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Whats The Best Tip For Weight Loss-If You Only Do One Thing Do This


Best Tip For Weight Loss


The one thing which mad the biggest difference in my weight loss was to eliminate the unhealthy processed foods. Your diet should consist of ninety percent of whole natural foods and ten percent of healthy processed foods. There are healthier processed foods you should be eating in your diet, but by eliminating the unhealthy processed foods you will experience the weight steadily fall off of you.


Processed Foods To Avoid


Eliminating the processed foods which contain preservatives, artificial additives  and chemicals are what you want to do, these chemicals are used to add texture to these foods and provide no nutrients. Did you know these unhealthy processed foods are addicting, the food companies know this and take advantage of the consumer even though they know they are not healthy for you? High in sugar and fructose corn syrup, loaded with refined carbs which are your bad carbs. So you are not receiving any significant amount of nutrients from these products, but what you are receiving are too many unhealthy chemicals into our body.


Low Nutrients

Low Fiber

Potential Cancer-Causing

High Trans Fats

Processed Vegetable Oils


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Healthy Processed Foods


As I mentioned there are some healthy processed foods you should be eating, these foods are free of preservatives, artificial additives and chemicals. These are the processed foods you should be adding to your meals and snacks, these provide you with high nutrients and  good carbs. Your body requires protein and good carbs to function at its best, never eliminate all the carbs from your meals and snacks. If you follow the guidelines in this article you will begin to lose weight fast, interested in the healthy processed foods you should be eating?


Frozen Fruit

Frozen Vegetables

Grass-Fed Beef

Natural Nut Butters


Best Foods For Weight Loss


All your natural whole foods are very healthy for you, by making these ninety percent of your meals and snacks you will become healthier and start losing weight fast. Many of these foods are not our favorite food choices so we often don’t get enough of them in our diet, leafy greens are very important for our body functions. These are not the most tasty foods for most of us, your best strategy is to use them in soups and stews and smoothies to get more of them into your body.


Spinach  ( Spinach, Kale, Swiss Chard, Collards )


Cabbage Family ( Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Brussel Sprouts )

Grass-Fed Beef

Poultry ( Breast Meat )




Sweet Potatoes





Chia Seeds



Brown Rice

Coconut Oil

Cottage Cheese


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Weight Loss Supplements


Weight loss supplements are used today by the majority of people, there are many on the market and this can be confusing for many people which ones are safe to use? I recommend you stay away from those diet products which so many people purchase thinking they are doing a good thing, many of them are loaded with artificial additives and even though low on calories you are taking some health risks by using them. Start checking your food labels on all your food which could contain artificial additives, this is your only sure way to know you are not getting them by mistake?


Green Tea Extract ( Increase Fat Burning )

Glucomannnan ( Weight Loss & Improves Body Functions )

Caffeine ( Boosts Metabolism & Enhances Fat Burning )

Hydroxycut  (Fat Burning )

Garcina Cambogia ( Fat Burning )


What Is On My Mind Today?


Eliminating those unhealthy processed foods is the best tip I could ever share with you, this will aid you in losing weight the most effective and the quickest of any other lifestyle change you could make. These processed foods are thought to be the major cause for our autoimmune diseases, life is too precious to throw it away just to eat these processed foods because they taste so yummy in your tummy.


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6 thoughts on “Whats The Best Tip For Weight Loss-If You Only Do One Thing Do This

  1. So, is the one thing you recommend basically “don’t eat crap”? that’s generally a good rule, but not always the easiest to follow, depending on your location and income level. as you know, poor people have less access to fresh whole foods than those with means; chips and ice cream are on the menu so often because they’re cheap and available. To get people healthy we have to change access to food as well as choices of food. thanks for the info!

    1. Thank You

      I appreciate your comment, you have a good point about so many people on low income levels. If people cooked their meals at home themselves they can save money and still eat healthy, people use the excuse they are on low income to be able to eat junk food.


  2. Hi
    Thanks for the info, I agree it takes some lifestyle changes to eat healthily. People are so used to consuming food which is quick and easy to obtain. If a person wants to lose weight I think it comes down a lot to mindset and being willing to make changes in their lives.
    Unfortunately this sometimes only happens after a health scare or something.
    There needs to be more websites like yours that aim to encourage and give informative guidance on losing weight.
    Best wishes

    1. Thank You

      I appreciate your comments and encouragement, people do not take it serious until their health is affected by their diet and lifestyle


  3. My diet is up and down. I have good days but bad days are inevitable depending on schedules and mood.

    I know what I should be eating to stay healthy & your article backs up the good habits I should follow most of the time- tuna, beans, brown rice, quinoa, salmon etc. Thanks for the motivational reminder

    1. Thank You,

      We all fall off our health lifestyles from time to time, but when we know what we should be doing and get back on track we will succeed in being healthier.


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