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Yoga Is Cool


Yoga is cool to the majority of teenagers, this makes introducing yoga and all it’s health benefits to them so much easier. Yoga and meditation go together like peas and carrots,  when you use both of these together you are getting the complete total body workout. For teenagers it is very important they find good coping and relaxation skills to battle their emotional stress, there is so much stress on teenagers today more than in the past. When teenagers do not have good coping and relaxation skills their emotional issues become even more severe, many experience depression and even attempt or commit suicide. Any teenagers reading this article, please considering yoga and meditation.


Yoga and Meditation


Yoga & Meditation Benefits


The benefits practicing yoga and meditation daily is awesome, this is the total body workout you should consider for being a healthy person. We are experiencing more stress in our lives today than people have in the past, our world is full of much more violence and crime today. If you are experiencing anxiety or depression this is your best strategy to cope with it, these are much better than any medication doctors can prescribe with no side-effects.  Medication is like a band-aid, it is only a temporary solution until you heal from your pain. Medication dependency really sucks, I was on several medications for my emotional issues and the medications actually hindered my ability to get well.


Calm Your Mind

Feel Peaceful



Positive Mood

Self-Esteem Booster

Positive Body Image

Stress Reducer



Improves Concentration


Yoga and Meditation Benefits


Yoga Poses For Anxiety


Yoga and meditation have changed my life, I only do the simple stretching poses and the best poses for my anxiety. I do yoga and meditation daily, sometimes several times in one day if I am having an extremely stressful day. I always start my day with these to get my body and my mind prepared for my day. I find doing meditation during my day helps me be more productive, it only takes minutes but the results are just amazing. Before practicing these daily I often felt so stiff and achy, also my mind was always foggy. I rarely get that overwhelming feeling from my stress, also I do not get that flight or fight response which has been a blessing in my life.


Savasana Yoga

Back Bends

Child Pose

Forward Bends


Savasana Yoga Pose




Meditation is the most difficult and the most beneficial to people with anxiety, learning to relax and clear your mind from your thoughts is a challenge. It does take practice, but once you begin to experience the benefits you will be so grateful you learned this, your mind will feel so much clearer and your concentration will be much improved. Learning to let go of your racing thoughts is the most difficult part for most people, but this will change your life once it becomes natural for you. Meditating with meditation music works the best for me, having total silence seem to make me more anxious. These products are inexpensive and widely available, I really recommend you purchasing some of these products they will benefit you so much.


Clears Your Brain Fog

Improves Your Concentration

Develops Focusing


Anxiety Management

Stress Management

Positive Mood

Relax And Regenerates


Meditation Benefits


Learning Yoga & Meditation


Learning meditation and yoga is best by taking classes, most YMCA’s have these classes and also some gyms. The hospital where I live provides classes for  a very low fee, if these do not fit in your budget the next best thing is DVDs. Other options are cd’s and books,  you can find these products in many shops today or online. I also have watched video’s on YouTube from time to time, resources for these are not difficult to find even many libraries have resources on learning yoga and meditation today.


Yoga & Meditation Resources


Fun Product Of The Day


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What Is On My Mind Today


Yoga & meditation is on my mind today for you teenagers, this is the coolest way to deal with the stress in your life. I hope you will at least consider it, if you are not dealing well with your stress this might change your life. Much better than going to talk to a therapist with mom and dad all the time, I know your life is too busy for that. Parents maybe you also would like to try yoga and meditation, the stress your teenager is giving you might be more than you can handle. Yoga and meditation is a great relaxation and coping skill for anyone, stay off the medications and add this in your life and you will be happier and healthier.


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  • Layne says:

    It’s funny how Yoga has become popular even among young people. It’s a positive trend in my opinion. I deal with anxiety from time to time and find that yoga helps relax both my mind and my body. Since I have bipolar disorder I often deal with extreme anxiety when in a manic episode so I practice “Yoga In The Dark”‘ which is basically stretching in a closed-walk in closet. It’s amazing how effective it is at calming my nerves. I recommend it to anyone who is out of shape and wants to develop a more calm energy.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Layne,

      Yoga and meditation has grown all over the world with people of all ages, I have experienced awesome results myself and it sounds like you have had a similar experience as well.


  • Taking A Leap Of Faith says:

    Yoga is apparently much easier to get the younger generation into than the older generation, but it is the older generation who needs it more. It is less stressful on the joints, which would be good for older people. It is also a stress reliever, which would be good for older people, because I don’t know anyone who isn’t older than 40 who isn’t a huge ball of stress. The stress relief comes in the form of meditation, which is great for everyone. Apparently teens too are under a lot of stress. They need to get the right grades, and are under pressure to have the right friends and be popular and be in the right clubs and activities and do well in everything. And they don’t know how to cope with having to do well in everything. So by doing yoga, and meditating, they not only get exercise but relieve the pressure they are under. Yoga is a total body workout that can give you more flexibility, more strength, even rejuvenate your body and help you look younger (for those of us who are older). Yoga even has specific poses for anxiety, which may help people get off all the medications they are taking which would be a blessing in that they get off the pills and save them money. Meditation is the hardest part, but it is the most beneficial because it lifts the brain fog, and oddly enough helps us both relax and focus better.

    • admin says:

      Thank You,

      I am grateful for your comment, may I ask you do you practice yoga or meditation? Both are extremely beneficial for all ages, I think meditation is something they should teach in school.


  • Bob says:

    Wow, am I impressed! Your site just blows me away! The content is so vast that I could spend a long time on it. And the depth of detailed help that you offer for so many situations is very nice! And your menu bar with all the stores and products is outstanding. And your whole site was very streamlined and easy to find information on, and looked very nice as well! Marvelous job on a great website!…Bob

    • admin says:

      Thank You Bob

      Happy you had time to visit my website, share with your friends and family if they ever need my website to help them cope with their stress and anxiety.


  • outsidegames2 says:

    Reading your site and inspired me to take up meditation again. I used it many years ago to help me while studying at university but must admit I haven’t done any for quite some time. Encouraging anyone to take up yoga is a positive thing. I have done some basic yoga poses at home but really need to go and take some professional classes and take my two teenage daughters along. Thanks for the inspiration.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Russell

      I am very happy my article motivated you to get back into meditation and yoga, both are very good relaxation and coping skills.

      Great if you get your daughters involved, everyone can benefit from these in their lives.


  • Matt's Mom says:

    I think yoga and meditation sounds like a great way to get rid of stress and to be able to cope. You mentioned doing it at home. I am curious how a person can get the information necessary to be able to do this at home. I don’t know the first thing about either, so is there a book or how do I get started? I like the idea of doing this in the comfort of my home.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Matt’s Mom

      Many people are more comfortable doing yoga and meditation at home, the best method I have found is to purchase some dvd’s which you can follow along pretty easy until you know it well enough to do it alone.

      This worked for me maybe you as well,


  • Jason says:

    I know what it’s like to deal with anxiety. I had it so bad from my work that I was prescribed medication and counselling from my doctor. I knew medication wasn’t the answer. I ended up quitting my job to get rid of the anxiety. I wonder if Yoga and meditation could have helped me cope better…

    • admin says:

      Thank You Jason,

      I highly recommend meditation for everyone to learn and use daily, meditation will give you many benefits for your mental health. Depending on your anxiety reasons from you work how much meditation would have helped you, but it would have helped you cope better.

      Give it a try ,


  • Michael says:

    Jeff – What Is Yoga Good For-Yoga Is Cool – is an excellent overview of the benefits and elements of yoga. A very clear article that helped me to see how yoga would benefit me.

    Your site seems very comprehensive and I’m going to take the time to review everything – it’s extensive – based on the quality of this one article.

    Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Sir,

      I do appreciate your compliments on my article and website, my intention is to get people involved in meditation and yoga and the other options to better their health. We need to keep our brain health strong, today it seems the brain is the most vulnerable part of us as we become older.


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