how to choose the safest baby gate for stairs

What Is The Best Baby Gate For Stairs-Choosing The Best Baby Gate For Stairs

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Benefits Of Baby Gates


Baby gates is another important purchase for the safety of your baby, any home with stairs needs the best baby gate to be sure their baby will be safe. More babies get hurt climbing and falling on the stairs, babies have no sense of danger and are always interested in exploring new things. It is a  wise decision to purchase the best baby gate for your stairs to prevent your baby from harm, you can also use baby gates to confine your baby to one specific room or prevent them from being able to enter a specific room in your home. When choosing a baby gate for your stairs you need a special gate other than the gate you would use as a barrier to a room? This article is all about choosing the best baby gate for your stairs, read on and learn how to choose the best baby gate plus my recommendations of the safest baby gates for stairs.


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Safest Baby Gates


  • Kidco Safeway Safety Gate ( Top Of Stairs Gate )
  • Cardinal Gates Auto Lock (Top Of Stairs Gate )
  • Even Flo Easy Walk Thru Top Of Stairs Gate
  • North State Super Gate Easy Swing & Lock Top Of Stairs
  • Regalo Top Of Stairs Gate


safest baby gates for stairs


Baby Gates For Stairs Tips


  • Hardware Mounted Permanent Gates
  • Pressure Mounted Gates
  • JPMA Certified Recommended
  • Safest Gates For Stairs Standards ( ASTM Approved )
  • Install According To Manufacturers Instructions
  • Choose The  Right Type Of Gate
  • Avoid Accordion Style Gates Without A Top Filler Bar


JPMA Certified Baby Gates


You always want to look on the frame or packaging for a certification of the baby gate is JPMA Certified, this sticker certifies this baby gate is up to the high standards of safety for your baby. Any manufacturer which participates in this certification program is concerned for the safety of your baby, it is not recommended to purchase a baby gate which does not have this certification.


best baby gate for stairs


The ASTM Baby Gate Standards


The ASTM standard addresses issues such as the bottom spacing to protect your child, also the distance between the bottom of the gate and the floor is a high issue with the ASTM standard. These safety standards minimize the risk of your child any head and neck entrapment, never choose a baby gate with the height less than twenty-two inches. Always check for the strength of the top rails, the slats, and the framing components. Check the latching mechanism as well for easy usage for parents, but child-proof for your little one.


Baby Gate Installation


It is very important you install your new baby gate according to the manufacturers instructions, you always want to use the hardware and fasteners which comes with your child-proof gate. Be sure if any parts or fasteners are missing contact the manufacturer for them to send you the proper parts and fasteners you are missing, never replace these parts on your own. These parts and fasteners are made for the safety of your gate product, replacing with your own may cause the product not to be as safe as it should be?


safest baby gates for stairs


Type Of Baby Gates For Stairs


Choosing the right type of gate is very important for your child’s safety, you should never use a pressure mounted gate or the pressure mount option on a gate which can be installed either way at the top of the stairs. Choose a gate with a straight top edge, be sure the vertical slats or the mesh screen is spaced closely.


Accordion Style Baby Gates For The Stairs


It is recommended to avoid accordion style gates without a top filler bar, if using a gate with a mesh panel it is recommended you purchase a product with a fine weave design. This will prevent your child from climbing the gate when they become older, this also is important for the safety of your child not to get their feet or hands trapped in between the vertical slats or the mesh screening.


best baby gates for stairs


Baby Gate Tips For Parents


  • Select Hardware Mounted Gates For The Top Of The Stairs
  • Install To Open Over The Floor Instead Of The Steps
  • Install The Gate Hardware Into The Wall Studs Or Solid Wood
  • Recommended To Put Gates At The Top & Bottom Of Stairs
  • Use Gates With JPMA Certified
  • Keep Gates Closed & latched At All Times


What Is On My Mind Today?


Choosing and purchasing a safe baby gate is an important investment for your child’s safety. Just imagine how a parent would feel if they went the least expensive route, and any harm came to their child? The investment of a safe baby gate is a small price to pay for the safety of your child, the hardware mounted baby gates are recommended for the top of the stairs, and the extra work installing them is well worth knowing your child will always be safe in their home.


best baby gates for stairs


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  • Thomas says:

    This is excellent information for any parent or soon to be parent. We have a pressure style gate that is a bit complicated to set up but stays very firmly in place. We use it mainly for our two small dogs and my twin nieces when they visit. They are way to curious about the stairs!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Thomas

      I appreciate you commenting on my article on the baby gates for stairs, stairs are very curious and tempting places for children to want to play. Using a good gate is important to protect our children from serious harm playing on stairs


  • Monica Bouteiller says:

    I have some newborn grandkids and looking around for some safe baby gates and I really find your pictures very helpful. There is a lot to choose from.

    I never thought about looking on the frame or packaging for the JPMA Certification and I can see it’s very important to make sure the gate is of high safety standards. I like how this one looks. Thanks very much and I’ll let the kids know.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Ms Bouteiller,

      It does make my writing my articles worth my time and effort to hear it is helping people, I am happy this article was of interest and helpful for you and your family. Information is the key to making wise purchases for our family, I appreciate your commenting on my article and I hope your family is always healthy and happy.


  • Wilson C. says:

    Hi Jeff,

    Thank you for taking the time to write this article. It really helps with people looking for baby gates.

    As a new father, I am always worry that my kid will wandered into the wrong places while my wife and I are unaware. I came across this site while looking for the right baby gates.

    I definitely will buy one from your site after reading this! Thank you for the great recommendation.

    • admin says:

      Thank You Wilson C,

      I am very happy my article on baby gates has helped you and your wife choose the right baby gate for your home, safety is what is most important for parents when choosing safety and health products for their children.


  • Erin says:

    Great post on safety in baby gates. I found the information especially important since I will be a great grandparent in a few months! You have provided details of what to look for in a safe baby gate that I can now share with the parents-to-be. I use baby gates in my home for my dogs and I never knew that a pressure mounted gate should not be used at the top of stairs. Thanks again for the great info and what a cute baby in your post!

    • admin says:

      Thank You Erin,

      I am happy my article on baby gates was helpful for you and your family, my purpose of my articles are to help families with information to improve their lives.


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