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What Is The Best Diet For Seniors-Seniors Nutritional Needs

nutritional needs of seniors


Seniors Nutritional Needs


People of all ages have different nutritional needs, babies has different nutritional needs then older children. Teenagers need different needs than both of these age groups, so seniors nutritional needs are different from all these age groups. Seniors should attempt to get three servings of vitamin D low-fat milk or fat free milk daily, this can be in products such as yogurt and other milk based dairy products. For those who are not able to consume these products, consider adding a calcium supplement to your daily meal plan.


 Lean Protein


 Grass-Fed Meats












 Related image


Whole Grains



Brown Rice

Whole Grain Pasta


Low-Fat Dairy




Cottage Cheese



High Fiber Foods

Split Peas


Black Beans

Lima Beans


Image result for split peas


 Most Common Senior Health Problems



Heart Disease


Respiratory Disease

Alzheimer’s Disease





Vitamins For Seniors


Multivitamin ( Two Daily )







Vitamin D


What Is On My Mind Today?


This article will give seniors a good idea what to change in their lifestyle to stay healthy, supplements are important to provide the extra nutrients you are not receiving from your food. Don’t forget to be as active as you can each day, consider taking a class such as pilates or yoga. This will improve your flexibility and is a good prevention from you falling, poor balance is one of the reasons seniors fall and break bones. Most YMCA’s provide senior classes especially for seniors, many even give seniors a discount so check your local YMCA today.


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6 thoughts on “What Is The Best Diet For Seniors-Seniors Nutritional Needs

  1. Hello, I think your site is great and will be extremely helpful to seniors and those that care for them. I feel like the elderly rarely have a voice in this world and I think it is awesome that this website exists. I cant wait to see what other info you give us. One word of advice, can you make the font bolder or darker and a little bigger? These old eyes need all the help they can get on the computer. Thank you!

    1. Thank You

      I am happy you visited my website and left your honest comment, I always do my best

      to provide information to help people of all ages.


  2. A good article. I was wanting a few more details about each food group and how they can help seniors. It’s a good list, but I wanted a little more elaboration on the benefits of each food.
    It’s a topic I’m interested in, and wanted more.
    I like the focus and think it can be a helpful topic on which to write.

    1. Thank You

      I appreciate you comment, I will consider another article of this type in more detail for you


  3. Hello, and thank you for the insight and information into older adults nutritional needs. I believe this is an overlooked issue for most due to people thinking that older adults do not eat that much and their bodies are going to change much even with proper nutrients.
    I also appreciate the list of dietary ideas for seniors need to stay healthy.
    Great information

    1. Thank You

      Many seniors are not healthy enough to care for themselves, so hopefully their caregivers are

      researching to learn how to best care for their elderly.


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