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What Is The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast For Men-Getting Serious About Losing Belly Fat

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Losing Your Belly Fat


The key to losing your belly fat is a combination of forming new healthy habits, the more motivated you are the quicker you experience losing weight fast. Weight management is never an easy task to accomplish, it requires much dedication and persistence to lose and maintain your healthy body weight. Let’s talk about some things right away you must change to get started on the right foot, get rid of all your sugary beverages such as soda pop and many of your fruit juices. Eliminating processed foods which contain preservatives and artificial junk is one of the things which is making you fat, these products are loaded with sugar and sodium and chemicals. Instead of cutting all your carbs, eat healthy natural carbs such as your fruits and veggies.


Your New Healthy Lifestyle Plan


Dieting does not work for long-term weight loss, you must adjust your lifestyle and only this will be the key to you losing weight and maintaining a healthy body weight. Are you eating enough protein, many men are not eating enough protein which is causing them to overeat less healthy food choices. Snacking is an important part of your new lifestyle, snack on healthy choices such as high protein and low sugar snacks. Protein powders and bars are a great way to add protein, these are high in protein and low in sugar just the snack you are looking for?


Protein Powder

Protein Bars

High Fiber

High Protein Low Sugar Snacks



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Best Foods To Lose Your Belly Fat


Protein and healthy carbs should be what you want to aim for in your meals and snacks, every time you put fuel into your body it should be protein and good carbs. You will need both of these to have the energy to lose that belly fat, if you are serious about losing weight fast exercise is something you have to add to your new lifestyle as well. Protein fills your belly  which help you to eat fewer calories, you need the good carbs for energy and fiber. Low calorie foods are something you want to eat much of, some foods are better than others to help you lose weight faster.




Green Bananas

Green Plantain

Grass-Fed Beef

Poultry Breast Meat


Pine Nuts





I hope you are not one of those people who have an allergy to exercise, how you exercise and what type is the key to how fast you will burn that extra weight?  You can do shorter more intense workouts to receive more benefits in a shorter time, how you add exercise is all up to you? Exercise will build muscle which aids in burning fat, what type of exercise do you think is best to lose weight fast?


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Resistance Training


Resistance training builds muscle which aids in burning fat, focus on your entire body every time you workout. This will give you the most fat burning workout, aim for at least three times per week. The less rest time in between each exercise the more muscle you build and the more you fat you burn, with this type of exercise you can do shorter workouts and receive more benefits. Start around thirty minutes if you can, gradually increase them to forty fiver minutes to one hour.


 High Intensity Interval


High intensity interval workouts will speed up your body to burn more calories, the best equipment for this type of exercise are the stationary bike and the treadmill, you will be exercising at a moderate speed and then for short periods give it your all. The average period of your intense burst is about one minute or as long as you can go, you keep alternating this routine until you finish your complete workout.



Moderate Aerobic Activity


On your rest days you are going to have what is referred to as an active rest day, you will add some aerobic activity into these days to keep the fat burning continuing. Your goal here is to aim for 150 minutes per week, of course the more you can be active the faster the weight will come off. This is not so much to ask of your body of on your rest days, this comes out to about two to three hours per week or more if you are motivated?


Stationary Bike







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Circuit Training


Circuit training is the combination of aerobic and  resistance training, this will really burn the fat quickly for you. This is a very challenging workout, you will build muscle and burn more fat with this workout. What makes this workout so tough is you have no rest period in between your aerobic and resistance exercises, this is done for about 20 minutes, if you are able to go this long non-stop? If you are new to exercising, this might not be the best choice for you to start out with, but if you do consider starting out less than 20 minutes and working gradually to twenty minutes.


Recommend Supplements


Very few people can work out to this intensity without the aid of supplements, you need extra nutrients and energy to lose weight fast with these types of exercise training. Supplements also are important to help your recover quicker, adding supplements is up to you, but I found I had to add some of them to speed up my recovery and burn more fat? I am using only a few of the supplements recommended, I experimented until I found the best combination of supplements which improved my recovery time and increased my energy.


Pea Protein Powder

Whey Protein Powder

Brown Rice Protein Powder

Amino Acid Blast ( Body Fortress )



Green Tea ( Caffeine )

Vitamin D

Omega 3 ( Fish Oil )

Protein Bars


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What Is On My Mind Today?


I am sure these tips will give you a great start to losing your belly fat fast, if you follow these tips you will lose belly fat. You will have to start out slow and gradually increase the intensity depending on what condition you are in right now, even starting out with moderate cardio and resistance exercise three times per week is a good start, it is good to be motivated, but use good judgement, so you don’t overdo it and cause any injury or set yourself backwards. Consult your physician if you have any doubts how to get started, this is especially important if you have any prior health problems or you are over 40.



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6 thoughts on “What Is The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast For Men-Getting Serious About Losing Belly Fat

  1. Hello here. I felt straight away sorry for this guy in the picture. If somebody is so big as he is, it takes a lot time to lose weight. Of course, it is doable just it takes time and perseverance.
    Right food, exercises, discipline, right attitude can improve chances to shed some pounds.
    Having supporting team helps too, especially is somebody loses weight together too.
    You have in your article some great tools and advices for people who want to lose weight.
    May your visitors benefit from your website as fast as possible.Spring is coming.
    All the best, Nemira.

    1. Thank You

      I might have over done it with the photograph I used for this article, but I hope it gets people’s attention to read the article and absorb the tips.


  2. If anyone has belly fat to lose, it’s definitely me. While a committed relationship is great, I fell victim to the weight gain so many couples do. I have put in a little more effort lately though and it has paid off. I’ve already started eating well, but I could probably put in a little more work as far as exercising goes like you suggest. I’ve been interested in circuit training, so maybe I’ll try to start to implement those types of workouts soon.

    1. Thank You

      Exercise will speed up your weight loss, especially circuit training.

      I wish you luck with your exercising more to lose weight, get rid of

      the processed foods


  3. Hi, i think is not good to gain more weight and it bad to loss more weight too, especially when a woman loss more weight it affect her hair.

    But am sure is good to loss belly. it makes you look more smarter and fit in terms of health wise.

    Celiacman, i know dieting does not work long term weight loss but how can i just my lifestyle? thanks for your article.

    1. Thank You

      I appreciate your comments, it is important to change your lifestyle not just diet which only lasts short term


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