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When To Put Up The Christmas Tree-Are We Putting Our Christmas Trees Up The Right Time

Non-Drop Christmas Trees


Before you know when to put your Christmas tree up you should know more about choosing the right tree, for all of you who prefer a real tree you want to choose a non-drop needle tree. These trees keep their needles the longest after being cut down, these are your best trees to choose to avoid the mess of needles falling all over your home. I prefer a real tree compared to the artificial trees, even though many of the artificial trees are very real appearing they do not provide the pleasant scent like a real tree. The Christmas wreath also is available made from a real tree or you can buy yourself an artificial Christmas wreath as well.


Douglas Fir

Fraser Fir

Scots Pine

Blue Spruce ( Best Low-Dropping )


Christmas Facts


Did you know Christmas actually means ” Mass Of Christs”, Xmas the short version of Christmas came from the Greek alphabet. X in the Greek alphabet is the first letter of Christs name. The real Santa Claus was Saint Nicolas born 270 AD, he was the youngest known monk at the age of 17 years old. At the age of 30 years old he became the bishop of Myra. He was born wealthy and best known for helping the needy, he wore a red and white bishop’s robe riding on a donkey giving candy and gifts out to the children.


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Saint Nicholas And Scrooge


It is ironic how we have Saint Nicolas and the scrooge which has been popular and lasted from generation to generation, wonder what Christmas would be like if this kind wealthy bishop has not started helping the needy with gifts and candy so long ago? You know more people know the scrooge and his bah humbug for Christmas than people know the true story of Saint Nicholas. Would not the world be a much better place if the wealthy today followed Saint Nicholas as an example and used some of their wealth to help the needy. If the wealthy did do this there would be less people suffering from anxiety and depression during the holidays, many parents become anxious and depressed preparing for the Christmas holiday. Many parents are not able to give their children the things they desire for Christmas, even with two people working full-time many families struggle during the holidays.


When Does Your Family Put Up Your Christmas Tree?


This is the reason you are reading this article to find when is the correct time to put up your Christmas tree, the modern traditional time to put up the tree is the day or weekend after the Thanksgiving holiday. The classic tradition time is 12 days before Christmas which would be December 13th, the catholic faith puts up their tree after noon Christmas Eve. So when is the proper time to put up your tree, today people put their tree up whenever they are in the mood. Many people do not know there even is a proper time, the true time to put up your tree if you wish to be traditional would be December 13th twelve days before Christmas. My family always put up the tree different times when I was a boy, I like the old movies where the children do not see the Christmas tree until Christmas morning.


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Did You Know There Is A Proper Time To Take The Tree Down?


According to historians there is a proper time to take your tree down, this is supposed to be 12 days after Christmas or January 6th. Now you know the proper time to put up your tree is 12 days before Christmas and take your tree down 12 days after Christmas, so when do you plan to put up your tree this year? Our society has lost many of our traditions through many generations, making new Christmas and other holiday family traditions is not a bad thing. Whenever you decide to put your tree up and take it down is not nearly as important as remembering what we really are celebrating on Christmas, the true meaning of Christmas is being lost with many of the younger generations. What about people who do not believe in God and Jesus Christ, should they be celebrating a holiday when they do not believe in the true meaning?


What Is On My Mind Today?


The true meaning of Christmas is being lost by our holidays being too commercialized, many of the young people think of Christmas as a time of the year they get gifts. They should be connecting this holiday with giving, especially to the needy. We should be more giving all year round not just during the Christmas holiday season, this is the time of the year many charities receive the majority of their yearly donations. Many people only attend church services during Christmas and Easter, our society is becoming greedy and we are losing our passion to help others in need with each generation.

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