What To Do When Your Child Is Failing School-Could It Be Their Gluten Diet

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Help For Parents With Problem Children


It Could Be A Gluten Diet?


Did you know gluten diets cause children to experience problems concentrating and other mental functioning difficulties,  also many children on gluten diets suffer from severe sleep problems? How can we expect our children to do well in school with such problems from their diets when a child is not sleeping properly and cannot concentrate this is going to affect their ability to make good grades? For a very long time teachers has been blaming poor students for not working up to their potential, when the teachers tell the parents this the parents are punishing the children. What if it is not the child’s fault they are receiving poor grades, after a while the child will become frustrated and just give up trying? This especially happens when the parents and teachers punish the children despite it is not their fault, how can so many children today have learning problems?


Why Gluten-Free Is Better For You?


Until the past 10 years people did not realize how much our gluten diets were affecting our health, many children after being on a gluten-free diet started to experiencing a decrease in the severity of their symptoms. Until the past few years many families could not afford to live on a gluten-free diet, today many companies are now producing gluten-free products and it is much less expensive. These children’s behavior has improved as well as their grades in school, is this a coincidence I do not think so? All the counseling and punishment in the world is not going to make a difference if what we are feeding our children is the source of the problem, with our diets being the source no wonder children have good days and bad days depending on what they ate recently?



 Vitamins & Supplements


The health industry has been pushing how important it is for our children to be taking vitamins and supplements, what if all we need to do is change from our gluten diets to gluten-free diets? Gluten foods does not provide us nearly enough vitamins and minerals in our diets, for many families the majority of their meals and snacks contain gluten. It is the processed foods which are the main problem in our diets, today most families lives on a high diet of processed foods and snacks. One of the reasons for this is the price of processed foods compared to our fresh produce foods, many families cannot afford to supply as much healthy produce as their children should have. Vitamins and supplements are not a cure, they only can provide us with so many vitamins and minerals and if we are not getting the balance in our meals, we will be low on our vitamin and mineral levels.


Grass-Fed Is Better


Grass-fed beef and other meat products are much better for your family, when you eat grain fed meat products it is much like eating the grain yourself. Today grass-fed meat is much easier to purchase for your family, grass-fed meat is better for your family and is a good investment for your health. This type of meat you will notice much improvement in taste and quality than what you are used to with gain fed, less shrinkage after preparing so you are getting more for your money. Next time you go shopping give grass-fed meat a try, most people never go back to grain fed meat again.



What Is On My Mind Today?


 Gluten-free is much healthier for your family than gluten, many people do not realize how much gluten affects their health and their children’s health. Gluten causes problems in children with sleeping and anxiety in the early stages, many children by the time they reach teenagers their symptoms are seriously affecting their school and personal life. Many teenagers today experience more depression and commit suicide, how many teenagers do you know with social problems and how many drops out of high school because of learning problems? This is very serious for children and teenagers to live healthy productive lives, focusing on improving your children’s diets should be your first concern. Just give a gluten-free diet a try for one month, most children show an improvement within one month or less.


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