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When Do You Start Christmas Shopping-Facts And Tips On Christmas Shopping


Why Start Christmas Shopping Early?


Many people start Christmas shopping early, one reason for this is the high prices of merchandise and the low wages. Another reason is this is a very good way to reduce holiday shopping stress, I start window shopping usually in October for gift ideas for Christmas. I do this because I am in search of the best gift I can find for the people on my Christmas list for the best prices. This is one way I have found to save money during the holidays, starting early checking what is available at good prices is a good way to shop for those hard to buy for people on your Christmas list as well.


 Christmas Shopping Facts


The fact is,  I am not alone with my early Christmas shopping plan, 38% of the people start shopping before November for the people on their list. 69% of the people start shopping before December 1st, September through November 70% of the people are already getting a jump on their Christmas shopping. 7 out of 10 consumers plan to spend the same amount for the holidays again this year. Many people who do not make a Christmas budget plan will over-spend again this year for the holidays, with the majority of people’s wages about the same and prices higher very few people will spend the same unless they use a Christmas budget this year.


 Gift Spending For Family  96%

Friends 72%

Co-Workers 32%

Others 43%


 Online & Store Shopping Facts


Electronics Online 47% Store 53%

Jewelry Online 27% Store 73%

Clothing Online 35% Store 65%

Music / DVDs Online 56% Store 44%

Toys Online 40% Store 60%


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Christmas Shopping Tips


Stick To Your Budget Plan

Seasonal Sale Bargains

Plan Home-Made Gifts Early

Buy Children’s Clothing One Size Larger

Have Some Gift Ideas Before Starting To Shop

Purchase Extra Gifts For Emergency For Both Genders


Budget Shopping Tips


Set Your Christmas Budget & Prices For Each Person

Avoid Impulse Buys

Give Gifts Of Charity In Someone’s Name

Use Gift Bags

Home-Made Gifts


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What Is On My Mind Today?


There are many ways to save money during the holidays, one way is to purchase family gifts instead of as many individual gifts. Gift baskets and other food gifts avoid purchasing until close to Christmas day, shopping early you can avoid the holiday stress of finding the right gift for the right person at the right price. Consider Christmas flowers and plants, these are very good gifts for people at a reasonable price. Shopping for seniors is the majority of people’s most difficult people to shop for, starting early and shopping for their gift first will reduce your holiday stress and you will make a much better gift choice under less pressure.


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