What To Do When Your Lonely-Are You Lonely Or Bored

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Are You Lonely Or Bored?


Often people confuse being lonely and being bored, these two are as different as night and day. The solutions of being lonely and bored are not always the same, your first step is to figure out which one of these you are experiencing, only then can you solve the feelings you are experiencing and improve your life. The best strategy is to take a good look at your life to determine which one of these you are feeling, do you experience close fulfilling and happy relationships with your family and friends? The majority of people who have close relationships with their family and friends usually do not experience severe feelings of being lonely, but these people often get into a rut and do become bored.


Work And Life Balance Plan


Take a good look at your work and life balance plan, many people who are experiencing being lonely make their career their life? If you spend most of your time devoted to your career you could experience being lonely at times, for some people this is not true their careers is more than enough for them to be happy with their life? Do you spend much of your time alone, this often can determine if you are truly lonely? Examine your work and life balance plan for many people is the best way to determine if they are lonely or bored, other than your career what other hobbies and interests do you have? Are you experiencing depressive thoughts and feelings can also determine which one of these you are experiencing, people who are lonely often feel depressed with their thoughts and feelings. The majority of people who are bored might experience some anxiety, but are not as often depressed.



Is Online Dating The Answer?


Many people today spend a great deal of their free time on dating websites, is this really a good solution for being lonely? Online dating is more of a solution for those who feel the need to find love and a partner, before you jump on these websites are you prepared to work towards a happy relationship with a partner? Would you make a good partner, is this the type of relationship you are really looking for? Many people who are lonely spend time on these websites more for companionship than looking for a partner, there are friendship websites and chat lines you can consider if you are not really looking to meet anyone in person for a serious love relationship?


Sleep Problems


How do you sleep can also help you determine between being lonely or bored, the majority of people who are lonely often experience difficulties falling asleep and staying asleep? The majority of people who are bored often sleep more than is required for most people, bored people usually have no problems falling asleep and staying asleep unless they are experiencing anxiety issues. Most bored people usually are able to relax with less difficulty than lonely people, bored people usually are not unsatisfied with their life they just are missing enough variety to be entertained. Being lonely can for some people be a trigger for anxiety and depression, also people who are more vulnerable to being lonely are people who experience social anxiety issues. The majority of people with social anxiety very seldom become bored,  most are very comfortable being alone and able to entertain themselves.



Weight Problems


Weight problems is a common problem for people experiencing being lonely and bored, for many people managing their weight when lonely and bored is a challenge for them. People tend to overeat with both of these problems, we use food to make us feel better when we are experiencing emotional problems and bored with our lives. Some people who experience boredom will use over sleeping as a coping skill and has little problems with their weight, others will overeat to fill in the time they are bored. Lonely people most often have difficulty with their weight, most of this is because anxiety and depression often accompanies being lonely which for most people end up overeating.



What Is On My Mind Today?


Once you have figured out which one of these is causing you your problems, you can start to work on improving your life, many people find becoming more active in the community with volunteering solves their problem. Keep learning new things such as taking online courses or attending classes offline helps many people cope better, keeping your life with a good variety of activities works for many people. There is a big difference of being lonely and being alone, many introverts live very fulfilling and happy lives being single. Do not think being in a serious love relationship is the cure for being lonely, this can cause some people more anxiety and depression if this is not really what they are missing in their lives. It is not a healthy solution to think happiness comes with having a love partner in your life, if people are what is missing join local groups where you can meet new people and form new friendships. Often people who depend on others to make them happy experiences this is not the answer, maybe focusing on a new purpose in your life is the best answer for most people?



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