quickly it works? I would need to take some each night just to be able to relax and stop my thought process so that I can go to bed.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Marcus

      I am much the same as you without my supplement, I am dead tired all day with extreme fatigue but when bedtime arrives my mind just will not shut down. Hcf is the only supplement I use daily, Melotonin your can try to get yourself back on a sleep routine but do not take this supplement more then a few weeks regularly.

      I do take a medicine for sleep which helps me a great deal, Doxepin is one of the few meds I use and have good results with.


  • Jeremy Hood says:

    These are some great tips. I know I have tried giving up caffeine before but who doesn’t like that boost of energy in the morning.

    I do try and drink a lot of water throughout the day to make up for it though.

    Have you tried these supplements yourself? I’m particularly interested in the sleep aid as several nights a week I either having trouble falling a sleep or staying a sleep.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Jeremy

      Presently I am using HCF supplement which has given me very positive results with all my anxiety symptoms, I have used melatonin in the past to reprogram my sleep cycle but should not be used for more then a few weeks.

      Every supplement does not work for everyone, you must try them and see if they work well for you or not.


  • Irma says:

    Stress steals energy away from you. We have to learn how to canalize negative situations that are decrementing to our health through the use of the recommendations that you gave. For example, I am using Melatonin to help me sleep better. I incorporated an exercise routine and I am drinking lots of water.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Irma

      I am happy your managing your negative situations well and sleeping much better with the use of Melatonin, just do not depend on this supplement long term it will cause your body to stop producing its own supply of melatonin which is not a good idea.


  • Shailie says:

    Thank you for the information!
    I always suffer from fatigue, pressure due to the plenty of school works. I think the sport is the most efficient way to get rid of tiredness, you will get a very good sleep after workouts and shower! Nowadays, people get fatigued all the time but even don’t know why! Anyway, you offer us a lot of great informations!

    Thanks for sharing!


    • admin says:

      Thank You

      I appreciate you reading my article on fatigue, I hope some of the information in my article helps you have more energy. Sports does give us better sleep which provides us more energy, try drinking herbal teas before bed for better quality of sleep as well.


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