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What To Do When Your Lonely-How To Cope Better


Experiencing Being Lonely


Everyone experiences feeling lonely at times, many people blame themselves and this is something you must never do. When you blame yourself for being lonely, you are opening up the door for depression, this also will give many people the feeling of their situation to be hopeless. Stress often is the trigger for feeling lonely, stress affects our mental health as well as affecting our physical health. For many their anxious thoughts provide them negative thinking and feelings which provokes them to feel lonely. Learning to cope better with our stress is the key to overcoming these negative feelings, now what can you do when you are feeling this way?




For many of us making healthy changes is our best strategy, often people whose stress and anxiety is affecting their relationship will leave them feeling lonely. Anxiety can ruin many relationships in our lives when our relationships are not healthy we will often feel lonely. Making positive changes in our lives is often a good start to overcoming these feelings when it comes to relationships we must decide is this relationship worth saving or is it time to go our separate ways?



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Many people make the mistake of isolating when feeling lonely, the main reason we feel this way is stress and anxiety is controlling our way of thinking. Often for many people doing just the opposite of what your feelings and thoughts are telling you is your best strategy, socializing and taking yourself out on a date is what you should be doing? Treating yourself extra special during this time is what you should do, most of us punish ourselves blaming our feelings and thoughts on ourselves. Shopping improves many people’s mood when feeling blue, if shopping is something you enjoy doing now is the perfect time to go shopping?


Family & Friends


Now is the time to reach out to your family and friends for emotional support, people who have a good support system experience less severe stress and anxiety symptoms and avoid depression more than people without a good support system. Even if you live alone and far in distance from your family and friends you still can reach out to them for support, take advantage of the internet and chat online with your family and friends. There are many online clubs and online support groups available on the internet, just do a google search and you are on your way to finding online support. Using the internet also is a good source to meet new people in your area, this is a very good coping skill for many people without a good support system.



 New Hobbies


When you are into new hobbies and interests, you will be happier and more positive when your mind is on new things  which is making your feel better about yourself and your life you will be less lonely as well. Maybe you have always had a desire to learn to play the guitar, now would be the perfect time to pursue that interest? Could riding nature trails on a fat tire bicycle excite you to give it a try, many people experience being less lonely by adding a pet to their family? Pets are great companions, fun to do things with and they are always up for a new adventure with you. Consider a new hobby or interest to spice up your life, looking for an activity partner why not get yourself a dog?


Doing Something For Others


Many people feel the best when they are doing something for someone else, you could volunteer in your community helping people who are less fortunate than yourself. When you are out and about keep an eye out for anything your can do for someone else, offer to take someone’s cart back to the store for them or even help them load their groceries into their vehicle? Send greeting cards to your family and friends, everyone is happy to receive fun mail. These little kind gestures could be just what you need to break out of the mood you have been experiencing, very few people can feel lonely and blue when helping others. Surprising others with cards and small gifts can be a very positive change in your life, this is one very powerful coping skill many people do not do enough.



What Is On My Mind Today?


Many people experience the feeling of being lonely from time to time, even people who have a partner and family may feel lonely and blue at times. Keeping your life interesting with new hobbies and interests often works well for many people, learning positive coping skills which works for you is what you must do, you need to have these skills before you experience emotional problems and feelings of being lonely. People who have both good coping skills and relaxation skills most often are able to overcome these negative feelings, remember to do things for others as well this is a very good pick me up for most people. Most important is to treat yourself extra special from time to time, maybe giving yourself a small gift every once in a while will also perk you up and motivate you to take better care of yourself?


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