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best whiten teeth tips for families

What Is The Best Way To Whiten Your Teeth At Home-Low Cost For White Teeth

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Yellow-Beige Or Brown Teeth


Many people are noticing discoloring in their teeth and investing in teeth whitening products, many of these products don’t do what they claim for the majority of people’s teeth. The first thing people must realize is the reason for their discolored teeth, by changing some of your daily habits and using natural teeth whitening techniques you too can see an improvement in the color of your teeth.


  • Drinking Coffee or Tea Excessively
  • Smoking Cigarettes
  • Thinning Tooth enamel
  • Poor Diet ( Processed Foods, Sugary Beverages, Candy )
  • Dry Mouth
  • Mouth Breathing
  • Antibiotic Use
  • Excessive Fluoride
  • Genetics


tips for white clean teeth


Natural White Teeth Tips


  • Brushing & Flossing Frequently
  • Avoid Smoking Cigarettes / Brush More Frequently When Possible
  • Cut Back On Coffee & Tea
  • Cut Back On Sugary Beverages


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My Favorite Teeth Whitening Solution


Did you know Coconut Oil is a natural teeth whitener which is simple to use, no mixing a combination of ingredients to get the benefits of white teeth using coconut oil. You just put a spoonful into your mouth and swish it around, be sure to swish it between your teeth as well. You swish your heart out for approximately five to twenty minutes, this is a simple method and awesome protection plus cleaning for your teeth and your gums as well. Very economical for everyone’s budget, just use your imagination how long using one spoonful of coconut oil a few times per day will last you?


coconut oil tips for whitening your teeth

Homemade Whitening Tooth Paste


I am sure many of you have heard about this homemade whitening tooth paste; I am not fond of this homemade toothpaste myself but I will share it with those of you who might be interested in giving it a try. The reason I am not fond of this mixture is because many people have removed their tooth enamel using this mixture, it is a safe toothpaste to use if mixed properly.


You are going to mix baking soda and hydrogen peroxide together to form a paste, the problem with this mixture is most people make the paste thick which will remove your tooth enamel. The paste must be a very runny consistency, the baking soda if mixed as a thick paste is like a scrubbing machine removing the enamel from your teeth.


A Better choice if you desire to use hydrogen peroxide to brighten your smile is to mix half water and half peroxide, this is a much easier mixture for people to mix correctly without damaging their tooth enamel.  With this mixture you rinse your mouth out approximately one-minute, this is awesome for whitening your teeth and a natural gum disease preventative.


whitening tooth paste homemade


Health Teeth Food Choices


  • Yogurt
  • Leafy Greens
  • Apples
  • Pears
  • Mushrooms
  • Sweet Potato’s
  • Carrots
  • Squash
  • Celery
  • Walnuts
  • Almonds


Brushing Tips For Kids


Actually,  these tips are for parents to get their children to brush their teeth longer, with anything you do with children you have to make it fun to get the best results? Musical teeth brushing distracts your child from the time they are brushing their teeth to listening to the music, you might even experience your children brushing much better with the music than without? Starting this routine when your children are young is the key, children enjoy music and often will brush their teeth to the music unconsciously. Setting a timer for the music is another good method to use to get your children brushing longer, whenever you make something fun or a game your children are more apt to do it longer.



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What Is On My Mind Today?


People are spending quite a bit of money regularly on those teeth whitening products, if these products are not giving you the results you desire consider trying one of the natural teeth whitening methods in this article. If you want to see the cleaning and shining effect from coconut oil, all you have to do is take a very small amount and clean one of your spoons. I found this out by accident one day when preparing my breakfast, this gave me the idea to give it a try on my teeth. Why spend all that extra money on expensive teeth whitening products when you can save money, maybe even get better results with natural methods?


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  • Linda says:

    This is really great information. My teeth became all yellow due to medication and coffee I drink on a daily basis. Even my child tells me they are turning yellow! This is sad but true. I’m glad to read they can be white again. Thank you for this information.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Ms Linda,

      I am happy the information I shared in this article has motivated you to focus on white teeth again, coffee and smoking together are very common reasons for yellow teeth


      You can smile again soon

  • Tim says:

    Hi Jeff,

    I really like the part in this post for using the coconut oil for whitening your teeth! Am going to try this! I like things that are natural!
    I have used the Peroxide and Baking soda, but now just mainly use a little baking soda mixed with water.

    Your post had really good information!


  • Gaz says:

    Thanks for your tips to whiter teeth. I have tried all sorts of things in the past. Some did work but were costly and others, well, need I say more. I do like your coconut oil tip – I actually have a bottle of extra virgin coconut oil in the cupboard so I am definitely going to give that a try. I also like your music trick for kids. I’m going to keep this one up my sleeve. It may just come in handy 🙂

    • admin says:

      Thank You Gaz,

      I like the coconut oil for my own dental hygiene routine, give it a try and if it is not to your liking you can always go back to one of your other options.

      Music is a very good way to motivate kids to do things they really are not interested in doing, as you know when music is playing the time goes by much quicker.

      Best Of Luck With The Coconut oil,


  • Jeannie Brickley says:

    Great information on home remedies to whiten teeth. When I saw the title; I thought it was going to be like a review of whitening toothpastes; or teeth whitening products.

    I love that you have gone a more natural route. I have heard about whitening your teeth with coconut oil; but I didn’t realize it was that easy and I haven’t tried it yet. I will be trying now, since reading your post.

    When I was younger, I used baking soda and peroxide as a toothpaste sometimes; but I stopped when there were concerns about it removing the enamel. I used to make it sort of thick; but not as thick as toothpaste. Good idea to just swish with the peroxide.


    • admin says:

      Thank You Ms. Brickley,

      It is nice to hear from you again, it has been a while since you  commented on any of my articles. I hope you have been able to read some of my articles, even if you were not able to leave any comments in the past?

      When you make a paste from baking soda and peroxide it is nothing like  a paste as most of as think of a past to be, it is just thick enough to stay on your toothbrush. Many people have removed their enamel with this method, I really don’t like that method myself.

      Wish You Much Success With The Coconut Oil,


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