What To Buy My Husband For Christmas-Gift Ideas For Hubby

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Holiday Anxiety & Stress


The holidays for many people is stressful causing them anxiety, stress is the number one health trigger for mental health issues today. More people are taking medication’s for anxiety and depression today than ever, I also experienced the health problems from anxiety and depression like many other people. I used to be on over ten different medications for my mental health issues, now I am medication free with less anxiety and depression ever in my life. Making some changes in your lifestyle can improve your mental health more than all the medication’s on the market today, anxiety and depression medications are good for short-term usage to help you deal with your issues until you get back in control of your mental health situation. Long-term usage is not a healthy approach to overcoming your mental health issues without severe side-effects, many times the side-effects adds to your symptoms making them more severe so if possible go the natural approach before taking any medications.


Make A Holiday Plan


The main holiday stress trigger is shopping for the hard to buy for people on your Xmas list, some people have more difficult people to shop for than others giving them more shopping stress. If you experience anxiety shopping for the holidays making a plan to prepare for the holidays will ease your anxiety, this plan might even prevent you from experiencing depression during the holidays or after the holidays. Depression during the holidays is very common today, the majority of families has at least one person who experiences some level of depression during the holidays. Some might be the child who did not receive one of the gifts they were expecting from Santa this year, others could be adults who just burned out from all their holiday stress. The plan is a very simple one and works for the majority of people, starting early for Xmas gift ideas and shopping for one person at a time will keep you in control of your anxiety and prevent you from becoming overwhelmed and depressed.


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Depression In Men


Many people do not realize when a man is feeling depressed, children show their feelings much more open than anyone else. When a child is depressed, they will be tearful much of the time. When they are not being tearful they usually are very quiet and any child who is too quiet is not feeling well. I experienced child depression during the holidays for as long as I can remember, for me it was not being disappointed not receiving a specific gift. My parents did provide physical things for me and my brothers, but that did not solve the reason I was depressed during the holidays. I was walking on glass every holiday whenever both my parent were home together there was always family conflict just waiting to happen between them, my depression during the holidays is still with me today. As a man when I am feeling holiday depression I am just feeling empty and sad inside, I  usually am very quiet when feeling depressed  and avoid any contact with others as much as I can. Men usually keep their feelings secretly inside of them from everyone else, this is a negative male coping skill which can lead to more severe mental health issues.




Understanding how stress affects us is very important for us to control our anxiety and depression, knowing how depression affects the entire family helps us to have better relationships by understanding how each member of the family is feeling at any time. Men are the most difficult to know how they are feeling, this is one of the main reasons relationship problems happens in families. Men usually either become farther emotionally from their families when depressed or they put all their time into their careers, this is the way the majority of men cope with their anxiety and depression. These are bad coping skills for men, sadly this seems to be for most men their natural way to cope with anxiety and depression. Many men turn to anger as their next step in experiencing depression after this stage, knowing this about men and depression can be red flags they are in need of support and help from their family.


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Hubby On The Holidays


If your hubby’s personality changes from being positive and happy to just the opposite,  this is your first sign he is experiencing anxiety and depression, many men experience this during the holidays the stress just catches up to them. My father rarely was happy during the holidays, actually he was usually very negative and quiet until he exploded. Realizing what hubby is experiencing can avoid major family conflicts during the holidays, family conflicts ruins the holidays for everyone especially the children. Men not being able to cope positively with the holiday stress often leads to separation and divorce among many couples, my parents never divorced even though it would have been better than us living the we were with father working nights and sleeping during the day it was like we did not have a father,  anyway.


 Gift Ideas For Your Hubby


The majority of men are feeling the impact of stress by the time Xmas day arrives, the best gifts you can give hubby for Xmas are gifts which will give him some fun. This will improve his anxiety and depression with something which will take his mind off of his negative feelings, turning his anxiety and depression from negative to positive with a fun gift is the best thing you can do. Excitement and a new interest or hobby will help turn his mood around, this will ease some of his anxiety and improve his mood for the holidays. When anyone is feeling blue and someone does or gives them something which makes them feel special and loved their mood will improve, it takes much patience for a woman to live with a man during a time they are experiencing anxiety and stress. The best thing you can do for hubby during the holidays if he is showing signs of anxiety and depression is to be as nice as you possibly can, many time this is very difficult to do depending on the man and his severity of his anxiety and depression but there really is nothing else you can do for him unless he decides he wants to talk to you.


Gardening Gifts 

Smart Television

Beer Making Kit

Wood Shop 


Weight Sets



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What Is On My Mind Today?


My intention for this article is to help wives understand the signs of their husbands behavior during the holidays when experiencing anxiety and depression, many couples who have been married for a very long do not even always understand what their spouse is experiencing from anxiety and depression. Men claim women are difficult to understand, but the majority of women show their feelings out in the open. Men on the other hand hide their feelings and when a guy is experiencing anxiety and depression he is ashamed to admit these feelings to anyone. Anxiety mixed with depression gives a guy fear and also doubt in himself, these two things are enough to cause any man to be a beast during the holidays to his family. When this goes too long anger sets in for this man, he becomes mad at himself and the world.



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