What Is Wrong With My Teenage Daughter-Does Your Teenage Daughter Worry You

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 Teenage Daughters


It is normal for teenage girls to be moody at times, there are a lot of changes they are trying to adjust too at this time in their life. They are transforming from a girl to a young lady, there is much more pressure on teenage girls than boys during their teenage years. It is normal for parents to worry about their teenage daughter, with drugs and sex being so common with teenager’s parents can’t help from worrying. Fitting in with the most popular group during this time is extremely important to teenage girls, this can be very stressful for them and then there are boys.


Parents Of Teenage Daughters


Parents of teenage daughters do have very much to worry about, more teenage girl are becoming mothers before they graduate high school than ever before. Drugs is always a worry for parents of teenagers, this seems like something most of them try and this scares the heck out of parents. Even more than the possibility of pregnancy and drugs is their emotional health, many teenage girls experience anxiety and even depression during their teenage years. Things which seem little do most parents is the most important thing in many teenage girls life, are teenage girls just over emotional or is this just being a normal teenage girl in today’s society?



Teenage Daughters & School


Parents become extremely upset when their teenage daughter is failing school, often parents handle this the wrong way and make things even worse. Parent often forget teenagers are young adults and want to be treated that way, many parents do not adjust their parenting from when their daughter was a little girl and when they become a young adult. The best method is to guide your teenager with her life, when you boss or dictate what she is going to do often it causes rebellion from your daughter.


There Is No Such Thing As A Problem Child


Parents often get frustrated with their teenager and might think of them as a problem child, this is absolutely not true. There is no such thing as a problem child, there are just children with problems. The majority of teenagers do get into mischief now and then, this is normal for their age and should not worry the parents to an extreme. Most teenagers with problems are experiencing anxiety which is causing them to be frustrated and confused, sometimes they even experience depression and suicidal thoughts. Forming an adult relationship with your teenager is your best strategy for both the parents and the teenager, this will give the teenager the feelings she can talk to her parents about anything and not be treated as a kid. Even though many of their problems are not as dramatic as they see them, for many teenagers their problems are destroying their life.



Teenage Suicide


 Teenage suicide is something every parent today must be on the lookout for, many teenage girls become very anxious and depressed from time to time. Parents do need to keep a close eye on how their teenager is acting, when they start acting unlike themselves for too long parents should be concerned. Early signs are being very depressed for days at a time, spending less time with their friends and family preferring to be alone especially locked in their bedroom. Be concerned when they lose interest in the things which are the most important to them, especially watch them like a hawk if they start to give the things which means the most to them away. These can all be signs your daughter could be suicidal, often parents are best to watch more and act less unless their daughter is willing to talk to them about what is going on.


What Is On My Mind Today?


Parents do have many reasons to worry about their teenage daughters today, the teenage girls today are not the sweet and innocent teenage girls of the past. Today there is a major problem with bullying among teenage girls, online and offline which parents needs to be concerned about. Many of the suicidal teenagers are the ones with parents which are maybe too strict and still controlling their teenage daughter like she is a little girl, when a teenage girl is not comfortable talking and facing their problems with their parents they can become suicidal. Many teenage girls commit suicide if they become pregnant in fear of confronting their parents, many run away as well which can be just as bad. The key is being your teenage daughters friend, treat her like you would treat any of your grownup friends and you will experience a close relationship with your teenage daughter.



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