What To Do When Your Marriage Is Failing-Can We Fix The Problem

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Warning Signs?


The first thing a couple must agree on there is a problem in their marriage, divorce today has become too frequent between couples and too easy. Has the potential of meeting people through the internet influenced divorce between couples, only when both people in a marriage wants to improve the relationship can the marriage improve? The first sign for many couples in a failing marriage is they stop communicating with one another, often the second sign is they do very few things together. Arguments often is the only time troubled couples in a marriage communicate with one another, when blaming one another for their problems is what a couple dwells on the most this is a very huge problem.


Married & Lonely


Many married couples in a bad marriage feel lonely, nothing gives a person more anxiety than when your spouse or partner becomes a stranger. Living in a troubled marriage is a sure way to ruin your health in many more ways than many people realize, this situation make both people unhappy and anxious and often they take it out on each other. You wonder how two people who once made each other so happy can now hurt one another so easily, in some marriages the couples play a game to see who can cause the most hurt on each other? Is this really hatred for each other or another way the couple is showing their love to their partner, love can work in many strange ways with a couple when the marriage is failing?



When Things Become Even Worse


 When things keep going on this path, many couples become very abusive to one another, for many couples if they make it this far in the hurting each other it can become very dangerous for both people. Living in an abusive relationship is one of the most emotional painful experiences a couple can experience together, many times in this stage of the relationship the emotional pain has caused severe damage to both people. Often depression sets in at this stage and even suicidal thoughts are possible, many couples do not know themselves why they have even stayed together? Is it too late for a couple to save their marriage when they reach this stage, this is something every couple must ask themselves before it is too late?


What About The Future?


Today more couples seem to go through divorces rather than attempt to save their marriage, with the internet it is easier today to find someone new and start a new relationship. What are the chances new relationships will be any better, well if the person has not learned from their past the odds are history very well could repeat itself? Failed marriages very seldom is the fault of only one person, everyone makes mistakes in relationships and it is easier to fight back and hurt your partner when they hurt you. If a couple takes action to work on their marriage in the early stages, the relationship can survive and even become better, admitting your marriage has a problem is your first step and then together figuring out how to correct the problem or problems is the next step. Often a couple does better getting marriage counseling especially if they are not sure what their problems actually are, this is very common among couples especially when the marriage has not been good for some time.



Do You Still Love Your Partner?


What question both people in the relationship must ask themselves is do you still love your partner, this must be a mutual feeling for any marriage in trouble to improve and last in the future? Many times divorce is the best solution for a couple, often when the relationship reaches later stages with too much emotional  pain a couple just has too much emotional damage to be able to forgive and repair the relationship. Every couple must answer this question for themselves, often deep inside of the couple there does exist love for their partner but for many it just is not enough. Too many years of abusive arguments and hurtful things just makes the relationship impossible to repair, every marriage is worth attempting to save the love once between the couple. People do not fall out of love, even when two people hurt one another in a bad relationship there always is some degree of love left inside of them for their partner. Sometimes there is enough to repair and start over, but sometimes the best choice sadly is to go their separate ways.


 What Is On My Mind Today?


Unhealthy marriages and relationships are the most damaging experiences of many people’s lives, some people find it very difficult to trust anyone again with their heart and some it takes a very long time to recover from their emotional pain. The longer you stay in a bad relationship the more emotional pain and damage you often receive, learning to forgive your ex and yourself is your first step to recovering for your past. Many couples who see there is a problem and start working together to improve their relationship has a very good opportunity to save their marriage, when you get into the later stages with too much hurt and pain saving the marriage is much more difficult but if both people love one another it still is very possible.



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