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Where To Buy Green Super Food Powder-Gluten Free And Vegan Friendly

amazing green powder


Green Super Food Amazing Grass Blend


I just had to share this product with you today, I just received my first order and already have experienced good results. Anyone who has inflammation problems should consider this product, I take mine late in the afternoon when my energy starts to become low. It not only reduces my inflammation joint pain, but it also increases my energy to be more productive the rest of my day. This is a raw organic plant-based product, I am much impressed with its anti-inflammatory relief . 100% vegetarian friendly and gluten-free, even Celiac disease suffers benefit from this product. Very easy way to get more fruits and veggies into your body every day, wondering what grasses are in this product?


Organic Gluten-Free Grasses


I was kind of hesitant about ordering this product at the time, I suffer from many food allergies besides having Celiac disease. Many of the grasses in cereals are very difficult for me to put into my body without allergic reactions, but to my surprise I had no signs of allergy reaction to the grasses in this product. I ordered the tangerine flavor which surprised me to be very tasty, when you open the container you might be like me, and the be thinking did I just waste my money? The powder is a dark green color which reminded me of the color of canned spinach, which I just can’t stomach, but to my surprise it has very little flavor other than a little flavor of tangerine.


Wheat Grass

Barley Grass






Organic Mushroom



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100% Vegan


For anyone who is like myself and prefers the 100% vegan powder, you should order the tangerine, pineapple or lemon grass. The others flavors are made with whey protein, if you are not able to digest whey protein or are a vegan these are the flavors you want to order? These flavors are 100% plant-based products, I experience plant-based products to be much healthier than animal-based products for me. This product also provides you with vitamins and natural herbs which are good for your body, I am really impressed with this product and plan to add it to my daily diet plan. I have been debating for some time how to get more greens such as spinach into my diet, this product has solved my problem for me, without having to taste the greens which are not tasty at all to me.


Tangerine Green Super Food Powder


Since tangerine is the only flavor I have ordered so far, I wanted to share with you more information on this specific product. The benefits from this product might amaze you, this product provides you with health and immunity benefits. Naturally balances your digestive functioning, no more laxatives for constipation. Strengthens your immune system, provides your body with immune boosting antioxidants. The tangy tangerine flavor is pleasant to your taste buds, this product has very little flavor other than a hint of tangy tangerine.


What Are You Putting Into Your Body?






Cereal Grasses

Digestive Enzymes


Where To Buy This Product ?


I ordered my green super food powder from thrive market, when you order for the first time with them you receive a 15% discount on your order. Thrive Market specializes in discount organic health products, this product will cost you $ 19.99 plus shipping. You receive 30 servings in one container of this powder product, it takes a very small amount of this product to give you all the benefits it provides your body. There is a fee of $ 60.00 per year, but you will save that amount easy even if this is the only product you buy from them regularly all year long.


Discount Health Food Products Shopping



Next Best Place To Buy


For people who are not crazy about the idea of paying $ 60.00 to join Thrive Market there is another option for you, you can get the same product for just a little more money $ 21.99 plus shipping costs. I buy from Thrive Market because I can do all my health food shopping with them at one place and save money and time, but if this is not to your liking or not in your budget at this time you can still get this product here for the price of $ 21.99 plus shipping.



What Is On My Mind Today?

For those of you who purchase organic health products regularly I recommend you check out Thrive Market to save you money and time, but for those who wish to try this product and does not order organic food products regularly I recommend ordering from Amazon. These are your best two options available for this product online, I do recommend you give this product a try, I noticed a difference in my inflammation pain and energy right away.


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8 thoughts on “Where To Buy Green Super Food Powder-Gluten Free And Vegan Friendly

  1. That green superfood smoothie looks delicious! Can you recommend some various recipes for this green smoothie? What types of liquid do you recommend for the base? Also, do you have a list of foods to avoid for various autoimmune diseases? Thanks for taking the time to research and share this information. It’s a big help.

    1. Thank You,

      I will share some recipes in the future for this product for you and my other readers,

      focus on natural whole foods as 90 % of your diet for a good autoimmune diet plan


  2. Since I started taking care of my health, I’m really into greens. I eat a lot of green vegetables. I’ve never had green powders before but I’d be willing to try these products because anything that’s good for your health, I’m for. The price seems reasonable but how do they taste? That’s my concern.

    1. Thank You

      This product to my surprise tastes pretty good, it has a tangerine taste and a bit tangy but not too strong.


  3. I play a lot of tennis at least two hours of exercise. When I get home I am always tired and have to lay down. Also I will be 70 this year. Would this product increase my energy level? It seems that ordering on Amazon would be my best option unless the membership would be cost effective if I was ordering on a regular basis.

    1. Thank You

      Fruits and veggies are a natural energizer, so with this product you would receive natural energy recovery from your tennis game. You could also use an amino acid for recovery if you desire, good luck with your tennis game


  4. The Amazing Grass Blend sounds really delicious and healthy. I have made green drinks for many years now but now that I leave in South America, I find it hard to get good greens to continue making them. So, I started using a Vegan formula they have here but it’s made with Whey and not that many greens.

    I will check out and see if Amazon can ship here and how much that is. Thanks for the article and recommendation!

    1. Thank You

      Greens are important for our health and most of us do not eat enough of them, using this product solves many people’s problems.


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