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What To Give Dad For Christmas-Gift Ideas For Dads


Christmas Shopping For Dad


Many people find shopping for dad to make them feel anxious and overwhelmed why does it seem mom’s are so much easier to shop for than dad’s? I always begin my Xmas shopping early by browsing the internet in October for possible Xmas gifts for men, I am always looking for unique gifts for men to  give to my dad for Xmas. Christmas shopping is the majority of people’s holiday stress, I find starting early for gift ideas has reduced my anxiety levels on Christmas day.


 Why My Dad Is Difficult To Shop For


My father has become one of my hardest people to shop for, my father just turned 80 years old in October. My father has very few hobbies now since he is dealing with health problems and has become disabled. Finding good gift choices for him has become more difficult as the years go by, what would you buy for your father who is disabled with no hobbies in his life any longer? His day consists of watching television in between his cat naps, my father is on oxygen with hearth problems as  well. Maybe you have a similar experience with someone on your Xmas list if so keep reading my article for gift ideas for the disabled person.


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Personalized Gifts For Dad’s


This article is intended to give you gift ideas for your dad, this article is not focusing on disabled dad’s I just thought I would share with you why my dad is my most difficult person to shop for. Some of these gifts are good choices for dad’s with health problems like my own, but also some of the gifts will be for healthy younger dad’s as well. Personalized gifts are great gift choices for all dad’s, this gift allows you to give your dad a useful gift which is personalized to make it unique just for him.


Personalized Fishing Lure

Monogram Grilling Set

Personalized Shot Glass & Key Chain

Monogram Golf Balls


Fun Gifts For Dad’s


Since the majority of our dad’s are just big kids fun gifts also is another great gift choice for your dad, you can choose fun gag gifts or big boy toy gifts when you give fun gifts to your dad. Fun gifts are great for stress relief for dad’s, our dad’s experience a great deal of stress earning a living to give us all the things we need and want. Many of us who are not parents might not realize the stress our dad’s has gone through for us when we were kids, consider something fun for dad this Xmas if your dad is a big kid.


 Game Systems


Aero Garden Kit

Digital Camcorder


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What Is On My Mind Today?


The gift ideas I am sharing with you are the ones which has given my father the most joy over the years, if your dad is younger with good health your gift options are much larger than an older dad with health problems. Consider golf gifts if your dad is a golfer, most golfers has a strong passion for the game and always appreciate golf gifts.


Activity Trackers For Dad's

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