video games are the best games for special needs kids

What Is The Best Games For Kids-Special Needs Children Learn From Playing These Games

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Special Needs Children


All children learn the most by playing games, this is especially true for children with special needs. There are many types of games to choose from for your child, you can purchase board games which are beneficial for your child. Most of the learning and educational games on the market are good choices for your child to play, but what type of games provides the most benefit for your special child?


Best Type Of Games For Special Needs Children


With all the games on the market to choose from,  how does one narrow down which games are the best? Children with special needs receives the most benefit from video games. Focus on video games which challenges your child’s communication, organization, and social interaction skills, games specifically designed for special needs children can address specific issues. Mainstream games can boost your child’s sense of independence and build self-confidence, so now you might be wondering which video games are best for your child?


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Motor Skills


  • Encourages Movement
  • Strengthens Muscle Memory
  • Recommended Game ( Letter School )
  • Ipad
  • Iphone
  • Ipod Touch




  • Developing New Routines
  • Transitioning Activities
  • Managing Your Time
  • Challenges Executive Functioning
  • Recommended Game ( Disaster Hero )
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • Free Web Game


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Reading & Writing


  • Verbal & Writing Games
  • Breaks Directions Into Small Steps
  • Focus On Child’s Strengths
  • Boosts Reading & Writing Skills
  • Recommended Game ( Elegy For A Dead World )


Social Interaction


  • Identifying Facial Expressions
  • Safe Chatting
  • Boosts Social Skills
  • Recommended Game ( Unravel )
  • Play Station 4
  • Xbox One
  • Windows
  • Exploring Relationships
  • Slow-Pace
  • No Right Or Wrong Answers


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What Is On My Mind Today?


There are many more video games on the market for your child to play and learn, these are some of the video games recommended for special needs children. I provided you link’s and a demo video for your convenience in hopes you will check these out for your child, these special needs children video games are the best way for your children to learn and improve. Check out this link for special needs equipment, learning, and anxiety products, your children are important to me.


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  • Lulu says:

    Your site is going to be a tremendous help for busy mothers. Special needs children take a lot of time and patience. It can be very challenging to teach them but so rewarding. What a help to have so much information in one place and arranged so I can easily choose what I might need. Thanks

    • admin says:

      Thank You Lulu,

      I do put quite a lot of time and effort into my article to help families with special needs children, my oldest son is autistic so i do understand very well many of the obstacles parents must deal with.


  • Marley Dawkins says:

    Brilliant, this is really cool for all parents that have kids with special needs to learn new ideas for games that can also help their child learn.

    I’m a father but my child does not have special needs, but my friends daughter does, so i know how stressful it can be for parents out there to find effective learning games for their kids – so im bookmarking this and i will definitely pass it on to my friend as i really think this could hep him.


    • admin says:

      Thank You Marley,

      I appreciate you passing this article on to your friend, if every person shares this article with at least one person that could add up to quite a lot of people being helped through one article.


  • Keith says:

    Thanks for this helpful article. It really provides a lot of ideas for parents who may be struggling to think about new ways of stimulating children. I have been interested for a number of years on games that are not only stimulating but also promote positive behaviours and emotional states. Thanks again

    • admin says:

      Thank You Keith,

      Its my pleasure to hear from you about my article, since children love games it only makes sense to use them to help them learn and grow


  • Princila says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Thanks for putting these together.

    Many parents who have special needs children sometimes strongly feel their kids should be excluded from certain activities because they’re different from other children. Some parents do not understand that like other kids, special needs children need to be involved in activities such as gaming. Some parents do this out of concern, fearing that their kids might feel frustrated if they’re not able to perform on a game or activity. This post is a great place to begin for parents with special needs children to find out about the best types of games that will not only entertain their skills, but also help to improve their motor and cognitive skills.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Princila,

      Happy to hear your opinion on my article, special needs children learn from computer games and catch on to them easier than many other types of games and using these to help them grow is a good strategy.


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