What To Do When Someone You Love Is Anxious-Are You A Supportive Partner

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Are You A Supportive Partner?


Whenever a person is living with a partner with any type of heath problems, it can be a challenge to keep the relationship healthy, living with a partner who is dealing with anxiety and other mental health problems can put much stress on the relationship. For most people dealing with a partner with physical health problems are easier than dealing with a partner with anxiety, how can you be a supportive partner and still be happy in your relationship with so much stress upon you? Everyone desires to be a supportive partner especially when our partner is going through bad times, can a partner be supportive and still be happy in the relationship living with so much chronic stress?


Are You Forgiving?


Are you able to forgive your partner for the things they might say and do when they are experiencing anxiety, being able to forgive your partner when they hurt you can be very difficult for many people? For most people their partner is their safe person to take out their anxiety on, people under extreme anxiety do not mean to hurt their partner they just need to release their anxiety. This can destroy relationships when it becomes chronic, often both people become anxious and depressed with constant arguments. Even the best partners have their limits how much of this they can take, learning to cope when living with someone with anxiety is the key to staying in such a stressful relationship.



Relaxation & Coping Skills


Learning relaxation and coping skills is the best way to save your relationship when living with anxiety, the partner who is the healthiest can learn these skills and help their anxious partner learn to cope and relax with their anxiety. Many people with anxiety have problems sleeping and when a person is not getting enough sleep their anxiety will be much more severe. If your partner has trouble with their sleep improving this can be a key to decreasing their symptoms, also many people find relief through a gluten-free diet. Focusing on relaxation techniques is the key to improving their sleep, gluten also causes people sleep problems so these are where you should begin to help your partner become less anxious.


Relationship Skills


Everyone desires to have a good relationship with their partner, often for many couples their relationships were healthy until anxiety hit one of the people in the relationship. Living with stress often will affect people’s relationship skills, many times both people experience the lack of patience with one another simply because the stress has taken over their lives. Learning what is in a healthy relationship helps a couple get back into healthy relationship skills again, it never hurts to refresh yourself with good relationship skills. Also, learning stress management skills can be the answer for many couples under stress, these two skills can make a difference in how well your relationship gets through this rough time?



Alone Time


Are you getting enough alone time away from your partner, even though your partner is experiencing health problems you need to have enough alone time for your own sanity? When possible have another family member visit with your partner if your partner cannot handle being home alone, even a neighbor is a good option to consider? You really need this time away from your partner and the stress, going out and doing things you enjoy is the best thing for both you and your partner. You cannot be a supportive partner unless you take care of yourself, even just going for a walk with a friend can be enough time from the stress to help you be a better partner?


What Is On My Mind Today?


Many people put their partners before themselves to the point they are harming their own health, you must take care of yourself to be able to give your partner the support they need. Relaxation and coping skills can solve many couples problems when the stress is affecting their relationship, these skills has improved many relationships not to mention their sleep and anxiety issues. The most damaging things in a stressful relationship is the things we do and say to our partners, most people do not intend to hurt their partner this is the stress and anxiety controlling their lives. If it is not enough dealing with the stress and anxiety, many times depression also is a factor in a troubled relationship. Not nearly enough people today stay in a stressful relationship during bad times, whatever happened to for better or worse in a relationship?



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