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What To Buy Dad For Christmas-Gifts To Put A Smile On Dads Face




Many dad’s keep a low profile when it comes to what they do for the family, many men give most of the responsibility of raising the children to their spouse. That does not mean dad does not have a large input on what happens in the family, often mom and dad discusses together the home rules even though many times mom is the one who enforces the rules to the children. In the old days the men had the sole responsibility of earning the income for the family, today in many families both parents must work to earn enough income for the family. Dad’s today even have a large part in enforcing the home rules in the family, the parents lifestyle roles has changed dramatically but one thing is the same both parents love their children and make great self-sacrifices for them all the time.


 Holiday Anxiety & Stress


Holiday anxiety and stress causes more family conflicts during the holidays than any other time of  the year, parents are very overwhelmed this time of the year with many responsibilities preparing for the holidays. There is more stress at work due to holiday deadlines, there is more home stress with Christmas shopping and other holiday preparations. Shopping for the family is one of the main triggers for holiday stress, shopping for everyone from the children to the grandparents gives many people high anxiety this time of the year. Many families will be traveling during the holidays which adds even more stress, learning to manage your holiday stress is important for a family to enjoy a happy Christmas.


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Today & Yesterday Dad’s


In the past many dad’s were brainwashed thinking their responsibility as a husband and father was to devote their lives to their careers and earning an income for the family, this is what dad’s did in the past. Today many dad’s have a healthier balance of their careers and their home responsibilities, some of what has helped with this better balance is many wives and mothers today help earn the family income. In the past men for many families were difficult to shop for, today men should be easier to shop for since many have hobbies and are not working all time like in the past generations. My father was one of those past generation men which was very hard to shop for when he was home and not working he was sleeping to prepare for his next work day. Even though my father was an exceptionally good provider, our family was not a close family simply because we did not really know my dad.


Shopping For Dad


Even today shopping for my mom is much easier than shopping for my dad, even though my dad has not worked in a very long time he still is difficult to buy for  simply because he has no real hobbies. Anyone with a dad with hobbies is very lucky when it is time to shop for him, focus on his hobbies and interests first since this type of gift will be one of the best gifts you can choose for him. Many dads after they retire get into the game of golf if your dad is into golfing focus on golfing gifts for him. If your dad has no hobbies or interests at this time in his life focus on fun gifts, dad’s never really grow out of being a kid so giving him something fun he can put his time into will be a very good gift for him.


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Gifts For Dad’s


Focus on fun gifts and hobby gifts first for your dad, these are the gifts which will surprise him and bring the kid out of him once again. If your dad is like my dad and has no hobbies or interests consider personal men’s gifts as a second choice, if all fails you can give him a gift basket or gift card but for most dad’s avoid clothes unless you know there is something in clothes he really needs or wants.



Smart Watches

Game Systems

Woodworking Tools



What Is On My Mind Today?


Shopping for your family and friends can be stressful for anyone, for me starting early window shopping just for possible gift ideas helps me a great deal when I begin shopping.  If you have a few gift ideas already in mind for each person,  this narrows your search which prevents becoming overwhelmed and anxious. Men seem to be the hardest for many people to shop for. I shop for my hardest people first then closer to Christmas I shop for my easier people which seems to give me a much calmer Christmas doing it this way.

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