What To Do When Life Throws You Lemons-How To Cope With Difficult Times

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what to do when life throws you lemons


How To Cope With Difficult Times?


Stress during difficult times affects everyone’s lives in one way or another, often this can cause healthy relationships to become unhealthy due to the anxiety the couple is dealing with. How well you and your partner cope during stressful times depends on your relationship skills and your stress management skills, the majority of couples today does not have the skills often to manage their stress in their relationship. Stress and anxiety can cause very dramatic relationship conflicts between the most loving couples, people naturally say and do things they wish they could take back during conflicts with their partner during stressful times. How forgiving a couple is can determine if their relationship survives stressful times, so how does a couple deal with life when they are dealing with too many lemons?


How Stress & Anxiety Affects Us?


Stress and anxiety causes many problems which can affect our relationships and the quality of our lives when under more stress than we can handle we often lose our tempers especially with our partners. This can put an emotional strain on our relationship, even cause many couples to separate because there is just too much emotional pain between them now. Many couples realize too late ending the relationship was not the best solution after all, but most often the couple does not get back together there has been too much hurt between them to patch things up again. For many partners depression sets in as well causing even more problems, some become so depressed they can not function well enough to earn a living any longer. Mental health problems is the leading reason for many people to be disabled in our society today, treatment for these problems can cause severe financial stress as well leading to even more severe depression.



How To Heal From Your Lemons?


Many people destroy the rest of their lives by not being able to heal from their past, you must be able to accept whatever has happened and take the time to pamper yourself and heal. Acceptance is the first step for most people to move on and be happy, the next step is the most crucial for most people and the most difficult. You must not hold grudges against your ex partner or yourself for the past, holding grudges is the leading reason many people never are able to move on from their past emotional pain. When you hold grudges you can not start the process of healing, many people spend the rest of their lives searching for what will make them happy and never will find it as long as they are holding grudges. Finding the forgiveness in your heart for any grudges you are holding is the key to moving on with your life, many people hold their most damaging grudges against themselves.


 What To Do Next?


Once you have forgiven yourself and any other grudges you might have you should be healing now, once you are recovered from your past emotional pain it is time to get on your feet again. It is never too late to start your life over, many people who has been dealt too many lemons in their lives develop a negative attitude which just seems to have come naturally. Now we must turn our attitude into a positive attitude to be able to move on and be happy again, every time you think a negative thought stop yourself and replace it with a positive thought. This in time will give you a natural positive attitude, this is the exact way your attitude became negative in the past. With a positive attitude you will begin to experience less lemons in your life, how many people do you know with a positive attitude who is not happy?



Follow Your Heart


With your new positive attitude you are ready to follow your heart, leave those lemons in your past and follow your heart to find what will give you the most happiness. Positive self talk is what will help you reach any goals you desire in the future, the sky is the limit you can do anything you set your mind to do. Do not allow your anxiety to hold you back, people who are successful and happy are people who face their fears and reach for their dreams. Have you always wanted to start your own business why not go for it right now? Maybe you are interested in a new career, research the ones which interest you the most and go for it? Do you have the desire to learn digital photography, joining a garden club or purchase yourself a mountain bike and see the world, whatever you desire is possible just follow your heart and your dreams?


 What Is On My Mind Today?


Are you overcoming a break up because of too many lemons in your life, you are not alone this is happening to too many couples today. Stress is very high in our lives today, very few relationships last forever like we all plan. The best we can do is our best at managing our stress and relationships, when things do not work out we must accept them and not hold grudges. Starting over is a scary time for everyone, we must force ourselves to move forward despite our fears. Many people experience much happier lives after starting over, stay positive and have faith things will work out in the end for you, having this attitude things will most often work out alright even when not the way we planned.



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