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What Is The Best Gift Ever-The Most Special Gift Parents And Grandparents Wish For

Parents & Grandparents


Many people drive themselves crazy trying to figure out what is the best gift for their parents and grandparents for Christmas, one reason parents and grandparents are difficult to shop for is many of them have everything they need or want. Many of our parents and grandparents are seniors, everyone knows seniors are the most difficult age group to shop for. Seniors often have clothes stored away which were gifts in the past, many times these gifts are even in their original packages. This was the case when my grandmother passed away, my mom found many gifts stored away in their original packages.




As my parents become older choosing a gift is much more difficult for me, shopping for my mom use to be easy for me. When my parents were younger,  they had more hobbies and interests than when they become elderly, this year is going to be the most difficult year to shop for my parents. Both my parents are struggling with health conditions now which constricts their activities, my parents really do not have any hobbies and interests which gives me possible gift ideas. Shopping for my dad is even more of a challenge  for me right now than my mom, my father is on oxygen and spends the majority of his day on the couch or in his favorite chair watching television between his cat naps.




Grandparents are even more difficult to shop for than parents, grandparents are always very special people in our lives and we go out of our way to find the best gifts for them. What do you buy for grandparents for Christmas, often people spend more money on them for gifts and they are appreciated but many times never used. This can cause people much frustration and anxiety searching for a worthy gift, what do parents and grandparents wish for the most for Christmas is a mystery for many people.


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Straight From Parents & Grandparents


It is amazing how people spend so much money and time shopping for parents and grandparents for Christmas, what is even more amazing the majority of parents and grandparents shared the best gift they could ever receive was spending more time with their children and grandchildren. Maybe instead of purchasing an expensive gift you should give the most precious gift of all your time, making time to spend with your parents and grandparents is the best gift ever you could give them for Christmas this year. My grandfather passed away when I was about 18 years old, what I regret the most was not spending more time with him while he was here. I do visit my parent as often as I possibly can, living in another town has limited my visiting time with them compared to the past.


 Most Precious Gift Of All


The most precious gift of any gift you can give anyone is spending time with them, there are ways to spend time with them and still get the things you need to get done. Our society has become a fast-paced life-style which many times prevents us from taking the time to spend with our elderly family, I am going to share some ways you can spend time with your elderly family members, I am sure there are many others you can think of yourself once I give you some ideas. Depending on your parents and grandparents health and lifestyle will determine ways you can spend time with them, many elderly people are in relatively good health and active today.


Take Them Shopping

Bowling ( other Activity )



Baking Party

Music Concert

Art & Craft Shows

Have A Movie Night With Them

Take Them On A Road Trip

Share A Hobby Together

Have A Game Night

Video Chat

Phone Calls

Prepare Them A Meal


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What Is On My Mind Today


Most people appreciate the Christmas gifts they receive from their family, but most people if they had the choice to chose their own gift would be to spend time with their children and grandchildren. My sons are grown up now and I rarely see them or spend time with them, we live in different towns and my sons have busy lives with careers and obligations now. The best gift my sons could give me is for all three of them to spend time with me,  when we are young we are so involved in our own lives many times the years go by so quickly without spending much time at all together. Families are spread out now for employment reasons, this has caused even less time to spend together.


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