What To Do When Your Really Sad-How To Cheer Yourself Up

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Wake Up Really Sad


Sometimes for no reasons we are aware of we just wake up really sad, could you be experiencing depression? Often when we become sad for no reason, it is a chemical imbalance and is depression, but other times there is a reason for us being really sad which is much easier to understand. Different people experience really sad times for different reasons, extra sensitive people are much more prone to becoming sad much quicker than people who are less sensitive. Everyone despite their age or gender experiences being extremely sad at times, learning good  coping skills is the key to bouncing back quickly when you become sad.


Visiting Family & Friends


Do you have family and friends who live close enough you can visit when you’re feeling blue, people without friends often become lonely and blue quicker than people with friends? A good coping skill when you are sad is to visit your family and friends when possible, people who have a good support system often bounce back from being down quicker than someone without a good support system.Make it a point to be around positive people when you are experiencing being extremely sad, the type of people you surround yourself with will rub off on you. Avoiding negative people when you are down as much as possible is a must, when we are down we are vulnerable to the negativity from other people.



Change Your Attitude


 It is very easy to develop a negative attitude when we are feeling sad, focusing on the positive things in our lives is another good coping skill to develop. Whenever you are feeling sad and negative, do not allow your negative thoughts and feelings to control you, make it a point to expose yourself to positive quotes and other positive inspirational resources. Many positive people have positive quotes delivered to their email every day, they start their day with these positive emails which gives their attitude a positive jump start each day.


Sending Fun Mail


When you find yourself feeling sad and negative go out of your way to send someone some fun mail, greeting cards and writing to your family and friends is another coping skill which perks up many people on their sad days. You can really get into this and perk up your day by using stickers and other fun ways to spruce up your fun mail, using your creativity will improve your mood and your day. People who make this a regular part of their routine experiences less sad and depressed days, who would not be happy to receive some fun mail in their mailbox today?



Do Something For Someone Else


 How could you stay blue when you are doing something nice for another person, many people receive the most happiness inside when they do something nice for another person? This can be one of your best friends or a family member, you can even do something nice for someone who is a complete stranger. Allow someone to go in front of you in line at the cash register is a very nice thing you could do, offer to take someone’s shopping cart back to the store for them after you help them load their groceries in their vehicle.Hold the door for someone is another gesture people appreciate, once you get into this habit it will become natural and you will experience less sadness in your life.


Do Something Nice For Yourself


This one is very difficult for many people when feeling blue, that might be the reason it works so well for so many people? When our mood is sour, the last thing on our mind is to do something nice for ourselves, but this is the best time to go out of your way to do something nice for you. This can be the simplest gesture and inexpensive as well, treat yourself to your favorite snack which you only do on special days such as your birthday. Purchase yourself something you have been wanting, take some time to do something you enjoy doing. The little things you can do for yourself on bad days can improve your mood and brighten your day, anything you can do to improve your day is a good thing to do today.



What Is On My Mind Today?


Everyone has bouts of sadness and depression from time to time, often we can pick ourselves up with simple and nice gestures towards others and ourselves. Focusing on positive things will improve your mood, most  people perk up when doing something nice for someone else, this is especially powerful when it is someone you love very much. Give a loved one a call when you are feeling down often helps people to feel better, with the internet you can do nice things for people very easy though email, share an article with someone or send them an e-card. Focusing on other people often takes our minds off our own problems, force yourself to get out of the house is another good coping skill especially when that is the last thing you feel like doing today.


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