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What To Do When Feeling Hopeless-Turning Your Life Around


Feeling Hopeless


Everyone experiences times in their life when they just are feeling so negative and hopeless, often people experience these feelings when they are hit with too many stressful things in a short time or all at once. This is a normal response to being over stressed, so do not punish yourself for being normal. Maybe your are feeling stressed and anxious about your relationship with your mother, possibly your relationship with that someone special is starting to feel less interesting? Many times when relationships are not going so well anxiety is the cause, learning to get through your stress and anxiety can be the best strategy for you to use.


Relationship Anxiety


Sometimes people during stressful times becomes so anxious their anxiety affects their relationships if you often experience relationship anxiety this could be a health problem for you?  People who sometimes experience negative past relationships develop relationship anxiety, many people who experienced abuse in the past in a relationship may experience relationship anxiety especially during stressful times. Often stress is a trigger for people and their anxiety affects their relationships, this is not an automatic response but often is normal for people who have experienced bad relationships in the past.



Stress And Your Body


Stress is something we cannot eliminate from our lives, the best thing we can do is learn how to manage our stress better. Stress can cause people emotional problems and also physical problems when we become overwhelmed with too much stress, most people understand the physical health problem signs from stress but many people are not as aware of the emotional health problems stress can cause us. Stress makes us anxious which automatically for many people give them negative thoughts and feelings, feelings of their life being hopeless is one of the problems many people struggle to manage well?


Low Self-Esteem


Nothing can affect a person’s self-esteem more dramatically and almost overnight than stress and anxiety, these two health issues alone can make managing your life very challenging. A person can be on top of the world one day and hit rock bottom in a very short time, this often leads to experiencing depression which adds fuel to the fire for losing all confidence in yourself. With all these hitting a person at the same time no wonder we feel our lives are hopeless. Often these gives us the feelings the best way to manage them are just the opposite way than we really should, when feeling hopeless isolating and avoiding people and responsibilities are the worse ways to deal  with our negative feelings and thoughts.



Try Something New


Motivation is always a problem when we are feeling why even try, but the best way to gain back confidence in yourself is to push yourself to try something new. Positive changes is the key to turning your life back around, becoming more positive will allow good things to happen for you once again. start each day with being grateful and appreciative of the positive things in your life, avoid allowing yourself to focus on the negative things which are bringing you down. Spend your time with positive people, for many friends are better choices than family during hard times, ask yourself what  can I change in my life to be happier and healthier again?


What Can I Do?


Many of us become so stressed out and overwhelmed we just do not know what to do to improve our situation, talking to positive and emotionally healthy people is a good start for you to get some ideas. New hobbies are always a good pick me upper when you are down, this is a good time to pursue any new hobbies you have been wanting to try. Treating yourself to a new you is another goody for many people, treat yourself to a personal gift which will improve your appearance or treat yourself to a beauty salon treatment. Getting your butt out of the house is your first step, the more things you can bribe yourself with to push yourself to go out the better for you.



 What Is On My Mind Today?


As difficult emotionally as it is to turn your life around when you hit rock bottom it is something most people must do at least once in their life, we are all hit with more stress than we can manage at times.  Preparing with good stress management skills is always a great idea, you can never have too many tools to manage your health. Relaxation techniques also are something everyone can use at times, check out using methods such as music therapy and massage therapy. Both of these has helped many people during hard times, whatever you do never give up on the most important person in your life,  YOU.


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