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What Is The Meaning Of The Christmas Tree-How Many People Know The Answer

The Holiday Traditions


The majority of people have had a Christmas tree in their home for as long as they can remember, how many people know the meaning of the Christmas tree? It is amazing when you think about how our society does so many traditions during the holidays and very few of us know the meaning of these traditions, many people have Christmas wreaths hanging on their doors with no idea the meaning of the Christmas wreath just like the meaning of the Christmas tree. At the age of 58 years old my family always had both wreath’s and Christmas trees, until this week I had no idea what the meaning of either of these were.


The Christmas Tree


The first Christmas tree in the USA was in 1850, the tallest Christmas tree was 122 feet tall at 91 years old. This tree was a Douglas Fir in Woodinville, Washigton. The height of this tree is very hard to imagine for me, we just do not think of a Christmas tree of such height. The first community tree was in New York City in 1912, the first electric lights were invented by Thomas Edison’s assistants. All these facts are very interesting, it is amazing how our holiday traditions did get started. You can learn all about how our holiday traditions got started by visiting the website, I have learned so much from this website and highly recommend you visiting this website if you are interested in anything connected to history.


The Best Christmas Trees


There are several good choices when choosing your Christmas tree, many trees will not last long and begin losing their needles in your home making quite a mess. Knowing which trees last the longest will extent your holiday without a mess, today you have the choice of an artificial or real tree. Many people today go with the artificial trees, I think going with a fresh tree gives your home more of a Christmas scent. For anyone interested in a real tree the best trees for you to choose are:



Douglas Fir


Balsom Fir

White Pine


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Christmas Tree Meanings


Like the Christmas wreath the Christmas tree has many meanings for many cultures, this article if focusing mainly on the meaning in the USA. In the USA the meaning of the Christmas tree stands for more things than I ever imagined, there are the non-christian meanings and the christian meanings for our Christmas trees.


Non-Christian Christmas Tree










Christian Christmas Tree


Birth Of Christ

Symbol Of Christ

Eternal Life In Christ


Christmas Tree Parts & Meanings


Christmas Tree Shape ( Birth From Above )

Needles ( Jesus Was Pierced Through Our Trangressions )

Lights ( Jesus Is The Light Of The World )

Evergreen Foilage ( Everlasting Light )

Color Green ( Freedom From Bondage )

Candy Canes ( J Shape For Jesus )

Christmas Bows ( Bond Together In Bonds Of Goodwill Forever )


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What Is On My Mind Today


I have just recently realized I have little knowledge about the meaning of many of our holiday traditions, I just have accepted these traditions from my family doing them every year for as long as I can remember. I thought maybe other people would find this interesting to learn the meaning of our Christmas trees, there are some very important meanings behind our traditional Christmas tree. Now I am wondering are there any people in the USA who does not have a Christmas tree, possibly this could be another article in the future?





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